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  • Bed bugs, renting, problem, help, up ahead rents?

    My landlord has had a problem over a month, she hasn't been able to get rid of bedbugs in the house. We have no idea where the bugs came from, they started appearing at some recliner chairs in the living room and then I started seeing them in my bed. 

    I have an idea that she might have brought them by accident, because she uses the recliner chairs mostly, probably transferred them around the chairs. So I decided to find a new place right this moment. In any case the problem in this situation besides the bed bugs is that I paid her 3 months rent in advance.To be detailed, mostly her floor is carpet, I transferred the bugs to my bed without knowing there were bed bugs in the recliners, her floor carpet is already stained over the overuse of the years, she has a pet cat and a little chihuahua dog, she thought she could get rid of the bugs by using hot shot gas bombs, raid repellents and vacuuming but it didn't work.So my question is how would I be able to get those 3 months Advanced Rents back if she has the situation of the bedbugs? What if she doesn't pay me back those advance rents I haven't used? What should I do?PS In my opinion she should have brought professionals to help her clean the carpet and get rid of the bed bugs, but I guess she doesn't have enough money.PS2 I did pay in advance as an emergency, but mostly didn't used them.PS3 Please don't say I won't get that money back. If u need more details, I'll reply to ur comments. Thank u in advance.

  • Excuses for not to go to work during the pandemic with the coronavirus?

    It's almost a Friday and I need to find an excuse I can make up for not to go to work. The only problem is that the excuse of being sick doesn't work this time, because u need a doctor's note for your return to work as a precaution for jobs not to think or believe you have covid 19. 

    So I can't use an excuse of being sick because I would need to go to the doctor, plus I don't have health insurance so I can't go check myself for the doctor's note. What other excuses may I use to avoid work? Please don't  say for me to tell my coworkers that I don't want to go to work that day, that option will get me in trouble with my managers.

    Please write as many excuses that u can think of besides the one I just said I wouldn't do or say and not being sick.

    7 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 months ago
  • Fungus Gnat Infestation, Help?

    I have a fungus gnats infestation in a tree of at a landlord house. Basically they look like mosquito, flies, and ant at the same time and a bit smaller than mosquitoes.  

     At my landlords house there is a tree in the back yard that has been rotting in some parts of the tree, because parts of the roots of the tree seem to be cut.  


    For some time these fungus gnat weren't even in the house until now. Now the tree seems to been infested with these annoying flying mosquito, ant, flies. I tried using insect repellents, cans, bug zappers, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and more BUT THERE IS NO END TO THIS PESTS, THERE'S TOO MANY OF THEM ALL OVER THE TREE.   


    They are coming from the tree, but I cant tell from where in the tree since I keep seeing them all over the tree and they keep moving into the shed on the side of the tree and few of them have been in the house. 


    I need some help, advice, suggestions, assistance of all sorts of how can I get rid of this infestation? Many may say cut the tree down, call for an exterminator, and other stuff. I want to hear your solutions, what would you do, how would you do it, I WOULD REALLY A PPRECIATE THE HELP, PLEASE HELP.

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    Laptop cleaning, hard stains help?

    I am trying to clean my laptop with these hard stains that I don't know what they are there like kind of white and stuck to the computer. 

    I tried using alcohol and try using scrubber sponges and but it doesn't seem to be off, it takes some hard scrubbing  and time to make it go away. I wish to know if there was a way for me to remove these things without damaging the computer. The details of the stains is that they're very hard to remove with a sponge scrubber using alcohol only lightens up the color of the spots it shows me where they are but it takes a while for the scrubber to diminish the amount of the stains there but it still isn't enough. 

    Any ideas equipment , material, anything that I could use to clean the laptop, removing the stain without damaging the laptop?

    2 AnswersCleaning & Laundry8 months ago
  • How to take good care or better care of a wireless usb mouse?

    I been using wireless usb mouses for a while but unfortunately each time I put my laptop with the usb mouse connector (only the usb). Leaving it plugged in the laptop, I put it in my backpack several times and damages the usb as time goes on and destroying it in the process. I always leve the usb connector in the laptop. What can I do to avoid it from being damage? I know many will say unplugging it every time will be the obviously option, but what can I do so I wont forget, or if there are other things or option I can do?

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  • SD Card cannot delete files help?

    I have had my SD card for like 5 years. Anyhow i been trying to delete images from my SD card in my new phone. I tried deleting the images in many ways. Deleting them and empting the trash, deleting them from the settings, storage, and files, connecting my phone to my laptop deleting the images or files, connecting the SD card to my laptop only deleting the files.

