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  • can vanessa branch sing?

    I know she's been an actress for a while now. For example, she was in pirates of the caribbean, but don't you think that its possible for her to make a music video for the next one that comes out? she is a good actress, but I wanna know if she's also a good singer.

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  • Can Oak Forest PD help me with this?

    this is another question about getting rid of Braun. I was thinking of sending a letter to Oak Forest PD, and ask them to help me shutdown Braun. Plus if I told them about the crimes Braun has committed, and their abuse of power over the students, that can speed things up a little. And that can also send this to court as well. So is it possible I can do this?

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  • Can I press these charges against my school?

    Here is what I've written down so far. Fraud, for lying to the students and parents. Food Poisoning, last year they were serving us nasty food for lunch, and I'm sure a lot of kids got sick. Discrimination, they were giving out a paying ticket to all the Arab kids, cuz it was September 11th. Unfair Treatment, we'd do something and we'd get in trouble for it, But when they did it nothing happened to them. Or they would search us, but they never searched, (so what's the point?). Poor Educational Standards, I had to go to Sylvan cuz they weren't doing their job, and my aunt had to pay for it, (which she shouldn't have done). And the last one, Going Above The Law, just about everything I've written is considered Illegal against them.

    If you can tell me that 75% of these are arrestable offenses, then that would be great.

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  • Can the School Board help me with this?

    With that question I asked earlier, about having a petition against Braun, I'm wondering if the School Board can help me with shutting down them as well. I have told them the problems and complaints, and they said that they might work on it. But with the help of the petitions and the Anti-Braun Army, I'm sure they WILL work on it. But I'll have to take it one step at a time.

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  • how do I make a petition against my school?

    me and a lot of kids hate Braun, for what they did to us. Like in the morning, the teachers would search us, but THEY were never searched, how come they didn't get searched like we did? Or last year when they were serving us disgusting food, how come there was no Health Inspector? Or with me going to Sylvan, all because they weren't doing their job, why does my aunt have to pay for their mistakes? Whenever we swear we have to go to Crisis for 60 minutes. But when they swear, nothing happens to them. So why are they dishing stuff out when they can't take it? And when they accuse us of stuff, why should we pay a fine and do community service for something we didn't do? Why ain't they doing that stuff for all the **** they did? So can you guys help me with this? I'd really appreciate it.

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  • forming the Anti-Braun Army?

    I wrote this song in tune to Eminem's Mosh, to show how much I hate Braun. And a lot of other kids hate the school as well. But if I make into a video, do you think we'll be able to form the Anti-Braun Army? I have sent an email to the School Board, telling them to shutdown Braun. I hope this will work.

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