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  • Could I do Ice Skating design?

    When I bought my new ice skates when I took up skating....I wanted to put artwork on my skates. I used special markers and put some of my own designs on the skates. I wish I could do this for a living occassionaly but I've never heard of or seen people ever having their skates designed or even have them a specific color..they're always plain white. I wish I could be self-employed and put some designs on skates on request.

    Is this a good idea? Could I post ads and ask people if they want me to put designs on their skates? Would you pay money for someone to design your skates?

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  • What questions do you have about Aspergers disorder?

    I have a blog that's all about Aspergers (high functioning Autism) disorder, and I'm looking for questions.

    If you are a parent of a child with Aspergers or a non-Asperger individual in general...or a teacher, what kind of questions do YOU want answered about the disorder?

    EX. Why don't people with Aspergers make eye contact?

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  • Jobs for electrical engineers?

    What kind of jobs can you get with a degree in electrical engineering? (bachelors or masters)

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  • How to put videos on my iPad?

    I have videos on my computer including home videos that I want to put on my iPad but it won't work.

    I can put videos on my sister's ipod touch if they are converted to mp4, but I can't synch any videos into my iPad.

    How can I put videos into my iPad and what format do they have to be in for me to do that?

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  • Minoring in Disability Studies?

    What types of jobs or tasks within my job am I qualified to do if I have a minor in Disability Studies? (My major is in Education and I'm looking to get my K-8 teaching certificate)

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  • A Master's Degree in Art?

    I'm a student majoring in Education and soon deciding to minor in Disability Studies...this is for my bachelor's and I've already earned my Associate's Degree.

    When I get my bachelor's degree I might want to go back to school for a Master's degree...but I want the Master's degree to be in Art.

    I have only taken 1 course in Art in college so far...and Art is a huge passion of mine, but my equally huge passion... teaching and disability studies is more practical to start with.

    I was thinking of chosing my Masters to be in Art Education. Can I do that? Or does it have to be a Masters in Education or Disability Studies?

    Because my dad had a bachelor's in music education and was a music teacher for a long time then he got a Master's degree in Performing Arts... so does it mean I can go right for Art Education? Or do I have to have a BA in Art Education first?

  • My iPad battery is not as strong?

    I know the iPad 3 has a 10 hour battery life, and that's how it was when I first bought the iPad.

    But now I've noticed that I would be using the iPad from 3 pm til 7pm and it'll go from 89 percent to 25 percent in just those 4 hours. I don't know if it's because I'm using my iPad apps more or if the battery is losing its power.

    What should I do about the battery? Can I get a new one for my iPad?

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  • Does this sound like Aspergers to you?

    I'm currently being evaluated for Aspergers and/or ADHD.

    But these are things about myself that make me think I possibly have Aspergers.

    I do rock back and forth, I don't remember if I did it as a child.... I remember doing it as far back as age 14 or 15 because it felt good but I didn't do it too much, and this was before I was familiar with Autism.

    I don't like making eye contact very depends on who it is and the situation I'm in. If I'm talking to someone in a car and I'm in the passenger seat I won't make eye contact. I won't make eye contact with waitresses, cashiers, bankers, or store people when I'm asking for something. I can force myself to make eye contact and with some people I have no trouble, but I do know it's there.

    I can't remember having real friends. I did have play groups when I was a kid and I played with other children and I do talk with people and enjoy it, but I don't make friends because others are not interested in me and I don't often go to parties or social events. I have a lot of fun when I do, but I do sometimes make the choice to be on my own and be occupied with my interests.

    I have many many interests and talents and gifts, but I also have obsessive interests including Art, Religion, and The Nutcracker. The Nutcracker is the biggest because I have been introduced to it as a 2 year old and since then... The Nutcracker was VEEERY important to me. It still is. I have recently started collecting, I go to live performances as often as I can, I listen to the music every day, and I paint scenes from the story.

    I do tend to talk at people rather than with. I can, but I tend to talk too much, and sometimes on specific topics. I have high intelligence and could talk for hours and hours to anyone who will listen. I go into a stream of consciousness when I keep talking and often times I fail to notice whether or not people are getting bored. I do have empathy and can shut up when told to, but sometimes I don't know when to start talking or when to stop. And if someone shows me in an obvious way that they're tired of listening to me, I get ANGRY because I feel guilty for being talkative but at the same time mad at the person thinking "HEY WHAT I'M SAYING IS IMPORTANT! I WAITED FOREVER FOR MY TURN TO TALK!"

    I'm not a narcissist or anything, I just often don't know when to start and stop. And sometimes I will be at a social function and having a great time, everything is going well, and when I get into the car or leave with my family or my fiance...they will be like "WOW YOU WERE SO RUDE!" and I will be like... :o "Wha? What happened? What did I do??"

    In addition to that, even if I do socialize well or ask other people questions and make jokes (I happen to have a good sense of humor) sometimes it doesn't feel natural, it feels I'm trying too hard. I analyze my own plan of what to say or I over-analyze what other people say or their facial expressions.

