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  • Will really smart girls date less intelligent guys?

    So, I go to this college where a very large portion of the students are the really intelligent/eccentric type. There are girls I've known that are ridiculously smart, which is great, except that I'm no genius myself. I'm not an idiot (I think), but I'm definitely not on their level. Are girls willing to date down intelligence-wise? There is this one girl that I really like, but it bums me out that I feel as though I'm not smart enough for her. Thoughts? Experiences?

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  • Girl wants to hangout (is it a date)?

    So this girl I know is always asking to hang out, and I've been out of state so I couldn't. She asked for a certain day (today), and I am available now. I agreed to see a movie and didn't think much of it. But now I'm wondering... do she think this is a date? Is she expecting a date? Like for me to pay for the movie? It's expensive as hell and I really wasn't planning on paying for two people. I never thought of her as more than a friend, but she DOES seem to move from boyfriend to boyfriend pretty quickly. Unfortunately it's too late to back out without lying, so what are you guises thoughts?

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  • Passport application, fill out everything?

    On the DS-11 (passport application), there's a red star on about half of the requested on information. Does the red star mean it's required? If so, would that imply that the ones without a red star are not required to be filled out? Would it be rejected if I didn't fill out those sections?

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  • Blu Ray player with headphone port?

    Can anyone recommend a good BluRay player with a headphone port? Reason being, my speakers can only connect to headphone jacks and the the ones on my tv don't work properly (they cause a lot of popping noise and static) and the speakers on the little Vizio tv are junk. I have really nice speakers and I want to use them and the only way I can do that is if the player has a headphone port. I can't find one, because most sites don't let you filter searches by audio ports :P

    Something off amazon or newegg or walmart would be preferable.

    Thanks! 5 stars to best answer!

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  • Life feels empty/pointless; why? What to do?

    For the past year or so, life has just felt really empty and accomplishing anything just seems pointless. I used to feel very good about myself after completing a difficult task, improving athletic times, getting a good grade and whatnot. But now, all those things just don't matter to me anymore. I have little to no sense of fulfillment anymore. The only things I feel proud of are when I make a short film I'm content with or make a good song. But one would think I'd be happy about more than that. One might say I have minor depression, but nothing bad has happened to me (no traumatic experiences), I don't have low self esteem, I have great friends and a pretty balanced life. Despite that, everything feels so pointless. I wouldn't mind if the world ended and I just died. Dying doesn't scare me, because we die eventually anyways. And no, don't worry, I'm not suicidal or anything. I morally object to the idea of suicide.

    Honestly, I'd rather feel happy than feel bad about everything. I remember being happy. Everyone tells me I used to be full of energy and I smiled all the time and I was just enthusiastic about life. As of a year or 2 ago, I don't know what the heck happened. Not only do I feel empty, but nothing excites me anymore. I used to be so easily excited.

    What do you guys think about this? What do you think I should do about it?

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  • Processor usage % drastically different, why?

    I have a four core processor, clocking (I think that's how you say it) at 3.4Gh. For most games and programs that I run, including games and editing software, it doesn't use more than 50% (generally 30% or 40%) of the power (according to my CPU meter), unless I'm rendering an HD video. One game though (Bad Company 2), uses 75-80% of the processing power. As far as I knew, 4 cores and 3.4Ghz was pretty good and Bad company 2 is a few years old. I'm surprised it uses that much, compared to many newer games. Does this sound normal, or is Bad Company 2 really just that demanding?

    I ask, because that anomaly concerns me there's something wrong with the processor.

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  • Do I really need a resume for this job fair?

    Chic Fil A is having a job fair in my town, and they're looking to hire 20 people. I just had a few questions. I found out about it very last minute and they say you should bring a resume, but I don't have one and the fair is in a few hours. I also have only had one job before and I only have one reference from the job, so what I'm wondering is, would it would be okay to not have a resume and to just bring my availability sheet with information about my last job and have my reference on it?

    I've been looking up info on job fairs, and all the help articles and videos seem to be talking about major careers and business jobs and they say to make super detailed resume and bring business cards and everything. That seems very overkill. They're just hiring for minimum wage jobs at the local Chic Fil A.

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  • Why do you think some people get so many likes on FB pics?

    I'm not talking about page posts, but individual profile pics. Why do some people get so many likes on their pics? I don't just mean hot girls taking slutty pics (the reasons for that are obvious). I just mean particular types of photos, such as mirror pics, senior photos and whatnot. They'll have anywhere between 50 to 300 likes, even when there's nothing particularly special about the pic itself. Someone could have 300 or 500 friends (not an exceptionally large friends list) and still have 100 or 200 pic likes. I never really shared the same enthusiasm for pictures.

    This obviously isn't an important topic on the surface, but I feel like it's something I don't understand about people and why they like (not just FB like) pictures so much.

    I'm curious what all your thoughts are on this.

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  • Does this legally constitute a threat?

    "But do know this Timothy if you do not apologize to my parents by your 18th birthday in -----, it's the --th I believe, correct? Then I will find you either at your house or wherever you are and I will make you wish you did. Because nobody will insult my family like that and just get away with it. If you care about you faith and religion at all you will repent and apologize.

    So is this a threat? Your damn right it is! Because I have no soul left the army took it from me so I am not afraid to beat the **** out of anyone who gets in my way or my family's!"

    So, here's the backstory. Their whole family was constantly pestering me, trying to impose their views on me and insulting me non stop (over Facebook and real life). Eventually I got mad and made fun of them. Nothing serious. My original post is deleted, but I basically said (to the parents), that they were hypocrites and jerks and so were their kids. And this was months ago. Out the blue (the guy from this family who unfriended me) sent this to my FB inbox.

