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  • How should the NHL solve regulation ties?

    Personally, I'm sick of the shootout. I would love to see a 10 minute 4-on-4 session to allow the overtime period to actually get going. 5 minutes just seems like such a short time. If it's still tied after 10 minutes, end the game. Stop awarding the "loser point" and stop handing out 1 point for just getting to overtime. Wins should be 2 points, and nothing else should count. Create a reason for teams to actually battle for the win in overtime. What with how crowded the playoff picture is, I'm willing to bet that every team in a overtime would do anything to win and get the two points.

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  • Why are Islanders fans so mad about losing Gillies?

    He has one total goal the entire season. He has 0 assists. He doesn't play regular shifts. He's not a future cog of a team that's starting to show some real promise. I could understand if the suspension was to a future star or someone like that, but it's Trevor Gillies. I'm not looking for an angry rant about how the NHL hates the Islanders or anything like that. I'm looking for a real answer that has logical facts as to why your team actually needs Gillies. As I understand it, Zenon Konopka fills the enforcer roll better than Gillies does. As an added plus, Konopka actually has multiple points on the season. So whoever can construct a real argument as to why Gillies needs to be in an Islanders uniform, you'll get 10 easy points.

    Also, don't whine about Cal Clutterbuck thinking that's a justification. Clutterbuck's hit was a boarding. I already concede that. I'm not looking for you to vilify another player because you think it makes your guy look better.

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  • NHL 2010 Draft Questions?

    How do you think your team did in the draft? Any players you wanted picked? Any player picked you didn't want on your team's roster?

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  • What does your team need?

    What do you think your favorite NHL team needs to win a Stanley Cup? I'm a Wild fan, and right now they lack a 2nd line center, and a couple of scoring wings. What does your squad need to add to the fray?

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  • Pre-Season Predictions?

    Who do you have as the division winners this year?

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  • Is 0-16 even possible?

    The Lions are on the verge of completing the first 0-16 season in NFL history. Do you think they can somehow win at least one game, or will the hapless Lions snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Their final game is in Green Bay against a Packers team that can't close out victories.

    Your answer must be in before kickoff on Sunday.

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  • I love listening to rumors, so...?

    Since the Mats Sundin sweepstakes are officially closed, the next big question is where will Marian Gaborik end up? Will he be traded, will the Wild let him walk, or will his groin officially explode?

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  • Is Duke one and done?

    Without any leading seniors or a clutch player who can win games at the end, do you see Duke winning 2 games in the tournament? Right now, I have them over VCU but losing to Pitt. How far do you think they can get?

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