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  • Where is Yahoo's front page..?

    Yahoo's front page won't come up..where is it..started yesterday..everything else works as I can tell, thanks.

    2 AnswersOther - Yahoo Products7 years ago
  • Why Does Yahoo Ask To Open File..?

    MIME Type: application/json...;_ylc=X3oDMTBtZjBzdDdkBF9TAwRlbWFpbElkAzEzMzY3NzAwODY-<<< that is the type file, which is unkown to me . this happends when I click -VIEW POST- in Yahoo (updates) News Comments. Cant get into the News page the regular way from IE8 r Fire fox just goes to a Blank page, where IE8 wants me to open a File and still, after opening the file , doesn't do any good. the file has nothing in it...scaned the file and no malware..when will Yahoo fix this problem.? start a few days ago, everything else in Mail works normal. thanks

    1 AnswerAttachments and Photos9 years ago
  • How To Stop Security Pop-Up IE8?

    A pop-up in ie8 saying... do you want to view the webpage content that was delivered securely. it;s getting do I stop it from poping up....thanks

    2 AnswersSecurity9 years ago

    If you were a Doctor of Political Ethics (dope), what Medication would you Prescribe for President Obama's policies and Socialist thinking and why../ thanks for you comments..

    4 AnswersGovernment10 years ago
  • WHY Do College Educated People Use The Word Fer..?

    I hear it all the time, on TV, radio, Yahoo, Heads of States, clergy, many places..? Isn't it improper to use the word (FER) for the word (for) in the English Language..? In fact it's getting worse as time rolls by..? Just type (fer) into the Yahoo search engine on Answers and see how many (fers) come up..? Shouldn't colledge educated people be the LEADER's in promoting proper English..? It ok for Jed Clampett but not for Educated people ..? thanks for your comments...

    3 AnswersLanguages10 years ago
  • How Much Does It Cost To Eat One Meal Today..?

    How much does it cost you to eat one (major) meal each day..? In my area I can get a (one) good meal from 7 to 10 dollars and has vegies, meat n desert, plus a large lemonade r tea and the portion of food is more than I can eat at one time, so I can make two meals..? This is from a deli (large grocery store). Are prices increasing where you live..? Thanks for your comments...

    1 AnswerOther - Food & Drink10 years ago
  • Why Does My Mother-In-Law Hate Me..?

    After 28 years my Mother-In-Law is the same ol-biddy-ol cow monster..? Why is she so mean..? She made me watch the Super-Bowl on her 9-inch (black n white ) (in the basement) TV, while she watched it on the SONY-40 inch,(which I bought), IN BED!!..? What can I do to make her treat me like a REAL MAN- HUMAN..? thanks for your suggestions. PS.. she has everything, car, house, pool, food and her daughter is treated like a QUEEN..? even the dog wears AIR-Js..?

    8 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships10 years ago
  • Can You Rate This Poem..?

    Lost people on an island

    Sitting and waiting for what ?

    In the hot sun and the cold night

    They have time to ponder their plight

    For a short time they have to worry

    For a short time they have to wait

    In their thinking they have fear of failing

    A failing that makes them think in a hurry

    So they look to the sky and smile

    They look to the sky and weep

    They tremble with calm fear

    For the tremble is under their feet

    There is no way out , you know

    Their last days are near

    Should I feel sorrow, are relief

    For they have failed and that is clear

    I will miss them in a way

    Mostly their songs and bright colours

    But someday others may be birthed

    Maybe they will make better, this island earth

    5 AnswersPoetry1 decade ago
  • Can You Drink Ice N Eat Water At the Same Time..?

    Can You Drink Ice N Eat Water At the Same Time..? Will you have Brain-freeze if you do..? Is this a logical r meaningful question..?

    1 AnswerPhysics1 decade ago
  • Can You Rate This Poem..?

    A pancake was tossed into the air

    And where it lands I don't care

    A can of mushrooms poured on top

    And some green peppers, go get the mop

    chop, chop, chop, downstairs and get the mop..

    I had a horse, his name was sam

    And every morning I fed him spam

    Sam would eat and eat, until he popped

    Run downstairs and get the mop

    Chop, chop, chop, chop... run downstairs and get the mop

    My next door neighbor is really scarey

    He's got bad breath and his chest is hairy

    When he sneezes, he just can't stop

    Run downstairs and get the mop

    chop, chop, chop, downstairs and get the mop

    I saw a cop standing in the street

    And the pancake at his feet

    His shinney black shoes with peppers on top

    Run downstairs and get the mop !

