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  • gas chemistry problem?

    An air bubble rises through the ocean froma depth of 1000 feet to the surface. As it rises, the pressure decreases from 30 atm to 1.0 atm. At a depth of 1000 feet, the volume of the bubble is 5.00mL. Assuming that the temperature of the gas inside the bubble does not change, and that it does not gain or lose mass, what is the volume of the bubble just before it reaches the surface (at 1 atm)?

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  • find the angle between 0 and 2 pie that is coterminal with negative1/4 pie?

    express your answers in radians in terms of pie

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  • Should i buy a pregnancy test?

    I have no morning sickness but i wouldnt know if i missed a period becuz i used to be on the birth control sho and havent gotten my period back. My chest and nipples have been sore for almost a month though

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  • Should i take a pregnancy test?

    I have been off the birth control shot for almost 2 months, the last couple of weeks ive been really gasy and have been waking up feeling sick all day but i never throw up. i dont want to jump to conclusions about not having a period because i know it takes awhile to come back after the shot, but i wanted someone elses opinion.....

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  • birth control shot effects?

    i have been on the short for about a year and i was due for my next shot in early may but decided to go off it. i was wondering if i should be worried that i havent had a period yet??

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    ITs a long story.... ok so i had my period may 8th then didnt have one at all in june and then july 16th i started my period. on july 15th i went to the doctor and had blood work done and my hcg levels were at 12-15. i went in about a week later to take a urine test and it came up negative. my doctor said that he has never seenanyone have higher levels of hcg and not be pregnant so he scheduled for me to have an ultrasound on july 31st. i went to the ultrasound and she didnt say one way or the other all she said was that it would be read by a doctor and they would call me by monday. so today is sunday and i just wanted to know so i took a hpt and it came up negative so i wanted to know could i still be pregnant and just not have enough hcg after all this time??????

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  • is pelvic pain a symptom of pregnancy or miscarriage??

    I went in for an ultrasound to see if i am pregnant or if i had a miscarriage and the asked if i had any pelvic pain, which i do....i was wondering if pelvic pain is associated with pregnancy or miscarriage because i wont get the results from the ultrasound until like monday.

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  • is there anyway i could still be pregnant????

    i missed my period in june so i took a htp which was negativeand went to the doctorthe next day which was july 15th and had a postive urine test, the next day i had what appeared to be a normal period so i waited until i stopped bleeding and took another test and it was negative.....i am scheduled for an ultrasound on thursday july 31st and i kind of want to be prepared for what they are goin to say if i can be............

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  • Which pregnancy test will work even if you have low hcg levels??

    i am scheduled to have an ultrasound on july 31, but i want to know now if i am pregnant or not....when i took a urine test at the doctor my levels were at 12-15 but i had taken a home pregnancy test the day before an it said negative so im wondering if there is a test that will tell me whether im pregnant or not even with such low levels?????

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  • i missed a period in june but had one in july and hcg levels are in between pregnant and not, am i pregnant?

    i missed a period in june and my urine test came up partially positive so i had blood drawn and it was also partially positive, the next day i started my period but i still had to go to the doctors to find out what was going on. So i went today and the urine test was negative, but he said he had never seen both tests show partially positive so i have to have an ultrasound..... am i pregnant or not??

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  • Is it possible to miss a period and then the next month have one and still be pregnant??

    i missed my period in june so i went to the doctor and got a test and it came up "partially positive" so i was told to get blood work done. I am supposed to get the blood drawn today but i started my period 4 days ago, could i still be pregnant??

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