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  • Mazda3 or Impreza 2.5i?

    So im about to get a new(used) car and ive narrowed it down to an 07ish Mazda3 or 07 Impreza 2.5i. Ive always wanted a subaru and was 90% leaning towards one until i saw a mazda3 in real life, lol, and now im torn. AWD would be nice for illinois winters, but mazdas interior is so much nicer. My main question I guess would be, which would be more reliable? Hows a subaru boxer engine stack up against a mazda's? Expensive to upkeep/replace parts? Hard to work on? Ive only had Hondas so replacing engine parts have been pretty easy....thanks for any opinions

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  • What exactly is a calorie deficit to lose weight?

    So i thought i understood a calorie deficit but apparently i don't. I thought it was; say i need 3000 cals to maintain 190 lbs, if I eat only 2500, the calorie deficit of 500/day over time will result in weight loss. But if i am reading right, a calorie deficit is burning 3500 calories on a 3000 calorie maintenance. Both ways make sense now that i think of it...are they both the same idea? Is one right? Thanks

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  • What color trim for a white house with brown roof?

    So its time to change up the color of my house. The siding is currently white and id like to keep it white since half of it was replaced last season. Keeping in mind the roof is light brown and the house is fairly small, 1 story L shaped house, what would be a matching trim color? Im leaning toward a light yellow or light sage green but think a yellow would blend too much with the white and not match the for any ideas, thanks!

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  • Oil on spark plug, what gasket to replace?

    So my car smokes on acceleration, and randomly checking my spark plugs i found oil on my plugs. Thing is its only on the metal "gasket". The threads and electrodes are dry still. Which gasket is probably bad? Head gasket, valve cover, or spark plug gasket? Online searching seems to say plug gaskets. Are those easy to change? Car is a 95 v6 honda accord. Also would oil on the gasket of the spark plug cause smoking on acceleration or should i still investigate elsewhere....thanks

  • Whats wrong with my deadlift?

    So i need some advice. I really wanna deadlift big but cant seem to get my hip position right. Ive watched video after video after instructional article but cant figure it out. Feet, grip, shoulder mechanics, back arch are ok but cant figure hip position. When i grab the bar and feel im at a good hip position my back is parallel to the floor. When its angled down like most vids, i feel like im way to low and "squatting" from the floor. Should i just stick with parallel to the floor? Starting with too much weight isnt an issue, becuase i can somewhat cleanly rep 135 for 10, but adding 10lbs to each side kills my pull.....

    Also I've read that the hip should be as close to the bar during the pull, but when i do that my knees are way past the bar and feet, which ive heard is bad for knees. Thoughts?

    Sorry if im thinking too into the lift, but i wanna do it and do it safely, thanks

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  • Can bad O2 sensors cause a car to jerk when slowing to a stop?

    So my parents were driving their 04 Ford Freestar and on the way home, coming to a stop the car began jerking. Car made it home fine and the next morning on start up the Check Engine light popped up. Took it to Autozone and pulled CEL codes P2198 & P2196 which they said were 2 failed o2 sensors. Would failed o2 sensors cause jerking when slowing down? Would the failed o2 maybe running the engine lean/rich to cause the jerking? Other possible causes on the sheet say; leaking injector or FPR, and MAF sensor failure


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  • Work abs before or after?

    With the vital "window" to get ones post workout protein, when is the best time to workout abs? Most people say after your main workout (i.e. legs, back, chest) but wouldn't that pretty much "waste" the workouts, if you did abs after since the window would be gone? Doing abs before seems like wasting energy for you main split. And giving abs their own day seems dumb.

    Thoughts, opinions? thanks

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  • Upgraded mobo, POST ok, but wont boot from CD?

    So i upgraded my mobo/processor and everything POSTs ok. From my understanding since I want to try and save my old XP stuff i need to pop in the XP cd and do a "repair". I went into BIOS and set it to load from the cd first and it does, but the CD just spins then it goes to hard drive and resets itself. Do i need the cd from the original install? Because all i have is a burnt copy with a volume license. Also am i to assume since it got that far, the IDE cable, memory, etc are running ok? Thanks

    GigabyteMA78LM-S2H and Phenom II x3 BE

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  • HP battery error 601, run on ac?

    So my HP just gave me the 601 error on boot up, which apparently means i need a new battery. My question is, will it be safe to just run it on AC power and ignore the warning. I pretty much use my laptop as a desktop so it doesn't matter to me if it can hold a charge. I just wanna make sure im not doing any damage to it...thanks

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