    I do experience cognitive overload in school, but I manage it. I don't blow up in the middle of class, but if I'm having a lot of trouble following directions I feel like crying, and only twice I actually felt sooo overloaded that I walked out of the room for 30 seconds and came back.

    I have a lot of idiosincricies with food. I seem picky, but I don't mind trying new foods...there are just lots of turn-offs for me. I won't eat white dressings or sauces, it's a turn off. For years I made my parents bite the tails off my hot dogs, and I still do that. If there are a LOT of ingredients in the food and it's not colorful or solid, or if I don't understand it...I won't eat it. Like stews and soups...I don't know what is in there or might have some ingredients I don't want. I prefer everything sperately and visible and colorful. And sometimes little things turn me off about the food, even if it's a food I like...if there's one thing different about it, I won't eat it and I will get frustrated about it.

    I have a lot of texture issues with food as well.

    So.....does this sound like Aspergers to you?

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  • Could I still have Adult ADHD?

    I'm currently being tested to see if I have Adult ADHD, and I thought about my mom said that when I was homeschooled with her I was focused on my work and nothing seemed to be "abnormal" with me or nothing dramatic that pointed to ADHD... and I didn't even fully learn about ADHD until I was in late highschool and college. Although I don't remember having dramatic problems when I was a kid...I did have a little trouble in school...but not with learning...with following directions, paying attention, and daydreaming... but did not have hyperactiviy and impulsivity.

    However...from age 12 until now, I started having fewer routines being set for me, I was becoming more adult, having more responsibilities and when I think did seem like I was a little less controled or focused than when I was younger.

    When I looked and studied ADHD for the FIRST TIME in one of my college books, I looked at the symptoms and it creeped me out because I was like... I do that, I do that, I do that, I do that, I REAALLY do that... and I went down the list completely all except for extreme impulsiveness like blurting out stuff in class or making dangerously impulsive desicions because I was always well behaved and knew better cause I grew up with strict parents and went to a private school..

    But my main concern that I might have ADHD is that I procrastinate ALL the time, I talk a lot, I loose things and forget things and forget appointments or deadlines or homework assignments, I jump from task to task, or multitask, or get tired of a task and not finish it, I will always feel the need to work or do projects all the I was able to work 50 hours a week AND go to school full time... but my symptoms would remain the same regardless of my I ruled out that it was because of juggling two jobs. My thoughts race, my imagination has always been active, I'm creative, I'm interested in multiple things, and I have trouble with following directions or reading wordy or boring material.

    But I read that for someone to qualify with an ADHD diagnosis, symptoms have to be present before age 7. question is... even though I didn't have as much chronic trouble as a kid (which I am considering was because of my strict upbringing and not much responsibility) could I still have ADHD and I'm just noticing it more because I'm having more opportunity for display of the symptoms in a chronic format?

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  • Others with a Nutcracker obsession?

    I have been obsessed with The Nutcracker since I first saw it live when I was 2. I've always loved ballet and the arts and have video copies of a lot of 1960's and 70's ballets including the Nutcracker. A lot of my artwork is dedicated to it and I listen to the music all year long. I have created a page for Nutcracker fans such as myself... are there others of you out there? :) I'm looking for more people for my page including artists and dancers or just people in general who share my obsession :)

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  • Neuropsychological evaluation?

    I'm going for an evaluation for adult ADHD and/or Asperger's

    I know that there will be tests and questionnaires etc.

    Will a brain scan be involved?

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  • What to expect when getting evaluated for ADHD?

    I requested a referral to get an evaluation for Adult ADHD.

    I originally asked for being evaluated specifically for ADHD, but I also wanted to check for other things... I just chose ADHD because I'm more familiar with the symptoms. I was also considering asking the neurologist, neuropsychologist, etc.. to evaluate me also for Asperger's or an LD. I wanted to see if I have one of these three things or a little of each or more than one and so on.

    But my real question is's it going to go down? I've never had a neurological evaluation before. What can I expect from a screening for ADHD? What types of specialists am I going to talk to? What's the process? Does it take a long weeks or months? Or just a few appointments..

    If you've been through this or if you are a neuropsychologist, please tell me. I'm anticipating what the process is going to be like. I'm both curious and kinda nervous.

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  • My computer won't start?

    My computer has been slow lately so I cleaned it out by deleting all the pictures, videos, audios, and softwares I didn't need, but even after that my computer is sooo much slower. It started sending me notifications like "threat blocked" and Trojan. So I assumed it was a virus, but I'm not sure where my virus software is on my computer or what it is. I deleted cookies.

    I have Elistara on my computer to help get rid of viruses but it has to be updated.and I don't know how

    Normally my fiancé helps me with my computer but he is out of town and without Internet access to email or phone for a week or so.

    Now my computer won't even start.

