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  • HTC手機,WhatsApp,部份朋友無法顯示在名單中?

    我是用HTC Desire HD






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  • 拍賣賣場如何增加瀏覽人次








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  • 俄文的動詞形式?????



    1.- вы ___? - дa , я____。

    2.-A он___? - нет , он не___。

    3.- что вы делaете? - мы___。

    4.- A они? - они тоже___。

    5.- ты___? - дa , я____。


    1.- они___ здесь?

    - дa , они___ здесь。

    - A где вы___?

    - я тоже___ здесь。

    2.- мы ___вместе。

    3.- вaш брaт тоже___ здесь?

    - дa , он___ здесь。


    1.- мы___ рaдио。

    2.- A вы___ рaдио?

    3.- я___ рaдио , a он не___。

    4.– мой друг тоже не___ рaдио。Он зaнимaется。


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  • B&B相關資料,求英文翻中文!

    The major variables affecting occupancy during your first year of operation will probably be your location, the amount of travel through your area, the attractive qualities of your B&B, and the amount of promotion and exposure you have received. A few B&Bs have had all the business they wanted the first year, while others did not have a single customer during their first six months to a year. But, there are no hard, firstyear occupancy figures available.


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  • B&B相關資料,求英文翻中文!

    Sales are calculated by multiplying the number of rooms rented during a given period (days of operation) by the average room rate. Occupancy measures the percentage of available rooms rented at a given time. Area B&B operators, the American Bed and Breakfast Association, and reservation service organizations may supply important information concerning occupancy. Keep in mind that factors such as the season of the year, time of week, and weather conditions affect occupancy.


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  • B&B相關資料,求英文翻中文!

    After determining the market potential, you should make a monthly estimate of the room revenue for the first year. A good forecast estimates sales revenues over a three-year period broken down as follows: first year - weekly, second year - monthly, and third year - quarterly. The room sales forecast is very important to the profit planning process—it is also very difficult to estimate with certainty. Review your estimate repeatedly for accuracy, then develop strategies to increase revenue and profit. Without good sales forecasts, you cannot realistically plan expenses and make financial commitments.


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  • 簡單的俄文翻譯!!拜託拜託10點!












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  • B&B相關資料,求英翻中!

    Goals of Step Three:

    1. Tell who your customers are,

    what your B&B’s major features

    and attractions are, where your

    business will be located, how you

    will operate the business, and

    why you are in this business.

    2. State exactly what you are selling.

    3. Describe the strong points of

    your B&B.

    4. Describe anticipated customer

    expectations and how to meet



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  • B&B相關資料,求英翻中!

    Be sure your concept answers these questions about your proposed B&B: Why will customers want to stay in my B&B rather than the competition’s? What is unique or different about my B&B? What will my B&B provide for my customers? How will I generate satisfied customers? Why will customers feel they obtained more than expected? Why

    will my concept succeed?


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  • B&B相關資料,求英翻中!

    Determine whether the component parts fit together and complement each other. Is each part compatible with the overall concept? Is the concept compatible with the market segment you are trying to attract? At this point, you should evaluate how your concept fits your strengths and

    customer interest in staying at your B&B.


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  • B&B相關資料,求英翻中!

    Hillestad (Appendix C) thinks of the concept as a four-legged stool with one leg being the architecture, decor, and amenities, another being service and hospitality, the third being food, and the fourth being location. His point is that if one leg is weak, the other three better be very strong. The stool cannot stand if two or more of the legs are weak.


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  • B&B相關資料,求英翻中!

    • Describe activities that will be

    offered, including inside entertainment such as games, TV, books, and hosts’hobbies; activities on the grounds such as outdoor cooking, horseshoes, or badminton; and nearby attractions such as restaurants, shops, and recreation and entertainment centers.


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  • B&B相關資料,求英翻中!

    • Tell what amenities or physical items or articles will be given to guests such as special soaps, food trays or baskets, flowers, departing gifts, etc.

    • List the unique services or objects that the host and staff will provide for the benefit of the guest such as a tour of the house and grounds, afternoon tea, use of the telephone, tour arrangements, bed turn-down

    service, laundry service, credit card acceptance, and 24-hour message-taking service. Also describe the assistance provided to the guest on local activities, menus, maps, etc.


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  • B&B相關資料,求英翻中!

    ◎ Assistance and hospitality:

    • Explain how thinking begins and ends with the customer— how staff attitudes, manner of serving guests, and personalization of service will make guests feel like welcome VIPs. Explain how the staff and service will sell and promote the B&B. Describe the staff dress and grooming and how it relates to the theme and image of the B&B. Describe how the telephone will be used as a goodwill ambassador.


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  • B&B相關資料,求英翻中!


    ◎ Explain exactly what you areselling,

    such as a special travel experience,

    host personality, personal touch, romance,privacy, luxury, or history.

    Explain exactly what business you are in and why it will be profitable and continue to grow.

    Describe what your business will be like in five years.

    Explain your standards, appraisal methods of reaching those standards, and commitment to quality in hospitality, service, food preparation

    and sanitation, housekeeping, safety, maintenance, and groundskeeping.

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