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  • Anyone else been in this situation? Mortgage but want to rent too. Please read!?

    My Mum sold her house and put it to a mortgage with my two brothers. Years later my brother met his gf and had kids, they split, she moved out. Now they getting back together and she wants my bro to get out of his part of the mortgage. My mum and bro cant afford to buy him out. And they don't want to sell. Can you pay a mortgage and rent at the same time? and still get help playing the rent?also pay mortgage but live some where else? Sister in-law refusing to move back in. But brother cant afford to pay mortgage and rent a property with his family. My brother is stuck in a mortgagee with my mom and brother but wants to live and rent a property with his Girlfriend and his children. What can they do?

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  • What do I tell her? Hi guys. Bare with me this might be long.?

    My friend of 15 years after not speaking to her

    for a few months out the blue rang me up rather upset. She wanted my advise

    and what she told me i have to admit even i was just oh god babe i don't know. Ive

    tried putting my self in her situation but its an odd one.

    She and her bf have been together for about 4 years, as far as I'm aware things

    were ok i only know on bits she's told me. About 5-6 months bk

    She found out about his porn habit. She said there sex life had

    really trailed of and she thought he was cheating. She said she was relieved that

    it was just porn but at the same time gutted. She asked him a hand full of times

    about it and he lied to her about using it. She said she wasn't too upset about

    him masturbating just that he stopped being Intimate with her for a while and lied about it

    They talked it through and moved on. He promised her things would improve and he'd lay of the porn. Now that was the last I heard about it, she rang me from time to time and told me "he was using porn again" and lying about it. This made me angry for her. She told me that shed had enough of his lying

    and said she started to feel and act differently, even irrational thinking. She decided to have sex with him

    loads and loads so he would be to tired and satisfied to not watch porn. She told me it was working,

    and that he was knackered most days. I though wow she must really hate him looking at this stuff.

    So we go out for a coffee and she comes on her period, you should of seen the panic in her face

    "wow am i going to please him now" Im going to have to just "play with him loads ent i" What women feels like that when they are on? A week later (Friday) she invites me out with her bf, her, and her mates, I couldn't make it so I said no thanks. They went out had fun got very drunk. (as you do) Then she rings me Saturday night. Her female friend joked at a 4 sum, my friend and her bf and there too mates. She told me that she was so waisted in her head it made sense I couldn't believe what I was hearing. So that's what they did.

    She said she was still on her period so she couldn't do nothing but watch and please everyone else.

    She thought it would be good for her bf, crying down the fone shes sobbing that her bf didn't even

    want to do it, he couldn't get it up none of them were enjoying it, so they called it quits and went to bed. So she moaning and i cant hear her properly saying something about him cheating.

    I had to say you been stupid you no that these things don't work out and this is not like you.

    How can you say he's cheated? when you all agreed to it and went ahead.

    (I'm right

    though ent i? ) But then she said "no not that i cant say anything about that"

    she said that they all agreed to call it quits, it was a mistake and they all went to bed.

    her and her bf had a disagreement about it, and he tried it on. She

    said her head was mashed and told him no. They both fell asleep. She said she felt him get out of bed. Thought that hed gone for a wee. When she realised he was gone a while, she got up

    looked out back to see if he was smoking, but then found him in bed naked with there female friend. She said she walked not long after he went in.

    She said her female friend was half asleep rubbing her eyes, saying "he just came in to the room and got in bed

    "he started rubbing my hand on his d*ck, i don't want to i just want to go to bloody sleep"

    or something like that. I was like WTF? i was like well come on, his head must be pretty mashed. She said, he said he was still drunk and confused he said his head was fucked and that he didn't even realise they'd had fallen asleep. I said so what did you do? She said she went mental, slapped him around the face but he didn't seem to respond. like he was out of it. I said what a mess. "I no" she said crying down the fone. She said she's drawn a line under the other event,(the 4 sum) but don't know what to make of him

    getting out of there bed and trying it on. She said the 3 sum was over, they all went to bed. Its been playing on her mind. I cant decide either and i didn't know what to say to her. Because its a confusing time for both of them. Its not like my friend to be like this, and why now after 4 years? Its like a part of her has died somewhere.

    Do you guys think he cheated (After the 4 sum)

    Or would his head of been mashed and confused

    should she class it as a whole one big mess? a huge mistake? and leave it as that and work through it?

