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  • If a machine part was made in another country but bought by a US firm would it be part of our GDP or CPI?

    It would be an investment by a US firm but the machine part wasn't made in the US so wouldn't it NOT be part of the GDP because GDP only meauses what is made within the countrys borders? And since CPI meausers what is bought by consumers wouldn't it not be part of CPI either because it was bought by a firm?

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  • Why isn't there a nominal and real CPI?

    I am learning economics and am trying to

    figure out


    difference between CPI and GDP deflator. I

    understand that GDP deflator is used to measure inflation for goods and services bought by firms and consumers



    were produced


    domestically), and CPI

    measures all goods bought by a consumer


    within the area





     find inflation. But when calculating GDP


    I need to use the nominal and real GDP


    but when finding


    I just need the overall cost of basket

    goods. Why

    isn't there a nominal CPI and real CPI? I am still slightly confused about what these numbers stand

    for. I know how to calculate the GDP deflator and


    I am just wondering why do I need nominal and real GDP to calculate the GDP deflator but neither for CPI?

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  • I have a problem with the relationship with my parents. I would like an outsider perspective.?

    I have become very distant from my family. I know my parents love me and maybe I am just over exaggerating but this is how I feel. I don’t like to be around my mother. She is constantly in a bad mood and can get upset over the smallest thing. She can be very judgmental and will sometimes laugh at even though I tell her to stop. My dad does try to talk to me but I’ve learned that he doesn’t actually want me to respond. He will give me long speeches about how important it is to eat salad (I’m not making this up) or how dangerous the world is. I know he is just trying to protect me and I respect him for that but he can go on a tangent sometimes and say I shouldn’t even trust me friends (not to worry, I don’t have any). I have tried responding a couple of times but he can be condescending and treat me like a child. I told him a story I watched on the news but he thought I was over exaggerating. My dad was talking about politics so I decided to say what I thought but within 5 minutes just suddenly started to ignore me and not respond. I hate it when he does this and feel like a child when I get mad in front of him for doing that. For several years I went through some hard times and felt alone but now it’s all better and I feel more self-reliant so I don’t need anybody anyway. I know my parents love me and not every parent is perfect but my parents aren’t going to change and I will never tell them about how I feel. I don’t really know what to do.

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  • Van life jobs??? How to make money to support van life?

    I want to travel around my country and explore every state and meet the people that live there. I think traveling by car would be cheapest and best way to do this. But how would I support myself? I am thinking of getting 2-associates degrees at the same time in a cheap college so I can finish my education as fast as possible and not have much debt to pay off. But I'm worried about how I will keep a job if I'm traveling. I wouldn't be able to spend six months in each state or that would take 25 years. Of course when I'm traveling the time I spend in each place will vary. I am going to be in Texas and California way more than in Iowa or Nebraska. (No hate I grew up in Iowa 🙌) . Would I work from my computer? What jobs are there so I can balance time & making money? What do you van lifers do? Ps- I don't plan on spending my entire life traveling. Plan on going back to college and getting stable job later in life :). Thxs

  • Brain fog? Help?

    The brain fog comes and goes at least once a week. My head feels thick & dead like a zombie with no reactions/facial expressions to the world or people around her. I feel like I can't live my life becuz of this!! It kinda feels like I'm, walking through thick sludge and become a really really slow thinker and cant process stuff. I think it's becuz of medication I am on.

    Does anybody else have this? I feel so helpless when this happens and dropped Spanish because I could not keep my grades up because of this stupid stupid brain fog!!! I'm so sick of it and it makes me so slow!!

    How do other people deal with this? I am so tired of people treating me like I am dumb or suddenly becoming withdrawn and dead randomly for no reason!!!

    How do you guys deal or get rid of brain fog? Can be any advice, but would like advice for junior in hs.

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  • Liked it when he hit me? Is this weird?? Is this abusive? Is this normal? Anybody else into this?

    mk- my boyfriend and I were fighting and one thing lead to another and I pushed him and he hit me and we started throwin each other around and then made out but it felt kinda good it. we were both totally into it and I kinda liked it. I was in control of the situation, if i had told my bf to stop he would have and vice versa. and he didn't hit me harder than I could have handled (and vice.vera.) lol I know it sounds weird. I just wanna know, like is this a thing other people do? Becuz I think this is a thing we do now and I dont want to tell my friends or they'll be like "oh your in abusive realitiionship". Am I? Anybody else into that kinda stuff?

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  • How to get rid of clay dust!! Clay Dust Be gone!?

    I brought my clay project home to work on and it got clay dust everywhere! I wiped it off the table with a wet paper towel and it looked like it was gone, but when it dried the clay dust had reappeared! I wiped the table again and the same thing happened. Help?

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  • I accidentally bit off a piece of my tongue. Will it grow back?

    Not HUGE, but just enough that you can tell a piece of my tongue is missing.

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  • Is it possible for someone to have an anxiety attack for a very long time or days attack time?

    I am just wondering if someone can go throughout the day having trouble breathing (which would be an anxiety attack right) or does someone have to pass out for it to be legit just wondering THANKS!!!

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  • What are the exact laws of consent in America?

    Just wondering heard a lot of debate around it lately

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  • Tips on how to grow in area of art/fashion/design?

    I just really love anything in the area of art and design, it's really fun. I am already trying to draw as much as I can and am buying different materials. Plus I am creating a mood board of photos from magizine photos on my wall and trying to learn how to sew. Do you have any fun ideas that could help me grow (maybe help me better understand my style and colors) or something else? thanks!!!!!

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  • If we outlawed product shipment to the US made by child labor, how come I have heard about big companies still using child labor?

    And how does the govt police these big companies and punish them? Because I have heard multiple times of places like nestle Hershey hm gap using child labor

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  • HELP! Social Anxiety tips please!!?

    Does anybody have any tips for high schoolers with social anxiety? I thought I could do it but I can't, ever two days I am like crying from the stress and being on edge? Does anybody who has ever had it have any good tips please please help!!!

    PS Yes this is self diagnosed but then I don't know what else is going on. And please don't tell me to see a therapist

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  • Are there any jobs for an ambitious teen?

    I really love to work, not just for the money, but I like improving myself day to day, working up in the workplace, and the challenge of making sure everything runs smoothly. I know, I know sounds to good to be true. The problem is, is that I am a teen and so far, I have had multiple small summer jobs but am unable to work up in the workplace in these jobs because of my age-Does anyone know of any jobs for ambitious teens (looking for something more challenging and long term job) where an employer would treat me more as an adult an there is that possibility that I could work up from my position?

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