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I like all things music - Lady Gaga, Justin and MJ are the best! 'I Live For The Applause'! Fav. Gaga song so far would be Marry The Night, As Long As You Love Me by Justin and definitely Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' for MJ. I like to hang out when I can be stuffed. I run, draw, sometimes cook, and sometimes sing (in my room/shower) haha... I like to be myself and like people who can also be themselves also.

  • An awkward talk with my mum, need feedback please?

    Ok so we were both sitting in the room talking about a few things like school etc. Then I brought up a question about Gays and asked her if she liked them. We're Christian so she just said that she doesn't really approve of what they do but she still likes the people. So then I said that "I like them" (meaning I like them as people and also means I don't care who they love cause I think gays should be happy. But all I said was that I like them though, I didn't say as people) and maybe she thought I was trying to come out to her because her face sort of went into a worried look as if to say 'please don't say he's trying to come out to me look' then I said "I try not to judge" in an awkward voice.. And then I said "I just try to love everyone" And yeah maybe I left an impression on her that I was trying to come out, which I wasn't because I'm not gay I just wanted to know her view because we always talk about stuff but this one turned awkward haha. So yeah feedback please, anything I should do or anything to worry about? Thanks.

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