    I know what she's like and this will eat at her. She HATES! people lying to her, and going behind her back.

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  • Am I a Squirter? (Personal intimate question serious answers please)?

    Okay this is an odd question and I'm Pretty unsure of the answer (which is a first lol )

    By squirt I mean "female ejaculation"

    When I first started having sexual intercourse and having foreplay, I noticed that when I got really turned on and when I had things inserted into me roughly and deep, I notice that I got a very very hard, deep, pressure feeling and then loads of liquid would just gush out, I've soaked seats, beds all sorts. Its even squirted the back of my ex seat when fooling around in back seat. Then it never really happened again because I didn't to much long foreplay, the pressure is just too intense, but I did NOT orgasm. And I didn't think anything of it, and just thought i got "too wet". Its only now after its happened since and people have talked about this problem, and searching and asking about it, that I am now wondering if am I a squirter? Its really confusing because it says that it only happens when a women Orgasms. And in porn films it only seems to portray this to be fact.

    I don't orgasm when this happens, its when my G-spot is "over worked" It gets really sensitive up there and after having my son 3 years ago, I would say I get the urge to "PUSH" but its pleasurable and Intense, and then LOADS of stuff comes out of me. But I feel it from inside my vagina, I keep reading it comes from a women's urethra. I'm really confused. Does any other women have this? And am I a gusher/Squirter?

    Sorry if this is a bit to much for some people. I just really want to know. My bf thinks its female ejaculation but I dont know.

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  • Halls for hire, Surprise Party. Birmingham B31 UK Area.?

    Hi there everyone. I posted this a couple of weeks ago but it was deleted and i don't know why. I am just asking if anyone knows of any nice places i could throw a surprise 60th party for my mum. In the B31 Area if brum would be great. And maybe some where that caters food for about 30people. If you know any where from personal experience, or work in one or have friends who used a hall or place please please any suggestions would be GREAT! Im rubbish at this sort of thing. :-D

    Thank you. x

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  • Why do I keep dreaming this?

    (SHORT VERSION) My ex bf died 4 years ago. I was with him a long time and he was my first love. It wasn't a perfect relationship where as i was making little silly childish mistakes he was making massive ones. One that even got him banged up. It effected both sides of the family. We all worked through it and after much thinking, i gave him another chance... Only for him to discover he had cancer 18months later. It was advanced and spread quickly. I nursed him around the clock and stayed with him in the hospice. He only battled a short 3 months. It took him very quickly.

    11months later i met my now bf of 3 years. We settled down to quick and had a baby to quick. I dont regret our son ONE BIT!! but things moved very fast for me. I did tell my bf that i wanted things to slow down and that I'm not ready for a quite so serious relationship but he pushed and pushed and eventually gave me a ultimatum. Basically bf or not. I choose bf. Oh I'm 25 years old btw.

    Now my problem is that i keep dreaming that my ex boyfriend comes back, not from the dead but like from a long long trip or something, i am mad at first and slightly worried... but then im soooooo HAPPY! I just want to spent every waking hour with him, and the lust i feel for him is huge too. Just as it was when he was alive. We plan all these things and I'm so happy and excited by this part of my dream. I feel GREAT! but then i remember my now bf, and my heart is wrenched with guilt in telling him. The two bfs never meet, although i know that in the dream they want too. Then after a lot of talking and lustful looks etc etc I ALWAYS choose my now partner. I never leave with my ex.

    OR my now boyfriend ends up turning into my ex. That barely happens. Its mainly that i choose my new bf over the ex. My head is in bits. Esp after i had this dream about a hour ago. He died 4 years ago.

    I cant get away from this guy. I'm even in counselling because of the whole thing.

    Am I still in love with my dead ex bf??? :-/

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  • Need to ask a daft question?

    I dont really want to ask this and i'm normally answering these questions not asking them. Right i want to know if anyone knows about water infections in women. I've never had one in my life untill last month. And nw i think i have another one. I am just wondering could it be my bf causing them? He is abit of a tramp tbh. He will shower like once a month maybe 2. I shower atleast 3-4 times a wk. We use condoms to, but we have sex abit first without then put one on. We have a 2 yr old son, so please no pregga moans lol. Anyway i plead with him to wash but he cant be bothered. Do you think his unclean manhood cud be helping towards the bad bacteria that causes them? Also every time i give oral i get a sore or sumfink on my lips. I used to really enjoy oral but now i bearly if at all do it. Either because i have a sore from the last time, or im to worried about getting them. Both of us have been tested 4 STI'S. all clear. Please serious answers. Thanks. Oh and p.s bf has brushed his teeth 3 times since june 2009. Yes you read right. Strangley enough his manhood and breath doesnt smell bad atall. :-/ weird!

