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  • i dont understand this joke?

    There where three men driving down a road, all of them were tired and each of their destinations were still miles away. So all of them stop at a farmer's house and ask if they could spend the night. The farmer had a very beautfiul daughter who was still a virgin, and the farmer wanted to keep it that way. Because he was afraid that the three men would pop his daughter, he stuck razor blades up her ...

    So the next morning , he would find out who tried to screw his virgin daughter. So at breakfast the next morning, he asked all the guys to drop their pants. The first man drops his pants and his penis falls off. The second man does the same and his penis falls off.

    The third man drops his pants and his penis doesn't fall off. The farmer asks why? He replies " eye hun how"...

    can someone explain it to me? what does "eye hun how" mean?

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  • Camera and lighting tips?

    i am making a video for a school project. any tips on lighting and how to use the camera? we do have a green screen available.

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