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  • How do I bring up the issue to my girlfriend that she leaves often doesn't answer questions and leaves me on read?

    So my girlfriend and I have been official since Valentines Day, and she is amazing don't get me wrong. But often when I ask her questions over text I will be left on read and not receive an answer, my current example is on Saturday or Sunday does she want to see a film, to which I have asked twice and not had a response either time. In the past particularly with my ex I have had very bad experiences with not getting responses to questions, or having them dance around the answer.

    Though I want to address this I am worried about doing so in a way which might start a fight or something, which is the last thing I want to cause. How do I bring it up and talk to her about it?

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  • What are social norms for a first date?

    So I have a date with a girl I have been crushing on for a couple of months, we are going to walk around a castle in the city we live in and go and get something to eat afterwards. Though what are the social norms that people do on first dates, like hand holding, do I kiss her goodbye, etc.

    For those who want to know our current dynamic:

    I met her at one of the university societies I go to (I'm first year she second, and shes only a couple of months older than I). She wasn't there every week, nor was I tbh, but always sat on a different table, though I thought she was cute though had no excuse to talk to her other than infatuation which I feared would make me look creepy. So initially put it down as just a simple crush I would have and be able to do nothing about it.

    On Halloween at the pub after the society, I (in a full out skeleton costume) sat next to her by pure chance, and along with playing a game with the group started talking to her, and nothing really happened bar the fact we discovered we had a mutual interest in Harry Potter.

    Then a couple of weeks later we discovered we are both fans of a tv show, and people started shipping us that night, and she bought me a drink. The following week people who were unaware of the initial shipping started to do such. Then the week after I kissed her on the cheek twice, and often we would hang out slightly away from the rest of the group, a few days later I asked her out, she said yes, though we then both went home for Xmas.

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  • Is this good for asking a girl out?

    So I haven't asked anyone out in over 3 years, and that relationship was a disaster, and affected my mental health for some time afterwards. Anyway now I am at uni and there is a girl I quite like, and want to ask her out on a date. We have been shipped by people, I have kissed her on the cheek twice, I put my arm around her and she rested her head on my shoulder, and later on people legitimately said she likes me and not in the joking shipping way they have been doing.

    I am **** at asking people out altogether, and rarely do it, primarily in fear of being rejected and also out of fear of appearing creepy. But somehow have mustered the courage to this point to ask her out, and am freaking out about it a little, not the point of the question but I am open to relaxation ideas. But I plan on asking her out over messenger, I would do it in person but we are in two separate cities right now as she has gone home for the holidays, and I want to ask her sooner rather than later. Is this what I have put ok for such?

    After the Christmas holidays, would you like to go and do the castle walk with me, and get something to eat as well, as a date?

    I don't want to change the idea of what I am doing for the date, but I welcome ideas for how it could flow better.

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  • I don't know if I want to start dating again, what should I do?

    So basically a girl likes me, to which I don't know her but a mutual friend said she found my Facebook profile cute and wanted to talk to me. I don't know however if I am ready to date again or anything. Partially cause 15 months ago I got out of a controlling abusive relationship with my ex girlfriend who I soon discovered had been cheating and lying to me during the relationship, along with her insane manipulative mind games. After that relationship just a few months later I had a thing for this other girl who I never dated or anything, nor did I intend to for several reasons, but she very much reminded me that I there are better people out there, we were friends in this group but lost contact given one of my ex's crazy rules which I stupidly obeyed was no talking to other girls altogether, and well she was a girl so I didn't talk to her naturally. Anyway she moved elsewhere in the country I didn't feel I had enough time to properly connect with her to build a proper friendship, and in the autumn I moved on from her, but knew it wouldn't have worked as if nothing else after the trauma I went through I wasn't equipped to date again for a long time, but since her I haven't had a thing for anyone.

    Though that is part of the reason I am unsure how I feel about dating right now, I also am in such a weird state in my life right now, like I feel there is nothing solid beneath my feet so dating hasn't been a priority for me ever since. It's not like I have ruled out dating...

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  • Am I just completely naive or belittle myself when it comes to women liking me?

    So basically until a couple of weeks ago I thought no girl had a thing for me or could ever have a thing for me, especially after how my ex girlfriend was a crazy controlling narcissist, though thats another story. But basically a couple of weeks ago I found out 2 women liked me.

    First girl basically a friend of mine who goes to a different college to me got asked by her friend about my profile picture, and that girl apparently thought it was cute and wondered if she could talk to me. I am in the middle of exam period so have postponed talking to her for a few weeks, but am utterly perplexed to why she would want to talk to me, let alone ask my friend about me and whether it would be ok or not or her to ask.

    Second girl I don't believe likes me anymore, but back in the autumn this girl basically had a thing for me, I was completely oblivious to it. Then not long after girl one tried to make an advance on me my friend who likes her pointed it out to me and only then did I connect the dots; I don't like her in that way and only see her as a friend. But again she didn't know me well or for long when she apparently fell for me. Am I just completely oblivious to the fact that someone may be crushing on me, or do I just put myself down to much as a result of my previous toxic relationship?

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  • Is my crazy ex girlfriend stalking me, if so what do i do?

