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  • Does my dog possibly have parvo?

    Ok I picked up two puppy's in Arizona yesterday and I went on in to California and got a hotel room for the day. Yesterday before we left back out the dogs were eating and drinking like crazy, playing and fighting acting like normal puppy's. We fed them purina puppy chow and yes it was a different dog food than what the owner was feeding them. I noticed sometimes the would poop and it would be solid, sometimes diarrhea. I wrote it off to possible food change. I did notice them eating each others poops sometimes before I got the chance to clean it. The owner I bought them from sold them to me at 8 weeks old and he hadn't gave them there first round of shots. Today I'm on my way home to georgia and I won't be home till Monday morning. I notice there diarrhea this morning is a little runny and one of them vomited just a few min ago. Am I overreacting? Is this car sickness or tail tail signs of parvo? I let them out a few hours ago out of there crate and were playing and having fun. I just hope there not sick.

    3 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • Workers Comp Question?

    Ok I drive a truck for a living and up in N Dakota at the Flying J in Grand Forks I fell and rolled my foot because of the pavement up there. One section was higher than the other. Question is my company says I can go see the doctor cause it's covered under workers comp. I'm afraid if I do go they will find underlying issues like the fact I walk on the sides of my feet. If I have to go see another doctor cause I walk on the sides of my feet will it be covered?

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  • I have hospital credit?

    I went to Mednow to get diabetes checked and i was charged like $350.00 or something around that. My insurance has a $2500 deductible so i payed everything in full. Well I got a medical statement from my insurance so I guess they negotiated my payment down. They said all I owed was like 129 to Mednow and they knocked out like $179.00 for me because i used a in network medical provider. Anyways my question is since I payed bill in full it seems like I got a 179.00 credit at Mednow. I was wondering if I could get my credit back from them since they charged me that high price. I know 179 would help me put gas in my truck and help out with other things around house.

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  • Payed a traffic ticket without fighting?

    I have a friend who blindly paid a speeding for 15 over without fighting in court. I feel sorry for him but the ticket is affecting his ability to find a job. Is there anything he can do to reduce the speed on the ticket even Tho he payed the ticket. I understand once a ticket is payed it's basically a admintace of guilt,

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  • Name of a song and artist?

    There is a song I heard in Canada dont know if it is Canadian song or not but it is sang by children of different backgrounds about coming together and making a difference. I've never heard before until I went up there. I know for a fact it not we are the world. Anyways it was a real pretty song sounded like it was today's music. If you could help me out I would appreciate it.

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  • What is the least amount of hours a company can schedule you?

    I just got hired in at Walmart and my husband got fired from truck driving because of HOS rules and Im the only one working at the moment. My husband cant draw unemployment and he is looking really hard for a job but because of the economy its real hard. I recently got hired on at Walmart for part time and I know im probably spinning my wheels here but like on one week they like scheduled me for 12hours for one week I basically come in 3 days for for 4hrs. Is there anything or any rules on saying how low they can schedule me. Its just so bad the store is so understaffed as it is and there scheduling me only 12hours for week after thanksgiving. I don't know what to do. I think its horrible cause I live 30min away from store and It almost doesnt pay for gas money. Any advice would help.

    2 AnswersLaw & Legal10 years ago
  • A particular job keeps turning down application?

    I have a particular company I keep putting some applications in. There basically entry level jobs and the keep popping up on there website. Ive put in for all different kinds jobs with that company and they keep turning me down. Im not upset or crying about the issue but what im really wanting to know is it wrong to ask them or can the even tell you why they are not considering my application. I did go to college for a while and im not applying for like supervisor positions or anything, im just wanting to know for my on information were I can continue on and not waste my time or their time checking their job posts all the time.

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment1 decade ago
  • Hazmat License Getting a tanker endorsement?

    If anyone knows or has had any experience I have a CDL with Hazmat endorsement. I was thinking about going and getting my tanker endorsement but my question is will I have to take that silly Hazmat test and do that background check again. My license dont expire till 2013.

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  • Unemployment Benefits?

