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  • Help with physics?

    What is the tension in the rope of the figure(Figure 1) ? Assume that m = 64 kg .

    So basically in the figure theres a guy pulling on a pulley and on the other side theres a 100kg block. The guy weights 64kg. I found 765N but the websites says it's wrong and I have no Idea how to do it.

    1 AnswerPhysics5 years ago
  • where is the sex scence in Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag?

    So I got the game And didn.t start to play it yet. I woudnt want to get on te sexy part and like my sister come in or my parents. So where is the sex scene if there's one?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games7 years ago
  • newegg 30% off one item or everithing?

    Is the 30% off for subscribing to the email on 1 item or on evrything you buy?

    It could change everything

    1 AnswerAdd-ons7 years ago
  • Why is school so fkn useless?

    Right now i am studying for an exam and by thinking about it IT IS SO FKN USELESS. History before exam we just study the **** out of it and after exam you just forget allll of it. The dates the history you just don't give a ****. Art supposed to stimulate our creativity? BULLL **** all you do is follow the restriction and do all the same thing. I study french and all the grammar ahhhh. Know about suboronée but dont even help you're writting. it dosnt tell you if you have to add a s, a e or anything. And there was a class were you just learn by hearth all the flag the country the capital and it was fkn **** and now nobody remembers. Math you just learn all the **** and most of it you woudn't use. I learned how to divide 2 digit **** in elementairy school now we just dont do that **** anymore just use the calculator alll dayy and like evrybody forgot how to do it. The only math thing that i use all day is to read the time. Science is also kind of pointless now we are learning about wawes like WTF its so pointless like wth. You are searching for a job and in like competence you write '' i know about wawes and subordonée'' Like the boss gives a ****. Why don't we learn some useful **** that we will use like... coocking? politics? sex? how to live? well just **** school. SCHool just makes us feel dumb with all the peaple more inteligent then us that just study all day and has no social life. In elementairy school we learned spanish and all we learned is. Yo me yamo ''name'' me gusta rojo, hola adios amigo. Like thats gonna help us. AND THE FLUTE THE MOTHA ******* FLUTE because i use it alot right? I hated that it is so fkn useless. OHHH i know why we learn the flute. WHEN WE ARE GONNA BE FKN HOBOS BECAUSE OF WHAT WE LEARN WE CAN GET 3$ AN HOUR BY BLOWING SOME FLUTES ON THE STREET. nop cant even do that forgot all about how to blow. all the **** i am learning my parents learned it too but just fkn forgot it cause its fkn useless. and yes it is full of misspelling but you can understand too right?

    5 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education8 years ago
  • Best yu gi oh structure deck?

    Hey, I just discovered yu gi oh and its fun as hell. I wanted the Dark emperor deck but can't find it anywere. So what is a good deck that I can use.

    4 AnswersCard Games8 years ago
  • Intel vs AMD cpu me n00b?

    So i'm a n00b at pc's but planning on building one. But AMD cpu's just seems better than intels.

    AMD FX-8350 Vishera 4.0 ghz, (4,2 turbo) 8 cores for 199$

    and intel core i7 3960

    3,5 ghz (4,0 turbo) 6 cores 1049$

    I just don't understand, by first look amd's proccessor seems alot better but why is intel so expensive

    5 AnswersDesktops8 years ago
  • Cancel Eb-games preorder?

    Well so i Preordered Assassin's creed 4 online on the eb-games website for the ps3 but my ps3 just broke (what a bad luck) and I want to cancel it. I would want to know if it's possible to cancel and how to cancel it and what do you get cash or credit. If i need the reiceit to cancel what is the reiceit if you preorder online??? the mail they sent to you when you preordered? Do you go to the store? send them a mail? thanks

    2 AnswersJeux vidéo8 years ago
  • Question about overclocking?

    Hi :) i'm new at pc gaming and i wana learn more about overclocking. I didn't build the pc yet but planning on it very soon. So far i've chose the gtx 680

    so i saw some tutorial on overcloking with evga precision x but can i just overclock it like this or i have to buy the overclocked version. Because my friend told me that to make the card overclockable you have to open it and do some stuff

    so basickly my question is can i overclock my graphic card :) thanks

    2 AnswersOther - Computers8 years ago
  • my friend takes black people pictures and laugh at them?

    so here my asians friend takes black peaple pictures and put them as background and lauph at them and calling them chinese killer what should i do???

    5 AnswersFriends8 years ago
  • Can Fall asleep in bus but can't in my bed?

    So I am really angry right now, I went to bed at 10:15 and now it's 12:20 and stll wide awake. The funny thing is that when i get into a bus, I fall asleep so fast but at home it's almost impossible. Please help!!!

    3 AnswersOther - General Health Care8 years ago
  • Facebook unlike picture of someone that blocked you?

    So there is that stranger that asked me to like the picture of his penis and just as a joke i liked it and i was gonna unlike just after but he blocked me so i can't unlike the picture. And now when my friends goes on his profile theres still my like on the picture help plz!!!!

    1 AnswerFacebook8 years ago