    It turns on and gives me the options

    "safe mode"

    "safe mode with networking"

    "safe mode with command prompt"

    "last known good configuration"

    "start windows normally"

    I've tried each of those options but it tries to start and then just restarts. If I leaves the computer alone after I turn it on, it'll just keep restarting by itself.

    I don't have the windows installation disc.

    The hard drive has been replaced before.

    It's a Gateway desktop with Windows Vista

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  • When do ballerinas begin performing?

    I'm currently in adult beginner ballet, I know I have a ton of work ahead of me and am probably too old for recitals, but I was curious as to which level dancers start actually performing on stage? My favorite ballet has always been The Nutcracker and playing the part of the harlequin dancing doll or soldier doll is on my bucket list. Why? I don't know.

    Anyone happen to be familiar with training for performance or the process for a beginner dancer to eventually get involved in a performance? I know I'm just in beginner and I am actually doing this mostly because I enjoy it, I don't think I'd ever become a prima ballerina or have huge roles or make dancing a career, but I was just curious about performances. :)

    6 AnswersDancing8 years ago
  • What if my doctor doesn't refer me?

    Okay, so i was thinking about getting tested for Adult ADHD. When I was little my parents were asked to check it but they didn't pursue it. I know I can't claim to have it but when just reading the criteria I match it 9 out of 10 and I'm pretty sure I have it, I just happened to be curious and I decided I wanted to see if there is confirmation, I asked around and I was told that I need to have a referral from my doctor. My only problem is, what if my doctor doesn't want to refer me? I've only had this doctor for a year and she is a great doctor, if she doesn't want to refer me I don't want to go and get a new doctor over that because ADHD isn't a big deal. Plus if I have ADHD, I'm not really looking for treatment or services, just a diagnosis to confirm my suspicions. I bet you're wondering, why am I worried that she won't refer me? Because I asked her about Ritalin just for my general knowledge and she is against Ritalin, so I'm worried that my question about Ritalin will lead her to think that I'm looking to get it perscribed to me, but that's not it. Can anyone tell me what the pathway of this testing is like for adult ADHD and what are the chances of my doctor not referring me? And if she doesn't refer me, where do I go from there?

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  • Yawning while singing?

    I'm not a very good singer, nor do I enjoy singing, but I sing sometimes in church or if there's a karaoke party or a really good song because I do love music, but every time I matter what the song, type of song, place, or time of day...if I sing for a while I start yawning a lot. Anyone know why this is?

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  • My Pug is not eating :(?

    I have two pugs. One is 13 years old and the other is 5. The younger one is a very sassy pug. She was the runt of the liter so to speak, for the first few years she was a skinny pug which is weird. She is very active and like all pugs looves food. She is really bratty sometimes. She will always try to steal the other pug's food. She will show no interest in toys or treats unless the other pug is getting something. She will eat her treat and try to steal the other one, and if she is guarding a bone she won't eat it, she will just growl if someone tries to take it. She is very territorial.

    The problem? We just got an 11 week old German Shepherd. Before we got him, we were visiting him and coming home smelling like puppy and the pugs smelled us and were really excited. As soon as we got the shepherd, the younger pug was taking his toys and bones away. We were very careful to make sure that all dogs get equal attention. But now the younger pug is on some kind of hunger strike. She doesnt steal food anymore and doesnt eat her own food either. When she is the only dog in the house, she still won't eat. We feed the German Shepherd separately and the pugs still have their consisted normal routine even with the Shepherd around. (He eats and sleeps in a separate room from the pugs and gets walked at separate times

    Any ideas why our pug seems to be on a hunger strike?

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  • Adding a device to itunes?

    When my sister uses itunes on the computer, she can sync music into her ipod touch because her device is listed in itunes. I have an ipad, and I have an account and everything, but the device doesn't appear on itunes, so I can't sync any music from my computer to my ipad. I have updated all the softwares and everything and I even downloaded the icloud, but I can't put music on it.

    How do I add my device to itunes?

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  • Opportunities from learning a second language?

    Hi! I'm doing a project, making a bulletin boardposter for a World Languages class. The poster includes post cards with testimonials on it about experiences with a foreign language.


    "I took Spanish in high school and I was really good at it. I never thought that I would travel to Peru, South America and use Spanish to see and experience for myself Machu Picchu, one of the wonders of the world"

    Do you have a 4-5 sentence testimonial about how learning a second language has been a positive way for you in some way, shape, or form? Whether it's Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew...etc.

    It would be great to get some testimonials :)

    IF you want to....

    email me to include your first name, the state, province, or country you live in, and maybe a picture.

    If you don't want to...that's okay, but if you do...please send them to me by email

    THANKS !

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  • Working in two countries?

    If I marry my husband in Peru and receive a family visa for living an working in Peru, could I still work a seasonal job and/or study in a University in the United States? Or should I remain in Peru?

    I was thinking of moving to Peru, but only for the summer times, but I don't want to loose money...I still want to live and work there...but I prefer to also be working in the United States during the winter or studying. Can I do that?

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