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  • “急”需要知道現在應該唸什麼科系,對將來比較好找工作呢?



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  • *急急*誰來幫忙我翻譯一下,下面的意思阿!!(英翻中)拜託





    謝謝~~~ 3Q~~

    He is tireless in changing the realities of our daily life, sublimating our roots and the deepest wellsprings of our being into his changes. He captures the essential spirit of the sea for B幯eteau, turns the toothbrush into a noble object, squeezes lemons but the " wrong " way, and even makes our TV sets more fun to be with when he brings his " emotional style " into Thomson's electronic world. He also takes time out to change our pasta, our ash-trays, lamps, toothbrushes, door handles, cutlery, candlesticks, kettles, knives, vases, clocks, scooters, motorcycles, desks, beds, taps, baths, toilets ?in short, our whole life. A life that he finds increasingly fascinating, which has brought him now closer to the human body with clothes, underwear, shoes, glasses, watches, food, toiletries et al., still determined that his designs shall, as ever, respect the nature and the future of mankind.

    The world's museums are unerring. Paris, New York, Munich, London, Chicago, Kyoto, Barcelona - all exhibit his work as that of a master. Prizes and awards are showered on him: designer of the year, Grand Prix for Industrial Design, the Oscar for Design, Officier des Arts et des Lettres, and many more.

    Always and everywhere, he seems to understand better than any other our dreams, our desires, our needs, and our responsibility to the future, as well the overriding need to respect his fellow citizens by making his work a political and a civic act.

    Crazy, warm yet terribly lucid, he draws without respite, out of necessity, driven by a sense of urgency, for himself and for others. He touches us through his work, which is fine and intelligent indeed, but most of all touches us because he puts his heart into that work, creating objects that are good even before they are beautiful.

    ED MAE COOPER (journalist)

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  • 請問如何從《高雄》坐『高雄客運』到《高苑科技大學》呢?





    謝謝~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3Q~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  • 請問現在就讀二專一年級那暑假可以報考四技轉學考嗎????





    如有人知道可以告訴我ㄇ????? P.S.越快越好因快放暑假了!!!!

    謝謝啦!!!!!! 3Q ~~~~~~~~~~

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