    I worked for a trucking company in which I got suspended from for HOS rules being broken. I wasn't technically fired but it would going to lead to a discharge anyways so I quit. We also had to take care of taxes on our on with this company till two months recently till they did a change and started taking care of them for us like workers comp and other things. My question is I am really badly not wanting to go back over the road to work because I would like to work here locally were I can see my family but jobs are so bad down here. I do have a prospect for a temp job that could pan out and I don't want to file unemployment benefits but if I were to get laid off from the temp job could I claim benefits until I could get something a little more permanent. Also how long do I have to work for this temp company before I can claim benefits if they lay me off early. If I have to go back over the road I will its just I'd rather wait out the storm and try to get in something local if I could. If anybody has ever drove truck before they know how hard it is to come off the road to get a job localy because if you are over the road then basicaly if a job ever pops up and your out say in California and they want you to come home to Georgia for a interview there basicaly gonna pass you up for someone else that is in town localy.

    Thanks GA resident.

    3 AnswersUnited States1 decade ago
  • Expired Passport going into Canada and back into the US?

    I have a friend of mine who has a passport and it is expired. I drive a truck alot and go into canada sometimes. If we were to have to go to Canada would the expired passport be sufficent? I know Canada probaly might let us in as laid back as they are. I just dont know about getting back into our own country. If anyone has did this and got thru recently please tell me thanks.

    2 AnswersPacking & Preparation1 decade ago
  • Lowering Blood Glucose levels?

    I have just been recently diagnosed as a diabetic. I admit I have brought it upon myself with the lifestyle that I lived. But anyways I got mine diagnosed when it was spiking to 350 and lows was usualy 250. Im now trying to do right by my body buy eating more protein and vegtibales and less fatty food and sugary foods and I know ive only been on medicine for about 4days now and Its slowly coming down like my highs now are 205 and lows are 133. My question is for a new diabetic how long do you think it will take me to get under control if I continue to make the right decions. In my own mind I guess im wanting something to look forward to and possibly get this diabetes problem cured in possibly a year or so. I know I got a long journey probably but im up to the challenge. Oh also when I say under controll I mean get it back to like normal people readings like 90-120 not necesarily cured.

    5 AnswersDiabetes1 decade ago
  • What was the name of the song during the 8/28 rally. It was at the end it and I kept remembering it said untiy?

    What was the name of the song during the 8/28 rally it said something like "unity.....unity" I know im silly cause I cant remember the rest. I know it was at the end of the rally. I was wanting to look up the song and buy it. If you could give me the name of song and artist it would be greatly appreaciated thanks.

    3 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • Crossing from Mexico back into US?

    What is the best times to cross the border down in Laredo if your just coming in and out. Like today for example I crossed in just to buy some stuff in Mexico in Nuevo Laredo. I didn't notice the line coming back into the US until it was to late. It was backed up into the allies the lines were so long. Last time I crossed I forget the time of day it was but I just walked over and right back out pretty quickly. I dunno if it has to do with flooding down there recently or what. I had to pay a cab to get out as fast as I did and it took at least 30min and the long line would of probably took 2hrs. I probably got jipped also lol cause the cab cost $30 just to take me back to were I parked along the border. Any suggestions on times greatly appreciated thanks!!

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  • captialism a love story?

    Where can I watch online for free without any surveys nearest theater for me is like 120miles to see this movie

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  • Windows Media Player will not open when clicking on internet links to Videos?

    Have Windows Media player 11 and I have Internet Explorer 8. My Windows Media Player Is up to date and my media player I set as my default media player. My problem happened all of a sudden just out of the blue. My WMP will play files that I have hard downloaded I can stick in DVDS and play them also. My only problem is when I click on Internet links which forces the media player to open up. Only error code I get from IE sometimes just 403. Other times it will just do nothing. Not for sure what the problem is. I have looked and looked but cannot seem to find what is possibly causing the problem. Also my MCAFEE anti-virus is up to date and working properly so it shouldn't be a spyware or virus problem.

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  • What is Barry Looking at?

    What is Obama looking at. Wonder what Michelle thinks?

    14 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • Need help copying music. I added correct link this time.?

    I want to copy just the music to a link I got. It pops up in windows media player. Also I got another one I want on you tube. I cant find the song anywhere. I would pay for it if they offered them for sale but there not. Here the link to one I would like to copy to a hard file onto my desktop. I would like to have it before it disapears.

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  • Need Help Copying music?

    I want to copy just the music to a link I got. It pops up in windows media player. Also I got another one I want on you tube. I cant find the song anywhere. I would pay for it if they offered them for sale but there not. Here the link to one I would like to copy to a hard file onto my desktop. I would like to have it before it disapears.

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