    Chop, chop, chop, chop... run downstairs and get the mop

    The judge was mad and so was the cop

    30 days in the sweat shop!

    30 days in the sweat shop!

    chop, chop, chop, chop, downstairs and get the mop

    6 AnswersPoetry1 decade ago
  • Is It OK To Use Extension Cord In Pool..?

    I have some gold-fish in my pool n I would like to use an extension cord to use on a lamp so I can take pictures of them at night..? I will set the lamp on the bottom n take the pics..? my pool lights r not bright enought..? I will plug the lamp in after I have set it on the bottom and then slide in (so I want disturb the fish) with my water-tight camera..? will the 100 watt lamp light be enought for me to see.? thanks for your comments..

    5 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)1 decade ago
  • What Do I Do With My Invention..?

    I have invented something that will eliminate windshield wipers on cars..? What should I do to get money for this idea..? Who can I trust ..? How much should I ask for the device../ thanks for your time...

    2 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation1 decade ago
  • WHAT Is The Need For A Christian Are Muslim Devil..?

    I have wondered why Christians and Muslim need a Devil..? thanks for you short explanination..

    4 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Will The MILITARY Respect Me Now..?

    On this warm Fourth of July day

    I lounge in my pool, cool drink in my hand

    Thinking how good it is to be a Free man

    But I wonder how it got this way

    Not just my hard work I do each day

    But from others who protect my freedom

    Somewhere a soldier holds his position

    Somewhere in some foriegn land

    Somewhere that soldier has made a stand

    The Men and Women who hold the key to Freedom

    They never rest are regret their duty

    They never balk in the face of the Enemy

    I nearly forgot this Independence Day

    It's good that soldier knows how to forgive

    I recon thats part of their job too

    I can say a lot and do less, here in my pool

    But I envy that Soldier, man are woman

    You men and women of the Service

    Sometimes a grown man want say certain words

    But hell, you dont know me, here in my pool

    I can say anything, even if it an't cool

    You soldiers,military personal, men and women on call

    Iam choked up a little for a grown man, but Iam gona say it

    Please come home soon, we love you all

    1 AnswerMilitary1 decade ago
  • Can We THANK The Military On Yahoo..?

    Can We THANK The Military personal who serve the United States of America On Yahoo, this FOURTH of JULY..? Is it ok to say THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE n sacrifice for out Nation and come HOME soon..? please advise if Iam out of ORDER..? THANKS..

    5 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago
  • What Is This Dream ..?

    There is a curious creature crawling toward me

    I have a feeling it has no intrest in my person

    It soon slides closley by my left leg

    Where I have a large hole with a bone protruding

    It stops and raises it multi-coloured head

    I have no fear

    I have no fear

    A large yellow cat emerges from the gutter

    I can't move

    Iam afraid

    The cat is ugly and stinks

    It wants to breath my breath

    I turn my head away

    I feel the heat from it's body

    Then it is gone

    turning my head back

    I notice the Multi-Coloured headed creature

    It now has two heads

    I have no fear

    The creature slides away

    I wait my destiny

    3 AnswersDream Interpretation1 decade ago
  • How Can I Acquire True Faith In My Fellow Humans..?

    I have lost FAITH in my fellow humans and need to know how to gain back the FAITH..? Even Pastors visited years ago , and neighbors where friendly, but not anymore..? Where are the True Christians / Muslim who care about others as humans, even if the others are not Christian or Muslim..? Why so much War n Hate because of Slight differences in the other's Holy Books..? What do Muslim and Christians want of us..? Iam baffled..? thanks for your responce.

    11 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Is Hillary Clinton Waiting Quietly..?

    Is Ms. Clinton doing her job well, and quietly waiting for the downfall of the OBAMA presidency..? Looks like EARLY positioning for Ms. Clinton to become the next President of the USA..? Yes, those voters will remember their pass mistake and but will rush to Vote Ms. Clinton into the Presidency when the time comes..? Do you think The GOP's women, will have a hard time getting pass this woman, even if they think Sarah Palin is their NUMBER 1 choice..?.thanks..

    2 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago