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favorite email I've received to date- From: Darth Vegeta Subject: Re: my views on age of consent Message: I am blocking you now. Youre one of those idiots that thinks repeating a lie can make it true. You think anyone who dares question our wonderful age of consent laws is a pedophile & fail to recognize anything in between. talk about a pedophile in denial!

  • should the US create a time machine and go back to tell FDR not to supply the brits?

    should the US create a time machine, go back to tell FDR not to supply the brits during the battle of britain, and let those ungrateful eruotrash burn like we should have in the first place?

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  • is a pedophilia perversion a common side effect of autism?

    been talking to an autistic 19 year old, and to quote an email

    Subject: Re: my views on age of consent

    Message: I am blocking you now.

    Youre one of those idiots that thinks repeating a lie can make it true.

    You think anyone who dares question our wonderful age of consent laws is a pedophile & fail to recognize anything in between.

    the "lie" is my repeated informing him that an adult attempting to engage in sexual acts with a minor is illegal. is this common among people with autism and other neuro deficits or is this perversion more of an individual thing?

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  • Why do marines claim superior training when their own brass says the army is more efficient?

    The marine corps development command did a report in 2002. After pointing out the differences in training between the army and marines (starting around page 10 and spanning to page 17), it concludes that "The aforementioned data shows that the U.S.Army formally teaches more vital combat tasks than the Marine Corps in a shorter period of time."

    So what are these claims of "superior training" in the usmc based off of?

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  • why are marine cheerleaders so thin skinned?

    for example crazy horse or routine extract. the second you get into a debate with either one (not that a debate with either of them is hard to end, they like to make things up and it's hard to continue to argue with lies when shown facts... especially from .mil sites) all of your answers dated back several months instantly get 6-8 thumbs down. Aside for being honorless enough to make multiple accounts, and not smart enough to even try to hide it, what's wrong with these cheerleading wimps? Is their time in the marines that worthless that they get instantly furious the second you don't agree with their motardation and bend over for their propaganda?

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  • why are canadian troops such softies? (no offense)?

    this is partly in response to another question, but why is the suicide rate among canadian troops (who are barely doing anything in the war) 42% higher than the US military's, which has been pulling the majority of the weight in the GWOT? in 2012, 1 out of every 8,596 US troops committed suicide (which we consider to be a very high rate), while 1 out of every 5,006 canadian troops did. Is their culture just that softer?

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  • why are some former marines so pathetic?

    SOME is the key word. Granted there are vets from all branches that thump their chest a bit too much, but it seems like only ones from the usmc (i.e. crazy horse or JD.. wherever the hell he went) go that far overboard about it and create multiple accounts to try to verify their own answers and get other answers they don't like hidden. Is it because they joined for the attention and they're just not getting it now that they're out?

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  • Is lying acceptable in gipsy society?

    So I've talked to 2 different gypsies. They're both unbelievable hacks. To use the more fraudulent of the 2 as an example though, she claimed to be a physician. Doesn't appear on any registry database. Claims to have a brother who's a major in the army. I have access to AKO, and he doesn't exist. Claims to have been an editor for the nytimes- but has terrible English. Claims to be smart- obviously looks up any word she can in the thesaurus for a version with more syllables, only manages to use it incorrectly. Is this type of behavior normal or acceptable among Romas (gipsy's) or are these the exceptions?

    And no I don't mean this to sound racist, there are several cultures where lying or making yourself seem more accomplished is perfectly acceptable, so that made me curious

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  • do any marines here really consider marine infantry to be on the same level as ranger regiment?

    question pretty much says it all...

    does anyone here think that marine infantry who go through an initial entry training with a 10% attrition rate, are the worst equiped branch, and are a conventional force is really on the level of a unit that is 1: special operations 2: has a selection process with a 60% attrition rate 3: is able to immediately send away anyone who doesnt live up to standards and 4: just to double tap: SPECIAL OPERATIONS ?

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  • hey освещать отсчет why did you block me?

    is it because i hit a nerve? are You actually living in Your parents basement or is it because you don't like to argue with someone who actually knows more about whats going on than you do?

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  • Would you think someone in the marines would?

    have something better to ***** about than the way that a soldier spells?

    or is that really the only comeback they have when a soldier flat out proves their post is wrong, has nothing to do with the question asked, and come off as attention starved?;_ylt=ArGQe...

    Or do marines value spelling more than facts?

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  • fallout 3 money glitch?

    ok i cant get the money glitch to work. i havent updated the game at all (ps3 version) so i know its not that.

    its the one whre you go a merchant that has one of the same items that you do. you sell her your item, buy it back then its fully repaired then you can resell it for more. any help?

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  • anyway to see specifics of congressional votes?

    had an argument with a friend over mccain voting against most veterans benefits bills thats have come across congress. anyone know anywhere that i can find the specifics of "who voted yes and who voted no"?

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