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  • Best backless bra for DD cup?

    I have a dilema. I have a cute dress, but it has a bunch of cutouts in the back that make it very difficult to find a good bra. There's a large heart cut out on the upper back, a split across the lower back, and little petal shapes cut out of the sides right below the breast. I wear a 34 DD, so support is also necessary. I assume I need a backless bra, but I also saw extensions, but I wouldn't know how to fold this around to avoid all of the open back area. Help me please?

    This is the dress:

    Any help is much appreciated!


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  • Boyfriend's Birthday...Fun things to do in bed?

    My boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow, and I already have his gifts and what not, but I wanted to come up with a few fun "activities" or games to play in bed. Ideas?

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  • The Double Helix; Why should they receive a Nobel Prize?

    In The Double Helix there are 3 main characters that win a Nobel Prize for discovery of the Double Helix. These Characters are Watson, Crick, and Wilkins. What are some reasons, 5 for each character, why they should receive the Nobel Prize? What are some reasons they shouldn't? (5 for each character)

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  • Need a Homecoming dress under $40!?

    I need a homecoming dress that's under $40, I'm on a budget. I'm 5'2", and not super skinny, but far from being big. I have a lighter skin tone and a litter on the larger side up top. Help me?

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  • Deeper Meaning? "A Stone So Big You Could Live in It"?

    In English, I am doing a project on poetry. One of the poems I read was "A Stone So Big You Could Live in It" by Naomi Shihab Nye. However, I can't figure out the figurative meaning of it. Can anyone help?

    A Stone So Big You Could Live In It

    Naomi Shihab Nye

    It happens in the woods

    A laugh just pops out

    It happens with a stone so big you could live in it

    Round mounds of soil and stone

    Perfectly dressed in radiant moss

    Blaze of bees around a single blooming branch

    Path so quiet one foot answers the other

    Charred ashes by Jericho Bay

    Blue dots on trees lining the trail

    Sudden sweetness of it

    Someone was here before you

    Didn't want you to get lost

    Thank you


    Thank you


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