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  • Best way to keep tall boots clean?

    I just got my first pair of tall riding boots, they're Ariats with zip-up backs and laces in the front. I have had paddock boots before but never boots like this. What is the best way to keep them clean? with my paddock boots I used to wash them every few months with a damp paper towel and some mild dish soap and leather conditioner but these are brand new and pretty expensive so I really wanna make sure I keep them looking nice! the lady at the store told me to clean them after every ride with a damp sponge. any other tips? thanks! :)

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  • Ways to improve riding?? Please help!?

    So I ride at a barn that is mostly for beginners. Not many more advanced riders. My instructor only has two lesson horses; a seventeen-year-old Roman-nosed grade gelding and a ten-year-old Hanoverian gelding. We're trying to plan out showing schedules for next summer, which should be basically decided by February. Only me and one other girl are interested in showing, and we can't both ride the ten-year-old. So my instructor needs to choose who rides who.

    Sadly, I can only ride once a week, thanks to a full schedule. But I have until February to show my instructor that I want to be the one to ride the ten-year-old (who I have been riding regularly in lessons), and I'm going to do this through a hard work effort. But since I can't do any more lessons or anything, what kind of exercises can I do?

    I ALREADY do:

    -Wall sits


    -Calf and heel stretches

    -Sit ups.

    PLEASE do not suggest any of these.


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  • Help with sitting trot? [stupid 20 characters!]?

    I've been riding for six years and a lot of people tell me that I have a beautiful seat on the horse. Usually sitting trot is no problem for me, but I recently starting riding my instructor's Hanoverian gelding. He's such an amazing horse, but his trot is MUCH bigger than any horse's I've ridden before. He almost floats when you watch him, but when you ride him, it's very big and jouncy. Very easy for the posting trot. But I can't sit to it.

    Any tips for sitting a very big trot? I don't feel like I'm doing him justice jouncing around on his back.

    Thanks! No rude answers, please!

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  • horse fundraiser? any ideas?

    so in this story I'm writing for school, (it's about horses naturally!) the main character has to do a fundraiser to save some ponies that she's fallen in love with. The problem is, I can't think of any good fundraiser ideas! I really want to make it something about horses, but not just horsey people are attending it. So I thought--pony rides for the little kids . . . and then what else?

    Any ideas please? Thank you!!

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  • Hanoverian Sires (20 characters)?

    Today I rode my instructor's Hanoverian gelding and we were discussing his bloodlines. She said his sire was a very famous, amazing horse, only I can't remember his name!! I knew I'd heard it before but now I can't seem to think of it and it's driving me insane.

    Can anyone offer any insight on this? I know I'd know the name when I saw/heard it. I'm pretty sure he's imported from Europe, and the horse I rode today (his son) is almost 17 hands, dark bay gelding, ten years old. One white foot and a stripe on his face.

    I know it's a difficult question to answer, but can anyone help me out? Thanks!

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  • Going to a show--need answers!?

    All right, so this winter, there is a possibility of me being able to go to a few shows--No, I don't live in Florida, but a barn a few hours away has a winter circuit for showjumping that my new barn goes to every year. I've competed in a total of one show in my whole life, but I've been to plenty of other ones, so I know how it works. This past summer, I groomed a few ponies from my barn, so I had to do everything the same--get up early, ride to the show with them, etc.

    But mostly, the problem with the showing is that, like everyone else, my parents have been affected by the economy. We don't have a lot of money, which is the same reason that I've never been able to show. So for this show I'm going to need:

    -Riding polo (it's a casual show, so no hunt coat or anything)--preferably a dark color like navy or black, to contrast against the gray horse I'd be riding

    -Tall show boots--with any luck, under $100 and with a zip-up back

    -Beige/tan breeches (I wear black ones for schooling)

    -Spurs--small, silver, not too noticeable, conservative--probably Prince of Wales or something like that

    That's all I know right now, but those are the basics. Can anyone tell me where I can get these gently used for a reasonable price? Also, any show tips or guidances you have to offer would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much!

