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  • Why is it difficult to fire a government employee?

    Ok, I understand the difficultly of firing union employees and I understand that if a crime is committed, it's easier to get rid of an government employee.

    However, why is it so difficult to fire a poor performing employee and replace them with someone more proactive and innovative? This questions applies to front line workers and those considered management.

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  • How to get from the USA to Dubai without flying?

    If you needed to go from the US to Dubai but you will not get on an airplane, how would you get there?

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  • Do I tip if I am having a complimentary meal at a restaurant? ?

    I'm checking out a potential restaurant for our office holiday party. I'm going to sample course offerings. I won't be drinking or anything but am I supposed to leave a tip?

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  • Who is allowed to open an aircraft from the outside?

    Ok, so a flight attendant was talking and questioned why they were not trained to open a door from the outside. My first thought was, "Why do you need to?" I figured the FAA would have some regulation online but came up blank other than a memo regarding an attendant who closed doors when a plane was on the ground and then opened it and was thrown. Anyone in the flight business have a site I can reference that basically says "It's a safety regulation because_____.

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