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  • Pierced earrings not healing?

    I got my ears pierced near the beginning of December (2nd lobe piercing). They are titanium studs and they are lave longer posts since my lobes are fairly thick. They were pierced with a gun (I know, bad) and I cleaned them every day twice a day for about a month, now I just do it everyonce in a while. I keep getting crusty scabs on the back sides (which smell bad). I noticed that the front of the hole is red, and enlarged a bit, and the back of the front part of the stud is in my ear. It has been like that for a long time, one is worse than the other (because my pet bird tried to pull one out not too long after I got them done). So if it was going to embed I would assume that it would have happened by now. It hasn t really got worse or better, it has been the same for about 2 months, and there isn t any pain unless I sleep on them.

    So, Is this a sign of embedding? Should I just take them out? Should I try putting small hoops in? If I just leave them alone will they heal?

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  • Sullivan as a first name?

    Do you think Sullivan (Sully) is a good first name? I really like it, I know it is usually a last name.. Just want some opinions, and other names like Sullivan or Jasper.

    Brother is Jasper Angus.

    Other names I like are:




    Rodney (I'm not sure about Rodney though.. Opinions?)





    Hanson (opinions on Hanson?)


    If you have any name suggestions/opinions/advice I would love to see what you think! Thanks :)

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  • Please help with song name!?

    I know this is going to be really hard but the only part I know is right at the beginning it starts with a man (I think) singing woah oh. Woah oh oh oh oh. It is a really slow relaxing song and the woah oh thing sounds echoey? Please help this has been driving me insane. I tried a couple song finder apps but nothing is working thanks :)

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  • Do you like this story idea?

    Hi! I started to write a story and I would really like some feedback on the writing/idea.. It's on Wattpad. Feel free to read it and I really look forward to hearing other opinions (good or bad!) It's titled To Rule The Rain. (Only done one chapter online so far, the second is coming tomorrow or tonight!!)

    Please help me if you can! Thanks for reading :)

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  • What do you think of the name Hanson for a boy?

    Just an honest opinion on the name Hanson?

    Thanks :)

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  • Do you like the name Craven for a boy?

    ok, so I know its not for everyone, but I do like it. yes it might be awkward a bit to call a little baby Craven (KRAY-vin), but as a man I think it would be an awesome name. Every one seems to hate it... so I just wondered if anybody else likes the name? and could you think of any nicknames for it... it might help if you had a nickname as a baby :) I am not pregnant, just curious! thanks... and don't worry about being rude I want to hear a real opinion!!


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  • Cockatiel has red mites!!?

    I got my cockatiel from a pretty bad breeder :( the lady smoked around him, and now I find red mites ALL OVER we had him since he was 3 months old and he is now around 5 months old. Tonight I killed as many as I could see, but there are still a lot more. Idk what to do? There are no avian vets around here and we just came back from a trip and we do not have very much money. I washed the perch that had most of the mites on it in hot water and flushed the paper towels I used down the toilet. I also killed some with a q-tip that was in the cage and flushed that too. I don't think pet stores around here have mite spray... I feel awful, not to mention grossed out because the bird lives in my bedroom and I don't know if they are on my bed in my clothes or what??!! Help me PLEASE idk what to do, I hate seeing the things crawl all over him! Ps. I have 2 other birds and I looked around their cages tonight since they are most active in the night and I didn't see anything. Only in my cockatiels cage. Thanks for reading and answering!

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  • Cute parrotlet pair names???!!?

    Ok so I am getting a bonded female and male parrotlet pair tomorrow the male is blue fallow and the female is green. I already have a parrotlet and his name is jasper and I still need good names for them.. I want them to go together or start with the same letter I have a few ideas

    Spyro and cynder

    Minnie and Micky

    Kiko and kiwi

    Luna and Loki

    Chili and pepper

    Perkins and pearl or Penelope

    Harley and Harper

    Lilo and stitch

    Jasmine and jeules

    Ezra and ???

    Ares and Athena or apollo and Artimis

    Astrix and arlo

    Jinx and Phoenix

    Please tell me your favorite and suggest some? Thanks :)

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  • Help with my budgie?