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  • Critique my riding? Pretty please?

    This is me and a lesson horse, Genius, at a lesson a few weeks ago. No, he's not mine, but he's a nice jumper :) He's a 17-year-old Canadian Warmblood gelding. He gets pretty excited going to the jumps and it's hard to slow the old man down sometimes :P It was one of my first times jumping him and the jumps are up to 2'0 high. I'm REALLY hoping to show this winter a bit, and maybe next summer. What do you think of my position?

    P.S. I just started at this lesson barn and the teacher is a little different from my old one, but I like it a lot so far!


    Thank you!

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  • Good books for fifth graders?

    So I'm looking for good books for research. Right now I'm writing a book about a girl and horses, aimed at the fifth-grade age group, and I was looking for some good horse books that fifth graders or ten-year-olds might read, for the kind of content that they like to hear about.

    Right now I'm looking at;

    -The Horse Diaries

    -The Horseshoe Trilogies by Lucy Daniels

    -High Hurdles by Lauraine Snelling

    If you have heard of any other books about horses for that age group can you tell me? Thanks so much!

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  • Please help, very heartbroken....?

    So I just got horrible news. My barn owner and instructor is closing her barn. Just like that. Effective immediately.

    I've had kind of a hard run. I started out with a good trainer, but after a few years moved to this barn, and this was the best place. It was perfect for me. Awesome people, made so many good friends. The only problem was, I couldn't jump. I LOVE to jump. The horses I was riding didn't jump. But I waited it out and a few months ago I started jumping again, and it was great! I recently started saving up in case I got the chance to show next year because my instructor had been hinting on it. Finally things were going right.

    And now, just.... boom. No more. All boarders and lesson students must move out ASAP. For family reasons, she said. I am so sad! Everything was going GREAT! I love the horse I ride... but his owner may be moving him to a barn that just does dressage, which means I'll be choosing between the horse I love and the discipline I love. I have no idea what to do. I'm shocked and heartbroken; we all are.

    I'm just looking for any pointers, tips, comments, etc, on what it's like to move barns. The first barn I was at was hard to leave, but then at least I had a choice! I was having such an awesome experience at this barn. The lessons were the highlight of my week.

    Can anyone please help? I just need something to tell me that everything's going to be okay. I feel like such a little kid asking that, but.... that's it.

    Thanks. Sorry for the rant. No mean answers please.

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  • Critique my riding? Photo?

    I ride an 11-year-old Morgan gelding. Just started jumping about 7 months ago. I'd done a little jumping before that but now we're training him (and me!). He's doing quite well, just got back from a lesson. Only one refusal, no ducking, rushing, etc. He jumps up to 2ft, but I'm sure he can go higher.

    This was taken about three months ago. He does have a tendency to "over-jump" but that's not such a bad thing. I love him to pieces absolutely!

    So can you critique us? Thank you!

    Here's the link: I hope to have videos up soon, after my next lesson! :)

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  • Am I ready for a horse????

    Okay. Here's the situation: I am almost fifteen and I've been riding for almost six years (got riding lessons for my ninth birthday. Before that rode sometimes at my friend's house). I've ridden Western AND English, but ride English at the riding stables. I can easily:

    -Tack up (English/Western)

    -Walk/Trot/Canter (Never galloped--no good place for it where I ride :[ )

    -Clean tack

    -Hose off/Groom/Bathe horse

    -Ridden mares/geldings from ages 8-24

    -Handled biting, bucking, girthy, young, spooky, and generally misbehaving horses.

    -Fallen off five times

    -Am now jumping at 2 feet, just started 8months ago with a horse who'd never jumped before. He's now doing wonderfully.

    My parents are fully supportive and they always watch my lessons. My mom used to own horses when she was my age but her family had to sell them. When I was leasing, sometimes she'd hop on the horse for a quick lesson and she did pretty well (she wore my boots).

