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  • How do deal with a teacher you don’t like?

    I’m in college and have 5 different professors on rotation. 3 of them are great, 1 of them is alright but the last one I can’t stand. She’s just extremely nitpicky and will not hesitate to try and humiliate you in front of the rest of the class if you mess up even once. I usually have her for 2 hours every other week (sometimes 6 if she wants another lesson to go over our work more) and I absolutely dread her lessons. I considered switching courses but I really love the rest of my classes and I’d be so mad at myself if I stopped doing what I want to do just because I didn’t get along with one of my teachers. Any advice on how to get through these lessons?

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  • What would happen to your voice if you chose to stop speaking?

    Like, if you were born with the ability to speak but one day just stopped would that change your voice in any way? There’s stories of people who fake not being able to walk for so long that their muscles atrophy and they end up actually being unable to walk - could something similar happen to your vocal cords? And if it could, how long would if take?

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  • Is too little cholesterol actually dangerous?

    I know there’s different types of cholesterol and too much ldl is bad but I don’t hear about people not having enough hdl. Is it actually bad to not have enough cholesterol? And if it is how dangerous is it?

    1 AnswerHeart Diseases3 months ago
  • What helps you with anxiety?

    I’ve been dealing with a pretty bad anxiety spike recently and was wondering what coping strategies work for you guys. Bear in mind I’m talking about the type of anxiety that happens for no reason, not the type that happens because you’re actually worried about something. Before you ask yes I am on medication (20mg prozac and 80mg beta blockers on a morning and 25mg promethazine on a night) and in therapy but things have gone to shite for some reason and I need help calming the eff down before my next appointment. I’m willing to try pretty much anything at this point so if you have any advice please lemme know.

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  • Can I just stop having anxiety?

    I've been diagnosed with GAD for the past four years. The last year and a half it barely bothered me at all, I'm on 40mgs of prozac and it was working really well, but in the past couple weeks it's come back HARD. It's pretty much the worst it's ever been. My question is - if I just told it to go away, would it? Yes I'm aware this sounds stupid but I'm willing to try anything at this point. Like, if I told myself I didn't have anxiety enough times would that make it go away or just make it worse since I'm repressing it?

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