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  • 我母親可以把這案件告到法院去嗎??勝訴機率又如何??請個位法律高手專家解析 。?


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  • 大家好,我想知道這個在英國倫敦的私立高等教育機構是否是認證的或合法的學校?




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  • Hi everyone,I m trying to find out whether or not this private post secondary institution in London, UK is accredited or legitimate school?

    Basically, I want to know , first and foremost, which relevant or applicable government regulatory body is actually in charge of accrediting, approving, overseeing university degree programmes offered by both private and public post secondary institutions in London, UK?

    i.e. There s a perticular private college I want to check for its legitimacy and its proramme accreditation so if you happen to be a marvelous expert in this field, please don t hesitate to let me know.

  • 如何得到或考取台灣律師證照(法律業界專家進來吧)

    有誰知道如如何得到或考取台灣律師證照如果已持有國外的4年法學學士學位(Bachelor’s of Law) ? 條件是什? 程序是什麼? 須要實習嗎? 須多久時間?

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  • Is South African Rand 100.00 the same thing as Rand 100 ?

    Is South African Rand 100,00 the same thing as Rand 100 ? What I'm trying to get at is that would the value stays the same even without a comma sign and anything stated after the " , " because I've seen many have expressed Rand 100,00 instead of just Rand 100 ? Do they mean the same thing though ? Thanks for helping out.

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  • What was wrong with this brand new notebook computer that I purchased recently ?

    Good day,

    I bought a new $920 Asus notebook computer but now there's no sounding effect from my laptop when I was watching the online videos; however, before was fine and the sound was there directly from the laptop when the video is played on the screen.

    I'm not too sure what went wrong ? Is it something wrong with the speaker system inside the laptop ? What might be the actual cause for that ?

    Thanks a lot


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  • 為何 Variance和Sum是4E+08和3E+07?

    我剛從 excel 算出敘述統計表


    Average 98398

    Standard errors1242.4

    Median 98500

    Mode 100200

    Standard deviation 20033

    Variance 4E+08

    Kurtosis 1.0368

    Skewness 0.1595

    Range 131700

    Min 39600

    Max 171300

    Sum 3E+07

    Count 260

    為何 Variance和Sum是4E+08和3E+07



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  • excel 格式化

    我剛在 excel 完成一些工作表




    另外, 我如何在 word 建立表格?

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  • which one of those two investment alternatives is better?

    there are two investment alternatives in which the first one offers no periodic cash flow during the holding period but will generate some amount of cash, let's say $1000, at the end of the period, say year 5, and the other offers a stream of regular annnuities of the amount which will be accumulated to the same future value of $1000 at year 5.

    both options also ask for the same amount of initial investment at time zero.

    1) which one is better to invest?

    2) if the initial cost at time zero is not equal to the present value at certain IRR for one of those two options but the future values are the same, should i choose this alternative or not?

    3) is it always true that an investment alternative is favourable than the others if they all result in the same future value at the end of their holding periods and also their IRR will equate the required cost at time zero and the present value OR ?


    thank you

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  • spreadsheet question?

    how do i recalculate new values using the same equation that has already been saved without re-entering it again into the spreadsheet ?

    many thanks

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  • 請某位數學專家助我解 " i "

    請某位數學專家助我解 " i "


    1000 = 100 * { [ ( 1 + i ) ^ 2 ] - 1 } / i


    1000 = 100 * { [ 1- ( 1 + i ) ^ 2 ] } / i

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  • how do i solve " i " ?

    how do i solve " i " ?

    1000 * { [ [ ( 1 + i )^ n ] - 1 ] / i } = 2000

    1000 * { [ 1 - ( 1 + i ) ^ -n ] / i } = 2000


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  • could someone show me how to write something into pdf document once i open it up and save it eventually?

    hey everyone,

    i got an email with a pdf attachment in it.

    could someone show me how to write something into this type of document once i open it up and save it eventually ?


    thanks a lot

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  • how to put the original wirless device back to my laptop system ?

    dear IT folks,

    i had a 4 years old ASUS laptop computer.

    when i purchase it, i was able to get an access to the wireless internet.

    in other words, the wireless icon did show up on the very bottom of the desktop screen.

    however, it seems to me that the wireless capacity is no longer there in my laptop ? ! ? i wonder what happen ?

    what sorts of helpful tricks you could possibly have ?

    much appreciated


    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • could someone recommend me any popular job search websites for people live in Hawaii Kai ?

    could someone recommend me any popular job search websites for people live in Hawaii Kai ?

    thanks so much in advance

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  • **Urgent** To Restore / Recover PC system?


    I need your advice about how to restore my Windows XP operating system.

    Basically, I ' ve been trying to login into my PC desktop but did not make it go because my screen kept showing a big " Window XP " logo with a green bar located on the bottom of the screen. And, that green bar is something that indicates the process of reading the files and data in my PC before I can get on to desktop.

    I truely don ' t want to loss my data and files that were originally saved in my PC ?

    Could anyone tell me to restore my PC ?

    Also, I know there ' s a restore CD in place to recover the system but not sure where to find it ?

    Thank you very much


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  • HomeStay Family / Group in LA

    Hello Everybody,

    Does everyone know where is the Taiwanese community in Los Angeles ?

    How close is it from Los Angeles ?

    Also, do you know where to find the Home Stay family in LA ?

    I would like to travel and study in LA.

    Your help is very thankful

    Thank you very much


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  • CBC / CBT travels to Taiwan

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Francis.

    I am a CBC / CBT. ( Canadian Born Chinese OR Canadian Born Taiwanese )

    I have lived, studied, and worked in Canada for a lot of years.

    I would like to travel to Taiwan.

    Is there a Ministry of Tourism in Taiwan ?

    What is the official name of this governmental department in Taiwan ?

    Where is the office? Telephone # ? E-mail ?

    Also, does everybody know about dicounted plan to join tourist group to travel within Taiwan ?

    Thank you, everyone


    1 Answer台灣1 decade ago
  • Popular & Official Websites for the Chinese Community in L.A.?

    Hello everyone,

    How are you doing ?

    I am thinking to visit and study in LA, and hope to find a few Chinese or Taiwanese - speaking families that provide homestay services . Can someone suggest me any website ?



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  • Could everyone tell me any popular Canadian website for getting the free holiday E-cards ?

    Hi everyone,

    Could everyone tell me any popular Canadian website for getting the free holiday E-cards ?

    Thanks a lot


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