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  • Does anyone know any GOOD DRIVING SHOES/TRAINERS?? UK.?

    Hi thanks for taking your time to look at my question.

    I've been having driving lessons now for quite a while (Had to change half way through) And I'm doing so much better now with the lady driver I have. The thing is though The trainers I wear keep getting stuck on the accelerator when I come back up, it gets jammed for a bit and this is really effecting my driving. ANYONE know of any GOOD driving shoes/trainers that are cheapish and wide-ish. Please god someone help me.

    Thanks. x

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  • Sleep ORGASMS (Question for women)?

    Hey ladies I was just wondering do you or have do/have same as what I do? When asleep?

    When I've having a hot dream and I get aroused (in my dream,) sometimes I Orgasm. Sometimes I have wanted it so bad if I have been disturbed sometimes I can go back into the dream and tip it over enough to make me orgasm. They are sooo powerful they are nice but hurt. I would really like to know if anyone else does this. At first I thought I was imagining it but its been happening to long now.

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    Hi there. I am having a problem in my pelvic area. I've never had this problem before.

    18months ago I had my son, I went back on the pill couple months after, then came off them for a break and I didn't have a period for couple of months :-/ Went to the doctor and she said its most likely to be my hormones and they just wanted it to settle Down. This went on for another 6months, I did endless pregnancy tests and all came bk neg, which I wasn't surprised by as me and my partner are using condoms. So anyway i go bk to the doc and she examines me, All fine she says and a day later i come on. Ever since then i have been having periods but they are always a week late. And lasts my normal cycle of 3-5days. Light cramping and not to heavy. Now couple of months ago i noticed a few pains in my groin area, in the crease between my leg and vagina. I thought nothing of it. 3 weeks ago on the 10th i came on a week early which is unusual at the moment, I was shocked because normally it takes me a few days to on into full on "you know what" But this time WHAM there it was no warning, It was so much more painful and so much more heavy. I was changing every 2-3 hours, got to the point I was using 2 towels at a time, and I was on for 11days. Last time I had it that bad was when I was 12 when I first started. Minus the Period pain. Now stranger still 3 weeks later I'm getting back ache and period pain. I am a stress Eric and I have put on loads of weight since having my son. Also I'm a completely different person when I'm on my period, I'm happy, I feel sexy and confident, i sleep better and I wake up better, and I TONS of energy, but when I come off, I'm moody, nasty, argumentative I cant get out of bed, I stay up all night I'm tired and have no angry and I'm just sooo angry. Every since having my son its just been one thing after another, i love him more than anyone and anything but wow. If anyone has any idea what it could be please any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  • Is my Mild form of spinabifida the real reason for my spine pain?

    Hey guys how you all doing? I am just writing for your advice again. :-)

    It all started when I was 18, started getting REALLY bad pain down my legs and bottom, it was sooo bad that I had to stand to eat and well... do everything, if I sat down I couldn't get up again. One day while in my kitchen I had the normal bout of pain but this time I couldn't move BOTH my legs, were paralysed briefly, Me and my Mom both Panicking, she called our GP and I was booked an emergency appointment, I was able to walk again after a few mins. Please bear in mind that I only had the pain in my legs and bottom. Anyway while at the docs he got me doing some bending and what not, which I couldn't do. I was booked in for an X ray, which later showed that I have a MILD form of spina-bifida and what was happening is really bad sciatica (Trapped nerves in the bottom of my spine that hasn't formed properly) I was insulted about my stomach muscles and they blamed most of it on me being over weight. "Swimming will help I was told etc etc" She told me that it cant and wont get any worse, and that exercise helps it. When I started my job it went away for a few years, (exercise) and I had the odd twinge hear and there. Lost weight but it back on then lost it again and I still didn't really have any problems. I have put on nearly 5 stone since then after having my son last year, and I still didn't have any problems, I rarely get the sciatica pain any more.... I just get pain, NO ONE and NOTHING can touch my lower back, Even if my son touches my back I'm in agony. I cant have a massage, a hug in that area, even leaning on a wall or hard surface is complete agony. My son and I was playing the other day and his little knee hit my back, and I actually cried... Yes I'm 24 and I cried it was soooooo painful. I scared my anaesthetist last year when he was testing weather I could have a epidural during my birth if I needed to, He panicked so much when I screamed... He said he hardly touched my back and when he demonstrated how hard he touched me I was shocked. It is a horrible pain, that can make me, sweat,feel sick,and cry. I didn't have that when I was told about the spina-bifida. I developed it 3-4 years later and it seems to be getting worse. She said I wouldn't get worse, that's what the question is for, does ANYONE else with spina-bifida or without have this pain? It's really frustrating. ANYONE have any idea what's going on?

