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  • Is anyone else having problems with Facebook?

    I'm not sure if it's actually my computer or Facebook. We downloaded Skype so we would be able to talk to my stepson while he's gone on a cruise, and ever since we have, we're having problems with our internet connection. It mostly seems to affect Facebook though. Pages won't load, and I can't accept friend requests, or request them my self. Anyone else having these problems?

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  • What's a good alternative to a unity candle?

    We're getting married in June, and it's a second wedding for both of us. We would like to do something different than the unity candle, but not the pouring-sand-into-a-glass thing (his ex got remarried last summer and that's what they did). It would be nice if it could be something that his son could participate in with us as well.

    Thanks so much for your help. :o)

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  • Account was phished!!!?

    My boyfriend's MySpace account was phished over the weekend, and he cannot get back into it at all. The password was saved onto the computer, but when he tries to logon, it comes up and says "you must be logged on to do that." He has tried the "Forgot password" thing, but every time he tries, it says that it is sending the password to his e-mail account, but it never does. And we've checked the bulk/spam folder, and it's not there either. Anyone have any clues how to fix it? Thanks in advance. :o)

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