    But all of it is useless with all those attempts on deleting the images the images somehow still return. Its like the SD card is protecting the files or something. I need help to delete the images and files of my SD Card permanently but what should i do?

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  • Rent idea, but scare to ask?

    I been renting for almost a year an few month with the sister of my godmother, I rent for $250 a month with utilities included. We help each other mostly with food, repairs, chores, feeding pets, etc. Anyhow I had this crazy idea about the rent. This month of June I've been with my mom mostly than being in the house of the rent. I stayed with my mom for two weeks and still a few days after the last two weeks of June.

    Anyhow so I haven't stayed for two or three weeks in the house counting this last week maybe, which means that I have to divide 250 divided 4 which would give us 62.50 a week in one month. Depending on how many weeks I stayed at the house on June it's how much money I will give her back on July.

    The last problem would be that I haven't been staying in the house and then I haven't told the idea to the sister of my godmother and I'm afraid that she won't comply to it. Plus because I want to save me some money as well.

    How should I put forward this plan? how should I tell the sister my god mother about the idea? how would she or would she not comply to this idea? What if she says no?

    I'm nervous that she would say no to the idea or that she won't help me out with the idea since of course I'm renting in her house.

    24 AnswersPersonal Finance1 year ago
  • School Days and Shiny Days Novel Anime Game, How to install it, play it, what platforms can it be played or anything to play that game?

    I been recently hearing and looking at a few endings of this novels called School Days and Shiny days and I seem to kind of liked it and want to play it, but I don't see how to play it, I don't even know what platforms holds these games, how to install it or where to even play it.

    Give me any detail on what platforms, what software's and everything to play these novel anime games.

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games2 years ago
  • What would have happened if Naruto saved Konan from Tobi?

    I am much of a Naruto fan and wondered to myself if Naruto had save Konan before being killed by Tobi what would occur in the Naruto series. What would have been her role?

    1 AnswerComics & Animation2 years ago
  • Lottery Secret Hidden Patterns? Requirements after winning? (I believe there is something hidden within the lottery.)?

    Is it true that the lottery has some hidden secrets, some patterns that may help someone win, mostly it isn't luck but set up?

    What is require after winning the lottery?

    Where to go after winning the lottery?

    Are there patterns in the lottery?

    How to determine close number procedure to catch many of the numbers on the next draws (programs, websites, books, or recommendations)?

    What is better the annuity or lump sum?

    How much taxes does the lottery take from your winnings besides state taxes?

    How to invert money in order to win more money, websites, business or more? (no business promoting new product, but business with good profit)

    How to avoid spending all expenses on lottery winning like a crazy money spender?

    Are there any other fees I need to worry about later on?

    Any other issues I must worry about or keep in mind when winning the lottery?

    1 AnswerGambling2 years ago
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    Folder files not quite showing or loading fast?

    I have this new computer I must of done something wrong, but anyways. Some files are taking to long to show or not showing at all, they work perfectly when clicking o it but the images aren't loading

    1 AnswerNotices and Errors3 years ago
  • Living in a new renting place scared?

    Currently I have been moving to a new place to rent because the last place I rented had many rules or had many difficulties for me so I moved to a new place with reasonable price and good location the only problem was is that the place looks kind of creepy and disorganized and ugly it's the house of a close family member not very close it rarely close my godmother sister. So now I'm scared of staying in this new place because it's unknown it's new and it looks a little bit creepy so what do I do, a plus two oldest I have anxiety and it's hard for me to control it sometimes when it comes to situations can have like this new and sentiments and all that kind of stuff. And please don't be cruel because I know many of you would say deal with it or something like that please don't be mean. Plus I got nostalgic from the people I met in the other place around the area and I'm sad too.

    5 AnswersRenting & Real Estate3 years ago
  • Facebook Scammer woman, threaten to post nudes, pics or vids?

    there was this girl that trick me into making a video of me nude than threatens to show internet or anyone in facebook if I don't give her money 100-2000. What should I do, about this?, the vid?, the money?, her facebook? etc?

    5 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police3 years ago
  • Renting room 320, found 320 bucks?

