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  • Can I use an airsoft gun for Halloween?

    I live in California. I've been planning to use an airsoft gun as part of my costume.

    It doesn't have the orange tip, but a mock suppressor.

    I'm not just going to be using the gun, I'll be in a full woodland MARPAT BDU and black loadout.

    I'm also not going to be walking around in it, just sitting outside passing out candy. It's just going to hang around my neck really, I don't plan on pointing it at people.

    I'll also have the battery out and it's not going to be loaded, obviously.

    Just looks a lot better when I have a gun to use instead of just the loadout.

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  • How do I stop the yelling?

    First and foremost, I yell at my girlfriend and I want to stop.

    I don't yell at her often, just when we get into heated arguments, but that doesn't justify it.

    Lately we've been getting into more and more arguments, so I've been yelling at her more and more.

    I want to stop it, I know that it hurts her and it hurts me too, I would never physically harm her, but I know that yelling at her can be just as bad or even worse.

    I always thought that it's because how I was brought up. I come from a family that communicates by yelling at each other, I grew up yelling at everyone in my family, it's not that we were mad at each other, it's just how we did things.

    However, I see how much I am hurting my girlfriend, I love her to death and I want to stop it. I've been trying to stop for awhile now but I can't completely stop. I hate myself so much when I do it. I once made her snap at me and she yelled at me, just that one time frightened me, so I know how it feels and I never want her to go through that again.

    I just need some suggestions as to how I can avoid this, I plan on getting rid of the habit entirely, but for now I just need help on keeping calm.

    Please help, any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    I love my girlfriend and I want her to be happy.

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  • Can I use an airsoft gun as part of my Halloween costume?

    Me and my girlfriend have already started working on costumes for Halloween, and I was wondering if I can use an airsoft gun as part of mine?

    It doesn't have an orange tip, it's an actual airsoft gun that I use for field play, I just figured it'd go great with my costume.

    I replaced the orange flash hider with a suppressor, but the gun is also custom and is two-tone, black and tan.

    Would I be able to use it?

    I need a definitive "yes" or "no" and why or why not because "maybe" isn't going to help.

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  • Looking to join a Black Ops clan on XBOX 360?

    Yo, been playing for awhile now but it's starting to get boring playing alone. So I decided I'd like to join a clan. Gotta be one that plays all of the gametypes, not just one.

    I'm best at Team Deathmatch.

    Good at Headquarters and Domination.

    Fair in Demolition, CTF.

    Average in Sabotage and Search & Destroy.

    As for Hardcore, I'm good at Hardcore TDM, haven't played enough of the remaining Hardcore game types to say how good I am at those.

    I'm a Level 50 14th Prestige. (I don't plan on prestiging to 15th, I see no reason to.)

    All time K/D of 2.35 and still rising.

    Weekly K/D averages out around 2.50 - 3.50.

    I also use an assortment of guns, attachments, etc. The only type of guns I do not use are shotguns, I find that AR's are better suited. I am capable of rushing, supporting, sniping, defending, flanking, etc. I'm not pro, but I'm definitely not bad.

    I don't really care about the clan member's K/D as long as they all play well together, play the game correctly, aren't amateurs, know what their doing, and aren't immature.

    By the way, I will not join clans with names such as "weed," "usuk," "isuk," "noob," dick," and so forth. I find that idiotic so don't even ask.

    Give me your gamertag and I'll see where it goes from there.

    Also, please try to give me as much info about the clan as possible.


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  • Why do I keep getting disconnected from XBOX Live? Someone please help!?

    Okay so here's a the problem:

    For the past few days, both me and my brother have been getting disconnected from XBOX Live, and we always seem to get disconnected around the same time every day. He uses a wireless adapter and I use an ethernet cable. We not only lose connection to XBOX Live, but also to the internet from our laptops. Everytime this happens I unplug my router and modem for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. That usually works for a few more games or until the next day.

    So I'm just trying to see if anyone knows what the problem is and how I can fix it? Our network is secured with a password, but we continue to get disconnected everyday, and oddly enough, always around the same time.

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  • Why can I not use my webcam on my Dell XPS M1530?

    I purchased a Dell XPS M1530 recently on eBay, and everything works fine. But I upgraded the Windows Vista to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I'm looking all over the place trying to activate the integrated webcam, but I can't find a way for some reason. Is there no way to use it for Windows 7 or am I just not looking in the right spot? I can find the Dell Webcam Console, but there's no way for me to turn on the webcam from there. Someone please help me. Thanks.

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  • Why is my Samsung Eternity not getting service?

    I recently purchased an unlocked Samsung Eternity A867 here in the United States, and when I received it and put in my SIM card, the phone didn't get any service. Why is that? I waited a bit to see if it would get service, but it never did. Can anyone help me with this?

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  • What is wrong with my laptop's CD Drive?

    I own a Dell Vostro 1000 and recently the CD/DVD Drive hasn't been working. I don't have a DVD player or a TV in my room, so I decided to watch a movie on my laptop. When I opened the drive and stuck the disc in, the movie wouldn't play. I checked all over my laptop hoping that maybe I just needed to open up the media player, but nothing. So then a few days later I tried burning a CD but my laptop wouldn't read the disc, is there something wrong with my CD Drive? I don't want to have to buy a new one if there's something that I can do to fix it.

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  • Does an unlocked phone bought from Hong Kong work in the United States?

    I purchased an unlocked KU990 from Hong Kong and had it shipped here to America. I'm using AT&T. Should it work with my 3G SIM card? It's currently not working and I don't know why. Would I need to purchase a different code that works in the US?

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  • Why isn't my LG KU990 working? PLEASE HELP!?

    I purchased my LG KU990 unlocked from Hong Kong about two weeks ago. I just received it in the mail yesterday. But now everytime I try to use it with my SIM card, it says "Emergency Calls Only" and will occasionally get a faint signal, but then soon after it will lose the signal and say "Emergency Calls Only" again. I am using this phone on an AT&T network, and I believe that my SIM card is a 3G card, at least that's what it says on the SIM card. So shouldn't everything be working properly? Could it be my location? I live in Hemet, CA and all of my other AT&T phones have been working fine. What could be wrong? Please help me. Thank you.

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  • Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered?

    Hey everyone.

    Everytime I try to watch a video in fullscreen the screen goes blank, flickers, then goes out of fullscreen and I get the message "Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered."

    I have a Dell Vostro 1000

    ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 with latest updated software

    4GB RAM

    Latest Adobe Flash Player

    I'm not sure how I can fix this.

    I keep trying to find solutions online but they all tell me to download driver scanners and they only scan my laptop for outdated drivers. Then I don't have any outdated drivers, and when I do I have to register to fix them which costs money that I don't have.

    Please help!

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  • How do I package my iPhone to send it off for repairs?

    If I need to send off my iPhone to Apple for repairs, what do I send it off with?

    I know that I need to send the phone of course and the service information with the repair ID.

    But do I send it off in the box or do I just bring the phone in with the documents and let UPS do the rest?

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