    I wish I could lease. I love the horse who I ride now to death, he's such a sweetie and he's only 11 but does everything you could ever want. The owner is a friend of my mom's, middle-aged. She loves him to death too. Absolutely DOTES on him all the time! :) But she's out there five days a week (not on the day I ride and we give the horse one day of rest since he's working so hard all the other days), and I know that she wouldn't want to give up the time she has with him to let me lease. My instructor thinks that I'm ready to show, but Dusty - the horse - doesn't show. He never has. And his owner doesn't show either. I would really really like to be able to show. I used to with the horse that I leased at one point (he was sold to another barn) and I LOVED it! But I know that I probably won't be able to show next summer, and I only ride Dusty. Every other horse there is either a boarder, booked solid with lessons, or leased out already. :(

    My mom knows how much I desperately want a horse, but our financial situation right now is not great. I live 15 minutes from the barn and I could be out there in a jiffy if something went wrong. I know how to spot and handle small cuts, ringworm, and colic, and I can identify when a horse is feeling sick or looks underweight or unhealthy.

    So even though I know I probably won't get a horse in the near future, I just have to know. Do I earn the HS's seal of approval? And what would you do about the showing issue?

    Thank you!

    P.S. I know that showing is VERY expensive, but I have a "horse show shopping list" that my instructor gave me. It includes the costs, and I'm secretly saving up "just in case" ;)

    PPS. Would you critique this picture for me? This is Dusty and I a few months ago, when he was still in the learning stages. We're jumping higher now.…

    Thank you! Sorry for the "life story!"

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  • Which of these photos should I use?

    There is a photography contest in my area for aspiring photographers. I want to enter a picture and the subject is "summer 2010 in Michigan". I might go out and take a new picture for it, but if I wasn't, these are the photos I already have that I was thinking about entering.

    Any thoughts on them?

    Thank you and no rude answers please!

    Photo #1

    Photo #2

    Photo #3

    Photo #4

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  • Exercises to get my heels down?

    Right now I'm jumping a little over 2ft, and my instructor says we could easily go higher, but I need to get my heels down more. I can only ride once a week because that's all the horse I ride is available and we don't have enough money for more anyway :/

    I know HOW to get my heels down and I CAN, so stretches against the wall or something won't help. I do those already.

    I wish I had a saddle so I could practice my two-point at home, but I don't!!!! :(

    Anyway, are there any exercises I can do at home to get my heels down during my lessons?

    Thank you and no mean answers please :)

    Section Suggestion FAIL: Beauty & Style > Fashion and Accessories. ???

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  • Why are geldings not supposed to go out with mares?

    Today my mom accidentally put the gelding I was riding out in the mares pasture, and this one Friesian mare and him REALLY started going at it! No one (including the horses) was hurt, and we got the gelding back in his right pasture again quickly. I've always known that mares are not supposed to go in the pastures with geldings, but can you tell me why? I know that mares go into heat and get really snappish and all, but other than that. (I think the mare that started kicking the gelding today was in heat, in case you were wondering, because usually she's totally laid-back. and all the other mares just kind of stayed away)

    No rude comments please, thank you!

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  • Please help, dealing with grief for a lost horse?

    Recently, the riding community at my barn lost a very special pony: a little cross (welsh we think) dun hunter/jumper named Boo Boo. She was full of heart and spirit, was very kind and gentle and adorable, and one of those horses who would jump anything you put her to. She'd jumped almost 3'6 before and she taught so many little girls to ride. she was only nineteen.

    She came down with colic in an unoperable place in her abdominal opening. Instead of risking death on the operating table, they decided on euthanasia. My instructor has a daughter who is ten. She was Boo-Boo's official owner, and she'd had her for almost four years. She is very devastated. Also I ride with another girl, who I believe is also ten, who was leasing Boo-Boo and showing her. They had a long summer full of jumping shows ahead of them and for all of the three years that this girl rode, she'd been riding little Boo Boo.

    Any thoughts on helping them through their grief? Boo Boo was a very special pony and we all loved her and enjoyed seeing her kind face every day at the barn. Right now I have made a picture collage of Boo Boo for the girl who leased her and for my instructor's family, and I was thinking of putting flowers in Boo Boo's stall. Any thoughts on this?

