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hi! my name is shayna (shaynerz), im 15, emo style (no cutting thank you), im an all A student, have a WHOLE bunch of friends that i would do anything for, and i have the sweetest bf out there! i love him to death. FO' EVA AND EVA!!! lol... i love music! i listen to a bunch of heavy metal, harcore rock, punk, screamo,alternative, punk rock... etc., etc... i have an adorable pet snake, Frankie, he's a huge sweetheart. if you dont like snakes, (especially pythons) then you really need to reconsider it dude... im also a veg-head, havent eaten meat for over a year and i feel great! please feel free to email/ IM me all you want, im here to talk, man! well..... hope i havent left too much out! c'ya! peace. XD

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