    Does his message constitute a threat? This guy has always been a big bluffer, but some of my friends said I should report him. I mean he is a 20 something year talking to a 17 y/o.

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  • Disk boot failure after building PC, what now?

    I built my new PC, everything is receiving power and all the components are detected (as far as I know) and the BIOS works too. When I turn on the computer, the Gigabyte (motherboard brand) logo comes on, it then goes to a black screen with white text to boot. It says "Boot from CD/DVD:

    Disk boot failure, please insert system disk and press ENTER"

    So, what do I do now? Does this mean it's not working? Or am I supposed to put in the OS cd?

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  • 2 6 pin power connector ports on GPU, cord question?

    Hi there. I started building my computer and I have a gpu with two 6 pin power connector ports. My power supply only has one, but fortunately the GPU came with two 6 pin cords that can be connected to the power supply. Now my question is, is it okay to use the one 6 pin cord from the power supply and one extra one that came with the GPU? Or do I have to use both 6 pin connectors that came with the GPU?


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  • What's the difference between these 2 motherboards?

    As you might notice from my profile, I've been asking a lot of computer questions. Mainly because I don't want to invest $700, and not get what I'm spending.

    So I found these two motherboards.

    This is the one I was originally going to get,

    And this is a cheaper one that's similar,

    Are there any major differences between these motherboards, besides max RAM and the amount of ports, that makes the $40 difference? Or are those really the only differences?

    A secondary question I had, was that on the $100 dollar one the USB ports (at least I think they're USB ports) are red, but on the cheaper one they're black. Is there any particular reason for this that I should know?

    Thanks, any help is appreciated.

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  • Would these computer parts work together?

    I only know a little bit about putting computers together, so I've been reading a lot and looking for parts. And these are what I came up with. My question is, would these parts work together? Are they compatible?





    Graphics card:

    Hard drive:

    Power supply:

    CD/DVD drive:

    And windows 7 for the OS.

    If any of these parts do not work together, what would be your suggestions?

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  • Which graphics card is better?

    I'm trying to build a new computer, and the one thing I knew the least about was graphics cards. I really don't understand (farther than memory) what makes one card better than the next.

    Here's one card that's $160. It says it's compatible with XP and Vista, but does that mean it's not compatible with Windows 7? (I need win 7 compatibility)

    But then this card is 50 dollars cheaper. Is it actually worth $50 less? Or is it just as good? I really don't know.

    Which would be better? Or would you recommend something else? Please leave it between $100 and $160 and no less than 1gb of memory if you suggest something (it needs to be Win7 compatible). Thanks, any help is appreciated.

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  • Want to make lyrics for my song?

    I made this song with the intent of having lyrics (preferably rap). If you're interested, please, let me know (via the answer or youtube) and go right ahead.

    Here's the song with all the details and download link in the description.

    Youtube thumbnail

    I ask because, I cannot write rap. I've tried before and failed miserably.

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  • Do you think my video is funny at all?

    When my friend I (the two in the video) showed this two our friends, we got some positive feedback. But obviously my age group doesn't represent a very large audience. So what you think? Was funny at all? Or just absolutely stupid?

    Youtube thumbnail


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  • Employer won't answer phone, what should I do?

    I sent an application to a company several months ago (they hire in cycles, since the place is only open in the summer), and just a few days ago I got a call (voicemail) from the employer asking about setting up an interview with me. She said to call back any time during the day. I've tried a couple times in the past few days, but she doesn't answer her phone. I've never had an issue like this before, so I'm not really sure what to do.

    Any suggestions?

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  • What kind of music are my 2 songs?

    So I'm about to upload these songs to newgrounds, and I figured they're electronic, but I don't what sub genre they are. Is it Drum and Bass, Techno, house or industrial? <--- pick one of these four. Because I really don't know.

    Here's one

    Youtube thumbnail

    now this one is a lot different so I figure it can't possibly be the same.

    Youtube thumbnail


    5 stars to whomever gives an answer for both properly.

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  • Dating/having a gf as a 17 y/o boy?

    I figure I'm old enough (I've been old enough) to start dating. I realize it's not essential in life to date or have a girlfriend as a teen ager, but I believe (that as a practicing Christian) who wants to get married one day, that I should start looking. Obviously I wouldn't get married till at least mid 20s and or after college. As someone who wants to have a serious relationship that has good communication and no cheating, this is all very hard for me. Not because I would cheat, I think cheating is despicable. What I mean is that every girl I feel like I'm interested or come to really like, that they're not serious about their relationships. They've all had anywhere from 5 to 10 boyfriends before. I have had 1 girlfriend before, and the only reason it didn't work was because she was too far. But anyways, it just feels terrible trying to find a girl. I mean, I don't want to be number 5 to girl who is only just turning 16. How the f*ck can you have something serious when every damn girl has had 5 to 10 boyfriends? And I can't go for any girls because I don't want to be another number. I want to belong to somebody, not just be another boy. And the longer I wait, the worse it gets, and I swear I hate... I f*cking hate my generation of youth. I just don't know what to do. I've actually become really depressed over this lately, I know it's silly to be, but I can't help it. I just feel awful.

    Any advice?

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  • Subwoofer rattling noise, fix?

    So I recently got some Cyber Acoustics speakers. And they're fine for the most part, except the subwoofer started rattling after only 2 weeks. I tried talking to tech support and they're useless. I've never had a worse a experience with tech support in my life. My best guess is that they're blown, but this isn't exactly the first speaker set I've had. I mean... my last set, which is 5 years old and was $20 cheaper (back then), still works like new and there's no flipping rattling sound. And honestly, I never put my speakers on that loud. So I'm just having a hard time believing they're already blown.

    Some details: the subwoofer, and the subwoofer only rattles. It makes this rattling noise even at really low volumes.

    Any help?

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