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  • How do I convince my parents to see my friends more often?

    I dont have any friends at school and im a senior, but i have friends at other schools. My parents dont really let me see my friends so much because they think they will distract me from college stuff. I've already applied and receiving answers. Ive only been to one party in high school and its not like we did anything bad there, my friends dont drink or smoke and there was an adult there at the party and my mom made my little sister come with me to supervise me, i ended up leaving that party early because i had an anxiety attack because i wasnt used to hanging out with people. i want to get better talking to people and not be anxiois, and that takes practice. I think my parents are afraid if me having more anxiety attacks if i hang out again, how do i convince them to let me see my friends at least once a month? (i get good grades btw and up to date with sxholarships)

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  • Mom refuses to accept that son has autism?

    I am a babysitter and today was my first day taking care of this child. His mom didnt tell me anything about his medical background. He left him today and almost immediatly i noticed his different behavior. He is two years old and doesnt talk not even single words. He does not make eye contanct when i talk to him and walks a little strange. He cries suddenly and flaps his arms, and doesnt listen to anything i say. I asked his mother in the nicest way possible because i needed his medical information and immunizations. she did not mention him having autism even though he showed clear symtoms of autism. i told he whenever i talked to him, he didnt seem to hear me and she immediately got offended and said he did not have autism. i told her i just had to know because i needed to put that information in his medical file, but she insisted he did not have it. she has 5 other cildren and 2 of them have some kind of mental or developmental disability. What should do? I have never taken cate of an autistic child before

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  • How to get motivated to exercise?

    I started doing this 30 day yoga challenge, but stopped at day 8 because I just got tired. The videos are on average 20 minutes long. But due to my busy life, I always do them before bed after I have finished my homework. This is usually at 10pm an I am just too tired to exercise, so I go to sleep. What is a good way to stay motivated to doing exercise everyday? What time should I exercise?

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  • Fractured pinky toe?

    so about 3 weeks ago I bumped my pinkie toe really hard on my bed. It was swollen for the first 2 days and way hard to walk on. The pain went away, but i am having pain when i press my foot on a flat surface. I closed the door with my foot flat on the door, and I felt IMMENSE pain as soon as I felt the pressure on my foot when the door closed(due to my foot being flat on the door) and now I am wondering if it healed correctly or if it was actually broken. Should I see a doctor?

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  • Skipped 4 days from 30 day of yoga challenged?

    I had to skip doing yoga for 4 days due to a sprained foot, does that mean I have to start back from day 1 again? or continue from day 10(the last day I did before hurting my foot)?

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  • my gsd is scared of leash?

    my puppy is 3 months old and refused to walk on the leash, she has a harness. i think this is because my mom would try to force her to walk on a leash on trips to the vet. she would pull on her leash to get her to ehen i take out her leash, she runs away from me!how do i get her to like being on the leash? shes getting too big and heavy for me to carry her to the vet because she refuses to walk or move on the leash

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  • Do guys like cakey makeup?

    I know an obvious answer would be no lol. But at school theyre are some girls who wear a lot of makeup like theyre going to a party everyday (foundation, super defined brow pencil, long winged eyeliner, dark smoky eyeshadow covering the whole eye all the way to the browbone, and lipstick). I over heard a conversation of some guys that were talking about cute single girls to take to prom, and thy named every single girl that always wears cakey makeup everyday to school! they didnt name one girl who doesnt wear makeup or at least a moderate amount. So do guys really find girls with lots of makeup more attractive? Whats your opinion?

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  • Should I wear makeup to school?

    Im 17, and yes my school has no policy against wearing makeup. I have a bad full of eyeshadows, MAC eyeliner, mascara, lipsticks/lipglosses, liquid foundation, and mineral powder. I dont wear my makeup to school because I dont have clear skin right now( I have blemishes, acne, and acne scars) and no ive never popped any of my pimples. Ive been trying Proactiv for 2 months, but it doesnt seem to make the acne or acne scars go away(although it would be worse without it). I am also taking birth control to regularize my period and to lessen acne, but it is a very low dose(I take Glidess) It has not worked for my acne so far(Ive been taking Glidess for 4 months). Should I wait until my acne clears up? I do feel icky going out with all the acne I have without covering it up. If I do decide to wear makeup, how much should I wear to school while making it look "natural"?

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  • Would it be safe to use a lipstick I found?

    Before you think I found it somewhere on the streets, no lol. I was at the school bathroom(we only have 400 students at school) I found a sephora lipstick beside the sink. Someone left it there yesterday and no one has picked it up. Would it be safe if I scraped the used part of the lipstick off? I really need lipstick because I have to go shoot some portraits later today.

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  • Overprotective Parents?