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  • How high can this horse go?

    I have just started jumping this horse 2months ago, and he is great!! Details:

    Breed: Morgan

    Age: 11

    Physical Condition: Very Good

    Other Discipline(s): Dressage, used to be a carriage horse

    Vices: N/A, unless you count over-jumping.

    Right now we are jumping up to 1'6, and working on trotting to, cantering out, as well as finding distances, increasing confidence, and doing small courses consisting of three or four jumps. He's doing everything fine except refuses the odd jump every once in a while and doesn't like fences set up over the diagonal. Everything else, he's doing great at. He is still very green.

    Every time we go to a jump, he's very concerned about hitting his hooves so he over-jumps by at least six inches. I have pictures and I can tell! He's quite tall for a Morgan and is very solidly build. My instructor and I are trying to figure out how high he might be able to jump when he is better at going over all of them, etc. I am thinking at least 2'6 with ease, but I haven't jumped in a while.

    Any suggestions? He really seems to like doing something other than dressage, which is the only thing he's done for four years :)

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  • WIld horses/ponies in Virginia (south)?

    so in June, my church group and I are going on a hike in the Appalachian mountains... in Virginia somewhere, I think more south in the state, and our leader says he's hiked there before and they around there are famous for their wild horses/ponies! I'm naturally very excited to take some pictures (i am also somewhat a photographer..) and i was wondering if anyone knew what kind of horses these could be. I was thinking maybe some kind of chincoteague, but I thought that those only lived on the island of assateague, except for people who buy them at the annual auction.

    Anyone got some insight on this?

    Thank you!!!

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  • Help! Need to find this dress!?

    My family just got back from visiting my aunt and uncle in Michigan where I saw a beautiful dress at a Younker's. My prom is in two weeks and I wanted to get this dress. But we were flying to and from so my mom and I agreed we could just find it on the internet when we got home! Well, now we're home and I CAN'T FIND IT! I'm freaking out a little.

    I've looked on the Younkers site, but I couldn't find it there. It's floor-length, blue, kind of ruffly like this:

    spaghetti-strap, with a black band a little higher than my waist, and (most distinguishing) has a paisley pattern on it. This pattern is black and made of a different fabric than the dress itself, something like black velvet.

    PLEASE, if you have seen a dress like this or find it on the internet, post it on here with the link.

    Thank you!!!!

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  • Why are there 21 contenders in the Derby right now?

    I'm confused, on the Kentucky Derby website, it says that there are 21 horses running in the race. There is one horse without a photo, however: "Backtalk". Every year I chose my first, second, and third choices, but I don't know who's going to be in it this year as long as there are 21 racers!

    Can someone please tell me what's going on and when we will know exactly who is running? I know that there are only ever 20 racers.

    Please no mean answers. Thanks!!

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  • Suddenly Aggressive cat! please help!?

    I am taking care of my neighbors cat while she's away, and I've taken care of her before. She's an older cat who loves attention and is only an indoors cat.

    I went over there today, it is my third time this week. I give her new food, clean water and empty her litter box every day. So I gave her food and water and cleaned her litter box, then waited at the top of the stairs to wait until she was done eating. Past experience tells me that she gets lonely and likes to be petted after she is done eating.

    She hopped up from the basement (Where her food is) and came to me, rubbing her head against my jeans and purring very loudly. I petted her and she seemed to love it, purring the whole time. After about ten minutes she walked away from me and started back down the basement stairs. I reached over to turn out the light and said, "Bye, kitty," then started walking towards the door. Suddenly the cat leaped at me, sinking her claws into my leg and biting repeatedly. I stumbled back wards and she let go, but remained only feet away from me, hissing and meowing loudly while crouching menacingly. She gave me two long cuts (But not deep) and they are still bleeding. Can someone PLEASE tell me what I did wrong and what I can do to fix it? This has only happened once before, years ago, but under much less baffling conditions.

    Thank you!

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