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  • Really bad pain on right side when I inhale?

    Hi, so for about 32 hours I have had pretty bad pain on my right side (where my ribs are), my right shoulder, and between my shoulder blades. The pain gets worse when I inhale, push on that area, or move a certain way.

    Yesterday I have acid reflux on and off all day, which I normally only get an attack for about 3 hours. Never all day.

    I do have gallbladder dyskinesia.

    I have had kidney stones before, so I know that's not what is causing my pain. I'm not sure if I should go to the ER, or what I should do.

    I am 20 years old of that matters


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  • Should I go see a doctor?

    For about 5 days I have had a sore throat. At first it wasn't bad, but it has gotten much worse the past few days. I am also really fatigued. From the moment I wake up I'm exhausted. Now I'm not sure if this is from me working very late, or from whatever is making me feel sick. I'm also feeling pretty warm, but unfortunately I don't have a thermometer.

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Another question about loosing weight?

    Hello! So im a teenager, who is 5'6" and weighs about 137. I have some extra "baggage" around my stomach. I really want a flat, or close to flat stomach by the beginning of may. I have love handles too.

    I don't have access to a gym, and I don't have a lot of equipment at home. Also, where I live it snows, so we have quite a lot of snow here. So I cant really go outside and go running.

    I have a jump rope. And I eat healthy.

    Any suggestions on workout routines? Or should I just jump rope about 30 min a day? Or what?

    Thanks in advance for all of your help!

    Oh, and please no diet pills!


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  • I need some commercial scripts for an audition!?

    Please help me!

    I need a 30-60 second commercial script for an audition!

    It has to be for a teenager girl.

    If you have any websites that are free that have the scripts please tell me!

    Or if you just want to copy and paste one onto you answer that would be great too!!

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

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  • what email service will send pictures that are over 10mb?

    please answer! its really important!

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  • I have a large stomach and large love handles!?

    Hi! So I'm not overweight, my arms and legs are thin. But my stomach and love handles...aren't.

    I am 16, about 5'6" and 141lbs. my stomach is about 36" around.

    How do I get rid of my problem? I just want to flatten my stomach and lose the love handles. I know you can't do spot weight loss or whatever, but there has to be a great workout for what i need, yes i cardio.

    I want to see results. Obviously the sooner the better, but i want the results to stay, so if i doesn't happen in a month, then thats fine! But please the sooner the better.

    Also I have to workout equipment, no ball no mat no nothing. And i don't have the money to go to the gym, or do pilates, or curves.

    Also no diet pills pleaseeeeeeeeee!! or acai berry. (not sure what that is though haha)

    thank you sooooo much!!!


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  • Online game I used to play, can't remember site?

    So I used to play this game online last year. I can't remember the website but I really want to play it. And I already tried google-ing it.

    I'll describe it.

    So you were given this family that lived in poverty basically. They had a farm, and a house. There was a store, hospital and a school, but you needed money to send the kids to school. You got money from your crops. But bad things would happen, like "dad falls ill and can't work." Or there is a drought and all of your crops die.

    It was hard because you have to try to keep your family alive.



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  • Sprained ankle or broken? HELP!!!?

    So on Friday I landed on my ankle pretty bad when I was jogging. It hurt for about 15 min. but after that it didn't hurt so bad. So then I went for about a 1/2 mile jog, which suprisingly didn't hurt. Later though if I belt my ankle in a weird way it would hurt. (On friday there was no swelling or bruising). On Saturday I woke up and looked at my ankle...and it was rather...huge. It really hurt to walk on, and very hard to bend. So all day Saturday I rested it. I had it elevated above my heart, iced it 20min on 20 off, and barely walked on it. By Saturday night the swelling hadn't gotten any better, it began to bruise, and the pain was worse. I couldn't bend it even if I tried. Also my toes became very stiff and hard to bend. This morning is the same, bruised, toes are stiff, ankle hurts and is very swelled.

    I am not sure if it is broken or just sprained. Should I go to the ER and get x-rays, or just wait it out?

    Please help me.

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  • Can someone help me with my sims 2 double deluxe?

    So i got the sims 2 double deluxe for christmas. We had to go out and buy an internal dvd-rom (i had it professionally put in). But my game takes forever to load!! And it moves soooo slow! Also, the houses blink red. Now one of my houses is like permanetly red!!

    When I try to move around the screen, i basically can't. It take forever to go anywhere. So what i did was, i uninstalled basically everything that i could. i changed it so the sims wouldn't take up the whole screen when i played, just a small window. I was going to do the disk defragmenter, but i analyzed it first and it said that i dedn't need to defragment and that time. I also tried to update my graphics card, but it was already fully updated!!


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  • my sims 2 (double deluxe) won't install!!! Help please?

    my sims 2 (double deluxe) won't install. when i put it in my computer nothing happens. I did have the regular sim on my computer so i thought that might be the problem. so i uninstalled that, but still, nothing happened. I need as much help as I can get. Oh and i did try some of the things in the back of the little pamplet that they give you, but nothing happened.

    Whatever works, i will give 10 points!

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  • Guy problems. both guys and girls answer!?

    So im in the 10th grade. people consider me to be pretty. but ive never been kissed.Most of my friends have been kissed many times...and they arent that pretty. is it because im shy around boys? how can i become more comfortable around them? please help me!!

    10 pts!!

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  • Is this a good deal (horses) ?

    So I am taking the advice some of you gave me and i am going to lease a horse before i buy one. there is a really great stable near where i live and all the horses are like blue ribbon winners and they are all very well trained. The owner of the stable has a few horses for sale and he said he would consider leasing one out to me. He would lease out the best horse he has for sale. the price is $700 to keep it there, $350 to lease, $120 for shoeing every 4 weeks. That price includes feed.

    does that sound reasonable or just way to much.

    Oh and the horse get continued traning.

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  • getting a horse?

    So i really want a horse and my parents have said that it is ok if i get one as long as i know the resonsibilities and do a lot of research. I have done online research checked out library books and have gone to stables. Also I used to ride when I was younger. Is there anything that i need to know?? How old of a horse should i get? I want to be able to ride her, i was thinking about 5?? is that right?

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