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Seeker, F.K.A JH da II

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As observed, one with WISDOM? Then again, don't we all have our days As observed and knowing all to well that cancer touches our lives somehow. From the outside: I'm akin to a mockingbird. I bite, but how much truth do you truly see? OK, to the contacts out there. Please be at least a level 3 to add me. I know we all got to start somewhere, but I hope you understand? Faceless avatars, but high level; WTH Cleaned house recently. Good luck to the few, luckily, I removed myself, contact wise. Sorry to the lv. 3s I removed as contacts. Then again, you'd think that if you had the time to level up, you'd have a avatar picture. Not the generic one the yamster gives you! Been ages since... I'm still a lv 6 and not 7, but I see it as points not mattering. I amz what I amz and I try to be like stone, but flexable like water. I seek out the GoBs and cause pain to them somehow... Who I'm I? What I know: AoG, RC, DoE, Seeker of Truth, American; A nonCombat V

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