    So after the breakup which happened about 15 months ago and I discovered she was a cheating ***** I blocked her on everything, she then went on a campaign of asking all of our mutual friends about me, along with sending me a vile email which I just trashed and constantly trying to find other ways to piss me off. Anyway I got over her relatively quickly, another girl I developed a crush on showed me there are better people out there, and despite her emotional abuse and manipulation of me during the relationship I have done my best to just get along with my life. Anyway a few months ago a she tried to trick a mutual friend of ours to giving her my number, he didn t and discovered it wasn t for her alibi of hers claiming it was to "set me up with a girl" when she hasn t talked to me or anything for the best part of a year. Few weeks later my friend and I were at the pub and he said she keeps asking questions about me, along with spilling a lot of weird **** about her, and lies she told me during the relationship which was pretty much everything that came out of her mouth during the relationship, not to my surprise at that point. Anyway about a month ago now I came back from the hospital as my mum was ill, literally she was in a parked car with some other guy about a 30 seconds walk from my front door. Most recently last Friday I got off the bus at my bus stop, she was at the bus stop there waiting, soon as I got off she got up and headed towards a bus which had been there...

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  • A girl who I do not know asked me out, what should I do?

    So a friend of mine was in college the other day and showed a picture of my Facebook profile to a girl, who found me cute and wanted to know if she could talk to me by asking my friend to relay it to me. I myself have exams over the next five weeks and said afterwards I'd consider it and start talking to her. But I know very little about about this girl, and only recently did I find out her name. Not to mention I am heading off to uni in the autumn and I have had a previous disaster of a long distance relationship. The whole thing seems a little odd to me and has just come out of the blue, not to mention my other more unstable and crazier ex used to go to this girls college and part of me is wondering if she knew this girl and is trying to set me up or something by using her as a pawn, she has tried to before since our breakup and I have dodged it so far though last time that happened was a couple of months ago. What should I do regarding the whole situation?

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  • How Flexible are Universities on grades?

    British btw, basically I want to get into a university, need an A in a subject, could get a B, an A would be a stretch tbh. Would I stand a chance of getting in on such of I miss out just on that grade.

  • Why are crazy ex s crazy?

    So I have this ex gf, she cheated and lied to me, broke up over a year ago. Anyway a little while back she tried to lie to my friend to get my number (I blocked her cause well, she is insane, she probably got a new phone as she did every 6 months, she was spoilt like that). Anyway she who hadn t talked to me for the best part of a year claimed she wanted to set me up, tried to trick my friend into giving her my number for that reason. My friend realised she was bullshitting, he basically caught her out on her lies. But why the **** can t my insane ex leave me in peace?

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  • Why don't Alaska and Hawaii have the same time zone?

    Seeing as most of Alaska and Hawaii are in the same time zone in regard to daylight, why don't the two states share their own time zone?

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  • My girlfriend and I just broke up, how do I start to recover?

    My girlfriend and I have been together for a little more than 19 months. We broke up cause we got too intense regarding matters, and argued too much. We have decided to remain friends but both of us need time away from each other; we broke up like three hours ago and naturally I am wrapped up in the pain, despite it being a comparatively clean breakup. How do I begin to recover from this?

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  • Why don't Taiwan and Sealand officially recognise each other?

    It may sound ridiculous in principle, the island of south east China and a sea platform in the North Sea officially recognising each other. But seeing as Taiwan wants to be recognised as the real China even though it is anything but, and Sealand just wanting to be recognised as a nation altogether; surely though regardless of how preposterous it may seem to recognise each other but yet by being recognised by another nation claiming to be a nation it would mean official recognition by both sides. Though admittedly there is no realistic reason why Taiwan would want it to be recognised by 100 extra people and that of Sealand ignoring the worlds largest country by population to recognise that of its capitalist brother doesn't make sense either, it would nonetheless help both countries in regard to individual recognition.

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  • Is my girlfriend being completely unreasonable?

    So today I was waiting for the bus, it was running late, and a girl I know tapped me and said hi, I said hi back she asked me how I was I said annoyed cause of the bus; and that was the conversation and I waited another 20 minutes for it to arrive. Anyway my girlfriend doesn't want me to talk to this girl cause we both get a bit paranoid from time to time, regardless there was nothing I could've done to avoid it. I texted my girlfriend about it right away, and she completely flipped at me, she said I should've walked away (couldn't cause of the bus crowd), shouldn't have responded (hard not to if someone taps my bag), and even blamed me for the bus being late (which is obviously out of my control).

    Then she starts spouting crap at me, and when I explain my point she just completely dismisses it; then the girl tells her that I said I was ok when she talked to me and flips again at me for lying to her, when I did tell the girl I was frustrated with the buses as she just instantly thinks I am the one lying. She then demands I apologise, and I was thinking for what? My bus being late, the girl getting my attention, and not just walking away when people were packed like sardines. She then accuses me of talking to her by texting when I don't have the girls number yet I take a while to respond, which is 1 due to having a very old phone, and 2 I was texting my friend about the world cup draws; she then completely looses it and thinks I value the world cup draws over her which...

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  • Is 78 people enough of a gene pool?

    Hi so I am writing a book, and in it there are 78 people in a colony, is this enough of a gene pool to avoid instant inbreeding and for the colony to expand in population?

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  • Is 78 people enough of a gene pool?

    Hi so I am writing a book, and in it there are 78 people in a colony, is this enough of a gene pool to avoid instant inbreeding and for the colony to expand in population?

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