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  • I've got a Gemini FX7000 mixer, but the power supply is missing.?

    I've been looking and can't find a matching adapter anywhere. The socket is an RJ11 and the required power is 18V 750 mA AC.

    How do I get power into the mixer????

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  • Virus Attack And Broken Folder on Portable HDD?

    I was tidying up my music files which I keep on a 1tb Toshiba portable hdd. I opened one folder and selected all the files to move them to another one, It was about 40ish files, but all that happened was the green bar at the top of the explorer window (I've got windows 7 64bit) started moving really slowly from left to right. After a while I got fed up and assumed it was just a glitch, and decided to close the window and try again, but the same thing happened. When I got fed up this time though, basically the whole computer froze up, it wouldn't do anything until I unplugged the hard disk from the computer.

    I have had a virus on my computer, the other night I got directed to a phishing site when I was looking on eBay. I looked at what processes were running on task manager, there was one that I didn't recognise called atieclxx.exe, so I ran Malwarebytes but it didn't find anything, but I thought it was strange that it did the scan in like 3 minutes. I googled it, most of what seemed to come up were people asking if it was a virus and being told it was to do with their graphics. and was something called the ATI External Event Utility although it was possible some Malware was masquerading as it.. I headed over to AMD's website to find out more but couldn't find anything to do with the External Event Utility. I did find another site though that said it was a new update and only been sent to people in the States.

    Malwarebytes was the only anti malware or anti virus I had so I downloaded Avast cos I thought 2 heads would be better than one. so to speak, I also looked on the Malwarebytes forums, and they told me to run Malwarebytes Chameleon? When I ran that it did say for ages that it was removing a threat and it seemed to work, so I was disappointed that when Malwarebytes itself ran again, it was another 3 minute all-clear.

    The process was indeed linked to a service called ATI External Event Utility, so I disabled that and followed some instructions I found to go into the command prompt and uninstall the service with sc delete. I thought I was really starting to cook on gas at this point.

    When Avast installed I did a custom scan with all the options maxed, After waiting for absolutely ages, it finished and said it had found one threat, JS:Script-inf, so I removed that with Avast (I think anyway)

    After doing all of this I was feeling quite confident but but when I tried to move the files out of the folder, my computer seized up again and wouldn't do anything until I unplugged my Portable Drive.

    I'm only assuming that the virus and the drive malfunctioning are linked, I suppose it could be a massive co-incidence, but I'm really stumped now can someone help me please!! If I lose the files in that folder, they can't be replaced either so I really don't want to end up having to format drives.

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  • What if the American Revolution hadn't happened?

    The American Revolution happened because the British government imposed taxes on the thirteen colonies without allowing them representation in Parliament. Up to that point there was very little talk of independence. What do people think the world would be like today if the government had been a bit more reasonable and democratic?

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  • Who makes the online game Guild Wars 2 and how do I contact them?

    Every time I go to log in to my Gmail or log in to Soundcloud, Chrome shuts down, Internet Explorer opens up and it goes to this game's website. It's obviously some sort of virus but I can't get rid of it. I need to contact the company behind the game so I can tear them a new one

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  • Which Jesse James Film?

    I watched a film once about Jesse James and I can't remember which one it was. At the end of the film, we see Robert Ford shoot Jesse James, then he runs out of the house and shouts "I killed Jesse James, me, Robert Ford, I killed Jesse James!" Then I remember there was an old black man with a beard playing a guitar and singing a song that goes "The dirty little coward who murdered Mr Howard has laid poor Jesse in his grave" and then the credits roll. It was a pretty old movie. Can anyone tell me which movie it was from this information?

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  • Who do I need to talk to about my addiction?

    I am a 30 year old male, I think my amphetamine use is becoming problematic. I am currently seeing a high intensity psychological practitioner and I don't know if I should speak to her about it or my GP. I have been using drugs for about 13 years now, but in the last few months I have started banging up, and also i have found that I have started doing drugs when I am at home on my own instead of just when I am out with my mates. Also I am pretty sure I am autistic but this has not been diagnosed. Can anyone tell me where I should go to get some help/

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  • What is a good anti knife crime charity?

    It's my 30th birthday in a couple of months and I am planning a party and I am going to ask people instead of buying me a birthday drink to donate some money to charity. I was thinking of giving half to MIND, and the other half I was thinking of giving to a charity that oppose knife crime, in memory of my friend who was murdered recently. Does anyone know if there is a good organisation I could give the money to? I live in Herefordshire UK so I would want the money to go to somebody working either in this area or across the UK.

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  • Why does my mouse cursor keep freezing?

    The cursor keeps freezing on my screen. It freezes for anything up to a minute. If i was dragging anything before it freezes, it is still dragging it when it unfreezes, even if I'm no longer holding down the mouse button. Also sometimes the screen will go black for a second, after that the mouse will improve

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