    I turned 17 years old in May. I have a drivers license (provisional) and car insurance. My parents said they are buying me a car soon, but can only use it for school reasons, which I actuall dont mind and its fair since I cant pay for my gas yet. But I dont have any friends at my school, im a senior and been to the school for 3 years. I have friends but I only see them 5 times a year. My parents limit how much I talk to them. I feel lonely sometimes. Its gotten bad to the extent of me having panic attacks when i do see my friends, which never used to happen. I recently asked my parents if I could study with my friends at the lbrary, but the said "Whats wrong with studying by yourself"? I am hispanic and female. Does race and gender have to do with it?

  • Am i having kidney failure? or am I just having anxiety?

    Well, Ive been having only about 3-4 hours of sleep for the past 2 days and I didnt feel tired waking in the morning. But at midday I started feeling really tired, out of breath, and I cant feel my heart rate. I also had a frappucino this moring. I ate my lunch but I did feel less hungry that usual. And i recently had a uti, but I am on antibiotics currently. I have no pain on my kidneys, but they feel a bit achy, it doesnt hurt but I just know its there. But that was yesterday, they dont feel that way today. Am I having kidney failure?

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  • Why was my question deleted?

    Someone deleted my question about what I would do about the autistic kid who has a crush on me, it wasnt offensive. I did however post a question on my ghetto people buy michael kors bags. Is that why?

    Yahoo Answers6 years ago
  • Is Marijuana Illegal in California?

    I know you guys are like: LOOK IT UP!. But Im asking because at every school ive gone to in San Diego, there are a handful of kids doing weed, or bringing it to school or selling It. And when they get caught, they only get suspended for like a week, never expelled or brought to the police. Is weed truly illegal here?

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  • Can I drive my little sister to school if I get my provisional liscence?

    Im 17, and I have my driving test next week, and if I pass, my mom wants me to drive my little sister to school because the lady that gives her rides always brings her late to school. I will be on summer break this thursday, and my mom will of course be in the car with us too. Is this allowed? I live in California btw

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  • Will my parents be angry if they found a condom in my backpack?

    My parents are really against me having sex before im married, my mom even gave me a purity ring. They gave us condoms at school today as part of a sex ed presentation by planned parenthood. I got 2, but im not planning them to use for sex, I just want to open it so see what it feels like. I dont have a bf or planning to have sex. Should I tell my parents about that they gave us condoms at school so they wont think its suspicious if they ever find them? Im kinda scared. (im 17 btw)

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  • Why do Parents opt out on sex ed?

    Im no t talking about the talks they give you in Middle school, Im talking about the ones at my school by planned Parenthood, we are juniors btw. I just find it weird that parents dont want 17/18 year olds learining about safe sex. What could be reasons for this, ither than religious?

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  • How do I convince my parents to get a cartilage Piercing?

    Im 17, and my parents wont let me get a cartilage piercing. I only have and earlobe piercing, which was done when I was 2 months old. My parents said no because theyre really against having a piercing or tatoo anywhere else because it looks "trashy" and goth, and makes me look like a bad person. I dont want anything crazy on my ear, just something nice and simple. I get good grades, what else can I do?

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  • How can I help my friend stop cutting?

    He is my best friend, and yesterday when I saw him He had like 20 cuts on his arm. He is very sensitive if I bring it up or ask him why he does it. I always try to comfort him and ask him how he feels. But he says he doesnt like to tell anyone how he feels. He doesnt have a very good relationship with his mom, so he never tells her anything. His parents are divorced. I think he has bad depression thats been going on for years. I suggested him going to see a counselor or psycologist, because it had helped me alot. But he doesnt really want to because he doesnt want to tell people how he feels. He keeps bottling up his emotions and just cuts himself for relief. Its obvious he doesnt like to be like this. What else can I do to help him? (btw me and him are not really allowed to see each other because my parents have a race issue with him)

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  • Help! my friend might kill himself?

    I already know all the suicide lines, so please dont just post a phone number. I was talking to him about how he changed and he thinks theres something wrong with him. I started pointing out all the good things in him, but he wont listen. When he was little his parents fought and he hates his mom for putting his little brother in a foster home because she could not afford to take care of 2 children. He lives with his mom but he hates her and he things he deserves all of it. Ive tried talking to him, but he wouldnt tell me any more than that. He said he changed to stop cutting himself and stop thinking about suicide, but he said thats all coming back. But right now his life is a lot better than it used to be. His parents dont fight. He has lots of good friends that love him. But he just doesnt want to admitt that his life is better now. I told him he should consider talking to a psycologist, but he doesnt want to. What do I do?! he might kill himself after school. If i call the police myparents will be angry at me because im not allowed to see him or talk to him (they found out we were dating) What do I do?

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  • I have my SAT in 2 hours and im having anxiety?

    Im shaking and Im so nervous. I did terrible on the PSAT (i only got a total of 10 correct answers) and i only studies two days for my SAT. I didnt study at all for the Math section! please help, I dont want to have a panic attack in the test center. I have good grades, but i go to a charter school and we dont learn anything within a regular high school curriculum. I take honors, but we dont really learn anything in there either, we just do projects based on skills we already know :/ please help!

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