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  • do you hate single-speed bicycles?

    Want to pedal easily? Get a car. Seriously, how many askers do you think are over the age of twenty? Over thirty? Almost none. Just because you got stiff and flabby doesn't mean that the average elevator rider cannot get around the average city on a bike limited to one gear around 70gi. With or without gears, a hill and/or a headwind slows ya down. Lifting yer butt off of the saddle is no more difficult than getting out of bed and dragging azz to the throne- you're just doing it on pedals with the bonus of handles to push-pull against. For most people, gears are an unnecessary complication to an already unnatural machine that, when finally close ebough to mastery of going, stopping and turning on dry pavement is still very akward. Heck, these people can't even figure out how to use google, and you want to hope that they figure out how to use a shifter while still being terrified about falling (and THEN getting run over!)? On your next sunny day ride over some hills, go at one or two of them a couple of cogs higher than you usually do and just do what you do when you're not on the bike- put your weight on one foot, then at the appropriate time, shift your weight over to the other foot.

    Now, for the question part- can you cite any authority that says that the never-going-to-be-as-easy-as-driving-a-car activity of bicycling is made so difficult by single-speed equipment that it is so awful that giving biking up and getting a bus pass and a gym membership is easily preffered?

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  • tange prestige vs reynolds 531 & 725?

    I had a handmedown prestige tubed bike that I wrecked in an accident. Now I'm looking at replacing it with a custom build-up of a used frame (531 and tange 900 bikes seem to be all that fit in my price range with the bars, saddle and wheels that I want) or a new taiwanese built 725 tubed bike. I miss my bike. It was smooooth. Am I going to notice a difference?

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  • why are people who have owned more than two iphones so dim?

    Srsly. They are dimmer than a lightbulb still in its packing. They are dimmer than my dog's butthole. I haven't actually checked, but I ****ume that it's pretty dark in there.

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  • how much is a 2003 trek madone worth?

    My dad gave me his ugly old lance nutstrong bike and I want to sell it because it is ugly and old fragile plastic I need a bike for riding in cold weather that will look less ugly I like my grampas old miyata 1200 it is beautiful but old and he won't give it up even though it is old miyata is not making bikes anymore who makes a bike like this now I want a new one

    I saw this

    And now I think I can't sell my crappy madone even for a hundred bucks wtf

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  • bicycles with motors on them?

    People who own them:

    1) can't afford a motorcycle/scooter and are too weak to pedal a simple bike.

    2) are psychopathic or otherewise mentally removed from society.

    3) are children who legally cannot operate a motorvehicle and are too weak to pedal a simple bike.

    4) smell badly.

    5) are intentionally ignorant of their State's laws regarding bicycles retrofitted with motors.

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  • are denali gmc bike good yes should buy I like paint it is it fast need to go to work fast and look good?

    My dad gave me his old trek madone but I want a new bike and his is like ten years old and it is really ugly and has stupid pettles that need only one kind of shoe that is also really ugly is the denali gmc faster than my dads old bike it must be because he could never keep up with my brother's ugly fixy bike and it is not made by a car company cars are faster than bikes I need a fast bike to get to work and to school how much can I sell my dad's trek madone for

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  • Hard/heavy rock bands without distortion?

    Fatso Jetson is the only one that I know of, but I don't like the singers voice much. I want more rock but less (none) dirt. Are there any other such bands?

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  • Square BB-to-crank grease?

    Normally I'd just use that silvery "anti-seize" stuff that I picked up a bunch of years ago for the calipers on my jeep, I've been using it on everything I can just to get full use out of that stupid bottle-with-a-brush-cap...

    I just got a truvativ bb for my winter bike, an old shogun tourer and plan on reusing the old cranks (is this a bad idea? If so, why?), can/should I use this grease at the point of contact or is there something significantly better to use there?

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  • What are these Specialized tires?

    Specialized's site, as always, sucks for intentionally finding anything...

    These are the tires whose names I'll likely need to have when I approach the counter at my LBS:

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  • Two months ago "hip arthritis", now "torn knee" does the vet know anything?

    Our dog's been gimping since springtime, when we "examine" her (poke every square centimeter of her bum leg when she's relaxing), she only reacts when we touch one of her toes. The girlfriend takes the dog to the vet to find out what the problem is specifically and to have it treated. You read the vet's responses in the title. Does she have any clue or is she completely clueless and just telling us that we're not doctors, so we should just trust her, pay her and dope up our dog for a few years till she dies?

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  • WaterPROOF tent for camping on ocean beach?

    Does coleman or any more respected tent makers offer an already waterproofed tent to withstand multi-hour downpours?

    I'm sure that Coleman is like the Huffy/Murray of camping gear, so any camping pros out there please let me know whom for to be looking.

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  • Cycling shorts, goop, pads...?

    My saddles, broken in, all seem to have more grip than I want. I really like the impregnated cloth rain cover that came with my flyer as it lets me slide around a bit, and with it, plain basketball mesh shorts and a smidge of vaseline "mens" body lotion, I can do full-day (100-ish miles) rides with minimal chafing, without the cover I get these nasty painful welts after 50 miles. I learned to ride standing all day around the time I started working standing all day (carpentry), no prob. Now I'm getting older and lazier and and want to sit as much as it seems all of the lycra Larrys and spandex Stephanies do.

    These butt systems (shorts, pad and goop)- how do they work? Are the shorts sticking to the saddle (like most of the shorts that normal people already own), the pads sticking to the shorts, and the goop letting the rider slip all around on the pad and in the shorts? Or is the goop acting as a mild or semi-adhesive and making the pad and shorts an extension of the rider's body?

    I ask because I'm sure that, in time, like everything, my Brooks rain cover will fail and my mesh shorts will be being grabbed by the plain (but treated) leather and I'll be a long way from home and my LBS, and any bike shop out in yonder hills will be unlikey to stock such an odd item, but likely to have goop, pads and spandex.

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  • Was Ringo's drumming "deceptively simple" or just plain simple?

    Does it take genius to adhere to k.i.s.s. (keep it simple, stupid)?

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  • How do I ask a question?

    Every time that I ask a question it turns into a sentence and everybody gets angry with me and then says mean things and then I say mean things back and then we all feel terrible and I need to know how to ask a question!

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  • Am I alone in hearing "holiday road" from Vacation in "feel this moment" by Ms Aguilara?

    I can't be. It's two 80's songs mashed together with some cliché lyrics and 4x4 electro beats- a fun art project but I don't feel like anybody but Lindsay Buckingham, A-Ha and Christina (for her belting) should be reaping any $ from this musical joke.

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  • New (ooold) road bike shimmies...?

    It's my friends dads old 27" tourer given to me, everything (brakes, shifters, steering) works great until about 20 mph- above which I have to pinch the tt and have my hands off of the tops to keep her steady. The front was a little out of true and I wanted sealed hubs anyways, so she got new wheels laced at my lbs... Still wobbling. Eyeballing from the top of the stem down along the steer line seems to have at least two inches of trail and the fork legs setting back a smidge (kind of like old track-racing forks appear). Obviously y'all can't tell me any better than my shop guys can if my fork is damaged, but would that be a potential culprit, or is it more likely a poorly selected top tube lettig the whole frame flop around?

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  • Sleep vs Electric Wizard vs Weedeater vs Bongzilla vs Fu Manchu?

    Which band likely has the best grass?

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