    Hi, I just got a female budgie piper 3 days ago, for the first two days she didn't move so I had to feed her seeds from my hand.. Today she is eating by herself but I am almost certain that she hasnt drank anything yet in the last 3 days.. I tried to give her water but she refused to drink it no matter what I did :( she is really worrying me.. My parrotlet drank and ate and played since the first day I brought him home.. Will piper kill herself by not drinking? And how long will it take for her to get used to her cage?? Also she is hand tame and from a breeder, she is 14 weeks old and she is a english budgie and she always has fresh water ( I change it once or twice every day ) also her droppings are quite dark and most of them are not wet

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  • Boy names that go with Jasper?

    okay so i have a parrot named jasper .. soon i will be getting a budgie and i want the name of the budgie and Jasper's name to go together. so far i like Jace and Jasper..the budgie will be male and probably turquoise or yellow .. ( i dont really want names that have anything to do with the colour though.. thanks! ( i know this should be in the bird section but i never get any answers there.. !! lol

    ( also it cannot be named Milo or Rio)

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  • how to introduce my parrotlet to a new budgie?

    i have a parrotlet Jasper and i might be getting a budgie soon, how do i go about introducing them and making sure they get along? p.s if you are just going to tell me this is a bad idea don't bother answering please.. all i need to know is the best way to get them used to each other.. they will not be in the same cage and will only play with each other a couple hours a week. ( both will be male) thank you!! :)

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  • would a parrotlet and budgie get along?

    okay so i know parrotlets can be territorial,i already have the parrotlet and he is deformed and not very strong. also the budgie is coming from a breeder who also breeds parrotlets so the budgie is used to parrotlets (and my parrotlet came from the same breeders so he has been around them.) also they will not be in the same cage, i think they will just play together maybe a couple times a week. both the budgie and the parrotlet are both hand tame and have been hand fed and around other birds. the parrotlet i have now, jasper, has been put up to our mirror and never trys to hurt the mirror or attack it or anything like that.. i dont know if it is a good idea and just want some opinions *** they will never be in the same cage and only see each other when they are out of their cage***

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  • cat scratched my parrotlet please help me!!?

    my parrotlet got out of its cage while i was gone.. i have two cats and they hurt him.. he has a cut by his eye and one on his neck and i haven't seen any others.. i can't afford a vet and i just got him and love him and really don't want him to die or be in pain.. i have polysporin can i put that on his cuts? also he seems to be acting normal and seems okay? this is my first bird and i am not very sure about himand how they act i have only had him for almost a month .. please help he is my little boy <3

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  • my parrotlet can fly with clipped wings?

    I got a parrotlet and his wings are clipped but he still flys and crashes into EVERYTHING... i don't know what to do he won't stay on my finger or shoulder more then 5 mins at a time? I am really scared he is going to hurt himself really badly crashing into somthing!! I have only had him out 25-30 mins a day because i can't hack him flying around and hurting himself?! why won't he stay with me? while i was at the breeders he stayed on my finger for an hour happily just sitting there! any ways and help or advice on what to do would be appreciated! thanks!

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  • parrotlets..........?

    So i got a little green male parrotlet yesterday and named him milo, i haven't seen him eat anything but millet spary except for if i put my hand in and feed him a seed, now he just peeps untill i feed him a seed with my hand and wont go to his little dish... i also havn't seen him drink yet at all, also i have two toys for him and he hasn't played with either of them other then one he chewed at for about 5 mins ... he also didn't sleep in his happy hut? is he okay? oh yes and one last thing i put a little banana in his dish and he didn't even want that? and now he won't be quiet if i go to long with out giving him a seed he make a really loud noise ... if i just ignore him for a minute will he be quiet?

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  • Betta has velvet ????!!!?

    So I have been asking a lot of questions lately regarding my betta fish but right now I seen lots of pics on line and I know he has velvet! What do I do will betta fix help its the only betta medication my pet store had.. Please help me!!!

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  • is bettafix good for ick?

    can i use bettafix and water conditioner together or just bettafix? and will bettafix help ick, i live in a very small town and the only major city that has a pet store is a couple hours away, the only medicine at my pet store was bettafix ...will my betta be healed by it?

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  • what is clamped fin on a betta?

    i think my betta might have it because he won't flare anymore please can someone tell me how to treat it and some info on it? thank you :)

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  • I have a three gallon tank...?

    i have a betta and a three gallon round tank haven't put him there yet because i dont know how to set it up.. how do i put i heater on a round tank and is there heaters that can be used for three gallon tanks??

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  • i have ideas for continuing the hunger games?? just random what do you think?

    this is mostly because i want to read more they are my favourite books ever... and does anyone know if stephinie meyer is coming out with another book as a sequel to the host?

    1. hungergames

    prim was killed in the last book and she was my FAVOURITE character :( but i had the idea of the capital exparementing on her and bringing her back to life?? ( it was a dream i had the other night lol)


    also just like from the books twilight there came the short life of bree tanner.. so i was thinking a nice story aout rues life?? she was my second favourite character and i cryed ... :(

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