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  • Feedback on Book Description?

    In short I would like some feedback on this book description about a novel I'm writing. If you guys would tell me what could be fixed, updated, or changed to make it sound better that would mean a lot.

    "Good and Evil tells the story of Dustin, an altruistic college student, who is deeply saddened at all the problems facing the modern world. Unfortunately, all he can do is simply defend his friends and classmates when hateful street preachers come knocking. Then one day he wakes up on his ceiling and discovers Earth herself, yes I said her, has bestowed upon him literal superpowers but they come with a warning of an evil predating the planet by ten billion years and a personal demon from Dustin's past."

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  • What's the Name of This Song?

    Can't remember it and I've tried googling it to no avail. I know the lyrics (especially towards the end) are something like "you got me singing nahoooo ahoooooo ahoooo oooo oooo oooo" and it's rockish. Somewhere in the genre of Third Eye Blind and The Killers.

    7 AnswersRock and Pop8 years ago
  • Help Recalling a Movie?

    I saw it when I was young and can't remember much. It was about a child looking for their mother and went across (what I think was) a post apocalyptic world. The child may have arrived at some arena type thing where people were going to dump stuff on her to prove she was a robot or something. Then towards the end she met some sort of alien type thing (possibly in the future) and they let them see the mother but she wasn't real or dead or something? Think the child only had like a day to spend one last time with the mother.

    Any help on what this movie is?

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  • Creepy, random, or funny?

    Funniest and most well thought out gets the ten points.

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  • Is this Uncharted 3 footage hilarious?

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    Seeing if my hypothesis was correct that I could make a funny vid without any actual voicing from me.

    2 AnswersPlayStation9 years ago
  • What do you think killed me in Uncharted 3 Multiplayer?

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    Ghost, Darth Vader, Uncharted gods, etc.?!

    Most creative answer gets the best answer.

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  • Video Games' Multiplayer Before Release?

    I've been thinking and it's been really nagging me lately. I'm wondering will a game's multiplayer function before the game is actually released to the general public? I know there is always a handful of people who get a hold of the game early for a variety of reasons.

    I originally thought about this when I got inFAMOUS 2 early from that Subway contest. If inFAMOUS 2 had a straight out multiplayer (not the UGC stuff), would it have worked?

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games9 years ago
  • How to change input on an RCA tv without a remote?

    Basically have an RCA tv model number f25442 and don't have the remote to it. How do I change the input to video (to use a PS3) without a remote?

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  • Poll: Adults (25+): Violence in Society?

    For reasons that don't need to be explained, I am creating an article that will be presented to U.S. legislators. As such I decided to conduct a survey with my findings. I am looking for adults who are over 25 years old and have kids and those who don't. PLEASE LIST WHETHER YOU HAVE KIDS OR NOT IN YOUR REPLY.

    What do you believe causes violence in society or a teenager to commit a violent act?

    A). Video Games (interactive entertainment)

    B). The individual or lack of parental responsibility

    C). Other

    7 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • PS3 HDMI Cable Problem?

    I have a perfectly good working HDMI cable for my PS3 that connect to my TV just fine. However, when the PS3 (or myself) defaults to the HDMI cable setting and not the AV settings...the sound doesn't work. How come?

    1 AnswerPlayStation10 years ago
  • Companions Disappeared in Fallout New Vegas. Help?!?

    So I was at Cannibal Johnson's cave with ED-E and Veronica. I then exit the cave and they are still with me and fast travel to a freeside gate. Suddenly they aren't with me anymore and I can't find them back at the cave either. I also looked in their original places on where I recruited them and Lucky 38. Still nothing.

    What sucks about this is I need to lay off Veronica so I can recruit Raul. But I can't because Veronica is still considered to be in my party despite not being next to me.

    1 AnswerLas Vegas10 years ago
  • Can a gaming website do this?

    It just seems a like a lot to offer.

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  • Is anyone proficient with Adobe Video software?

    I just can't figure out how to keep the audio of a first video clip into the 2nd. (Instead of hearing the 2nd video clips audio.) I want to keep the first. How do I do or manage that? I pretty much want the audio from the first video clip to play for the entire making of the video.

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  • Who likes rated M games?

    If you do than you really need to sign this petition or say goodbye to them!

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  • Need ideas to make a Just Cause 2 video?

    Looking for funny/cool/interesting video ideas that can be done in the game, Just Cause 2. I will then add effects to it (music, words, etc.) and give you credit publicly for whatever you contributed.

    1 AnswerPlayStation1 decade ago
  • Please help on this math question?

    Evaluate 6.055 x 10 (-4) + .044 in scientific notation. The number in the () is the tiny number that follows the ten. Not another number to multiply.

    1 AnswerHomework Help1 decade ago
  • Help me with a girlfriend problem?

    Alright so we met last summer and started going out. But her parents didn't want her to date yet so we kept it a secret. Of course some jerk of a friend found out and threatened to tell her parents about us if we didn't break up. So we broke up. But she came to me again and said I miss being your gf and I misinterpreted saying where did that come from? She must of been hurt cause she immediately got a bf. Then finally when I understood that she wanted to get back with me I told her I still loved her. Eventually she broke up with him and got back with me. We were happy for months. But then I found out she cheated on me >.> with another girl. I told her I never wanted to see her again. Then a month later she came to me in tears saying she truly loved me and said sorry for what she did. We are back together but I keep thinking about the her cheating and if I can trust her? I really do love her but idk what to think or if I can trust her. Help please?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • What if god caused the big bang?

    No rude comments or anything like that. I just want very organized, mature, people to tell me what they think. Alright, there is proof that the big bang happened. The frequencies and radiation (or something like that) was detected by satellites on the earth proving that the universe was expanding. Which means a giant explosion would have to have occurred. Big Bang. Now what cause this...I say god. What do other people have to say?

    8 AnswersAstronomy & Space1 decade ago
  • Why do people hate the PS3 and like the 360?

    It has better graphics then the 360 (for those that don't believe look up the ps3's disc rate speed), blu-ray, free online gaming, siax controller(which means no battery), good games (yes they are coming, just give it some time), better technical support, and I could name off so much more. The only good thing about the 360 is XBOX Live.

    30 AnswersPlayStation1 decade ago