    Thankies Guys. xxxxx

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  • WHY does my clothes come out of our dryer smelling like crap?

    Hi there guys thanks for reading, the problem that we have been getting is, When we wash our clothes in the WASHING MACHINE, the clothes come out smelling really nice and lovely, Then when we put them in our DRYER they come out smelling like, NOTHING. I have used dryer sheets, i have even soaked rags with softener,Perfume, baby wipes and they still come out smelling of nothing, I cant describe the smell to be honest with you, Its like a mixture of wet dog and oilish smell. It is quite weird. My sister in-law never has this problem and her kids clothes always smell nice. I just don't get it, And i don't use cheap washing powders and softeners, actually some of the cheaper ones smell better than the expensive ones. I really just do not GET IT.

    Can anyone help?

    Any advice would be great. x

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  • Need help with a puk code.?

    Hi guys, i don't know if i can do anything about this, but i just found my old sagem My C5-2 mobile, excitedly i put it in my bf's old phone and i remembered id blocked it years ago. I would love to get my old pics and contacts of there, Im gutted, as i read that you need your mobile number :-(

    Does anyone know the PUK code for this mobile?? Or anything that can help me.



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  • Why do i keep feeling dizzy?

    Hiya guys, please bare with me, its abit hard to explain, but if ANYONE has any idea what this could be or are going through the same thing please can u shred any light on this. PLEASE!

    I had this feeling abit 3 years ago when my late bf was in hospital. Visiting him in

    the hospital everyday, i'd come out the lift and feel as tho im still in it.

    I just ignored it as i had other things to worry about, it would come and go in little waves. Then 1 half years later i met my new bf and some months later i fell pregnant and it got worse, the whole room would spin, even when i was lying down. It was horrible. Proper spinning! That stopped about 6-7months into my pregnancy. Now after i had my son, i found out i had gallstones and i also developed anxiety problem's. 3 days in hospital and my head started becoming foggy! No spinning just foggy. Doctors told me it was anxiety and depression. It was worse when i was tired and as i had a new born baby i put it down to that. Then i started with the sickness, that of which my doctor blamed on my gallstones. And still i had the foggy head. And yes i did suffer from bad anxiety attacks but because of the pain and the fear of the pain of my gallstone attacks. NOT my foggy head. Anyway 15months later and with gallbladder op to have it out, I STILL feel as though im in a lift, I STILL have a foggy head and I STILL feel sick all the time. The dizzy/foggy feeling is like, i can be sitting in the living room and a car will go past.. in my ear it seems REALLY loud maybe abit tinny and all of a sudden my head would jerk like a "BUZZ" movement. Other times and a lot recently the floor will move or seem to move like im going down in a lift or someone really heavy is slamming there feet on the floor. And i will stand for a few secs trying to keep my balance. And then the foggy feeling like im not quite there, i feel spaced out,tired, sometimes i feel as though im sinking into the settee i cant keep up with conversion's my concentration just goes. When this happens a couple of hours later i feel really sick. I no longer have my gallbladder so it cant be that. Also once or twice i have had a pressure feeling in my head and sometimes the top of my nose. I've been to the doctors and because i've had depression and anxiety it the past, they say everything is down to that. They said you cant have vertigo because your ears are fine. So i have no idea.

    ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated.

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  • How do you buy a new house on sims 3 (XBOX360?)?

    Hi guys, now i don't normally ask these questions because i normally figure it out my self or search for it and as im coming up with blanks every where, i thought id ask you guys.

    I have plenty of money, i click on the character, i click move, find the property i want, select buy and... NOTHING! Nothing happens. This house is high lighted with a purple house, and others ent, so i assume i can buy this, but like i say nothing happens. Very frustrating.

    Any help would be great

    Thanks guys.

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