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  • спишемся in english, what does it mean?

    it has to do with something meeting in a chat in russian, but can you tell me how it is used and when it used, and what is the english equivalent please?

    thanks in advance:)

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  • what does this mean in english? спишемся?

    and how is it used? and when is it used?

    thx in advance :)

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  • rappelz free white dragon how to use the card?

    i got a tamed pet card that is timed, how do i use it??

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  • What makeup and shoes to wear with this dress?

    I am going out tonight and wondering how i should do my makeup. What color eyeshadows to wear, what type of style should i line my eyes with? what color lipstick and what color blush.

    --- here are the pictures of the dress and shoes

    Also wondering which shoe would go better with the dress?



    Thanks in advance

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  • solutions for female hair loss?

    I am 19 years old, and my hair is thinning so much! it sometimes even looks like there are bald spots! been to 8 doctors, not very helpful, tried using Rogain for women but it gave me headaches. It is making me feel very self conscious! It is difficult for me to wear my hair down. and up! i read that it should be happing to menopausal women whenever i search something, but that is not what it is! i am getting very desperate, and wondering if anyone tried or knows something other than to shave head))) is there anything that is known to work perhaps, or know a solution, or anything!? hehe, another option is a wig i suppose))) but they are expensive...))))) thanks in advance

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  • little bit of blood in phlegm why?

    yesterday i was trying to sing. it sounded like the bad people on American Idol, so, really badly and straining to sing loud. is it possible that i may have damaged something and because of that i see some blood in my phlegm? it is just a little bit, but i just am curious. what else could be contributing to this? thx

    2 AnswersRespiratory Diseases1 decade ago
  • The horny problem... any women can relate?

    so, i've had this issue happen to me before. And i am curious why is it occurring. I knew i had a high level of testosterone, but i am on birth control. I feel less horny, but, it still an issue. Ever since middle school, i would get randomly horny, and also sometimes i would get horny doing sexy things too. i am still a virgin at 18 and i am on birth control, but it is still going strong, A few months ago, I touched this guy's hand, and i was like crappp. i got horny, and i thought, i might have gotten my period, so i wrapped my jacket around my waist. One time i was just heavily kissing, and it was first time we kissed, we started to get through things faster, but i had a really hard time controlling myself, i knew that if i took off any piece of clothing, i would mostlikely go for sex. So i just had to not let myself touch him so much. It's so annoying, and i was just wondering, is this normal? or what? i am courious... thanks

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  • What is the name of this movie?

    All i can remember is that the movie box had a woman with a short skirt on it, maybe pointing.

    The movie had to do with parallel universe or something like this.

    I remember there was different places this guy went to , like a place with weird laws, and he met some girl on the road who wanted to have sex with him, and he said no. and then he went to a bunch of different other places. But when he wakes up, he finds himself in a hospital i believe. Also there has to dod something with cards in it. and he sees that one possible outcome of his life could be committing suicide. Oh and i think his girlfriend is a psychologist. If any can help, i would be so greatful! Thank you in advance!

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  • romantic picnic, can you help me?

    i am going to make a ham and cheese sandwich but don't know what cheese to use and if i should put anything else in it. also what else should i have? I also have a bag of hershey kisses but i have no idea what else to bring for him =) oh and it is winter and we will most likely be outside =)

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  • anyone know anything about a place called Ekatrinaslavia?

    my grandfather asked me to look for it. but i am not having any luck. he says it is in Russia. or was part of the USSR. thanks in advance!

    2 AnswersRussia1 decade ago
  • If i drink water and only water for a week, what will happen to me?

    I am just wondering for one week. I want to try and see what happens. i don't drink enough, of anything, so i am hoping that drinking water everyday for a week will become a habbit, and then after that week is up, i will be able to put it into my everyday eating habbits.

    Another thing that makes me wonder is if i will loose weight. i probably wont loose muscle bla becuase that is if i did for a long time, my father says i will only last 12 hrs before i cave, probably true but this is an experiment. so back to loosing weight, my metabolism is messed up, i am having difficult time becuase i have thyroid issues. sooo i am curious how this will effect it. thx for your help. i appreciate it very much!

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  • what to do for the Mac setup question?

    i just got a macbook pro, and i am at the part of the setup that says Select a Wireless Service. my network that i want is there, but i need to the mac code in order to allow me onto the network. so, what should i do? for now, i just pressed different network setup and my computer does not connect to the internet, hoping that i can change the settings and find the mac code later. does anyone know what to do? thanks in advance!

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  • if you smoke weed 2 times but not hard, when will it be out of your system?

    If you smoke weed 2 times but not hard, and it was only 2 times in your life, how many days will it be out of your system to take a test.

    2 AnswersOther - General Health Care1 decade ago
  • how to say i love you in russian?

    what does ya tebya lublu mean? (if it means anything)

    and what does ya lublu tebya mean? (if it means anything)


    da lublu ja tebya

    does this mean anything? and how would it be used?

    4 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago
  • A Russian question of love?

    what does ya tebya lublu mean? (if it means anything)

    and what does ya lublu tebya mean? (if it means anything)

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  • Do nerds think about sex?

    ha, sorry if this is offending anyone, i am just curious. are they too focused in their studies or not? i dunno, i had a conversation with my friend, she thinks yes. i think no. hmm...

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  • what will happen if i starve myself?

    i weigh 130lbs. if i were to not eat anything and drink only water for 3 days what would happen? would i loose any weight?

    if i cannot stay with only water for 3 days and i decide to nibble at something with low calories, would i loose anyweight?

    I am not skinny enough for me to worry about loosing muscle, i know this. so , please help me! i need the fastest way to loose a lot of pounds in 5 days.

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  • What is the word for someone who's name sounds like their profession?

    example would be hacker the surgeon, butcher the butcher, baker the baker

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay1 decade ago
  • What does вгттщ щт утпдшыр mean in Ukrainian?

    it is the thing where u fast before easter. what is it? what is it in english?

    Thanks in advance!

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