    I been renting for some time in this house a room for 320 a month for like 2 years, but the owner is too demanding with the cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, the dishes etc, and I planned to move out in some other place. Recently new guy has been renting here and he is dirty mostly irresponsible and some other dude I been for year and a half, that other guy is clean sometimes, anyways I found 320 bucks on the table hidden and guessing those r from the irresponsible guy and that money could help me pay my last rent here in January while I move to the new renting place and save me money and of course I know is wrong but my temptation is getting me to save me money plus the irresponsible guy always forgets and I know that might be his but is so tempting on saving me money and that guy is the one that got the owner mad at all of the guys renting including me by the cleaning and that's what is making me want to get the money pay my rent save me money and move to a new place, I know it's wrong but it's his fault the owner saw us that we don't clean well and well he leaves clothes in the floor and his dirtyness cost us our asses getting kicked out of the house, we aren't kicked out but the owner is at the limit break thanks to him so what should I do pick the money, pay my rent, save me money or leave the money and continue struggling in life.

    5 AnswersRenting & Real Estate3 years ago
  • Red X on icons or files on my new dell computer help?

    I just got this new dell laptop with intel core i3 7th gen. Window 10 or 7 I don t know, but the problem is that I have some icons or files that are showing X s some people say it might be a cache or something but I still wanna know how to get rid of those X s without erasing my files , oh btw I transfer some files, music, videos etc and a few of them have the X, so I was wondering how to avoid the X s and getting rid of them, also how to get rid of them if they come back HELP Please.

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks3 years ago
  • ¿Red X on icons or files on my new dell computer help?

    I just got this new dell laptop with intel core i3 7th gen. Window 10 or 7 I don t know, but the problem is that I have some icons or files that are showing X s some people say it might be a cache or something but I still wanna know how to get rid of those X s without erasing my files , oh btw I transfer some files, music, videos etc and a few of them have the X, so I was wondering how to avoid the X s and getting rid of them, also how to get rid of them if they come back HELP Please.

    2 AnswersIdiomas3 years ago
  • Could I get in trouble by not paying one month out of my hospital bill?

    I have a hospital that i still need to pay and have to admit is hard to pay with low income, s I agreed to my monthly payment at the hospital. So I'm still missing 200 dollars what would happen if i miss a monthly of payment with the hospital what could happen? will i get in trouble? is it serious?

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 years ago
  • Whataburger cashiering problem, anxiety?

    I have worked at Whataburger for past three years and yes I made mistakes and no but recently I have made mistakes have giving the wrong cash that has led me in trouble the first time a lady robbed me a $20 bill make me thinking that I didn't gave her the $20 bill and the second time I was short $3 but a friend of mine helped me and I didn't get in trouble that time but the third time I gave probably the wrong change because I was short 12, soy I got 2 write ups and I heard once there is a 3rd right up people get fired. So I'm worried about getting fired because I'm keep messing up, also I have inside e which has kept giving me trouble for a while I managed to control some parts but sometimes I haven't been able to so I'm guessing that would be a factor out of this. What can I do to avoid any further cashiering problems and to help me control this anxiety at the same time so I will make no more mistakes? I'm guessing talking to my boss would be the first thing but still what should I do by that point too?

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 years ago
  • Eye problem help me?

    I been having some issues with my left eye, sometimes I see a little blurry but only a quarter of my eye sees blurry. People told me that playing video games lately is affecting my sight or other media deices, but mostly I used my video games and probably concentrate too much of my sight while playing. Anyways is there anyway to fix my eye to stop going a quarter blurry or even worse medicine or treatment etc. Please i need help, I don't want this damage to be permanent i want to get rid of it.

    1 AnswerOptical3 years ago
  • My back pain causes, symptoms and remedies or solutions?

    Lately I been having a lower back pain, but I can't figure what causes it, why I gained it and how can I fix it. I could say my recent changes in my routines: I generally work 4 -5 days at fast food cashier and other stuff carrying heavy stuff generally I try using my legs but mostly my back is used( because is hard lifting with the legs)and stand mostly all day while cashiering, after work I try showering with hot water but people say the releif it's only temporary, I try sleeping with my back but my lower back always seems a little up and sometimes I move side ways mostly all night.

    Last but not least I heard that if you gain weight your stomach pulls the back with it, I am not overweight or nothing but I gained a little weight and I stop going to the gym for like 2 months average from now. I know most likely many of this causes of my back pain but I want your opinion, diagnosis, remedies and solutions. I want to know what factors, causes might of caused me this back pain, and if there is a remedies, exercises, solutions to stop my back pain and repair it.

    P.S. this back pain started over a month average, and i feel soarness and my bones mostly crack them fingers, neck, arms, legs and back ( I try stop cracking my bones but can't stop it's addicting and I know it's wrong and unknown if it's a back and bone pain) HELP ME PLEASE PLEASE.

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management3 years ago