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It took a while to figure out what may be important for others to know about me. My life experiences cover a broad spectrum from working with battered women, AIDS survivors, the elderly and a history of volunteering in other fields. I am an "Acquired Brain Injury" survivor following 2 brain tumours and a stroke, HOWEVER, my intelligence is intact, I have a wicked sense of humour, and nothing pushes my buttons faster than injustice, or discrimination (in any form). My interests include (but are not limited to): Writing poetry (Published); Painting watercolours (a talent discovered after brain surgery!); T-shirt Art (My own work & label); and Writing (presently working on a book). Reading, mindless T.V., Computer games, eating sweets, and "Answers" are my indulgences. I have recently learnt fear and have taken to looking under bridges for Trolls. If you want to be a Contact, just ask first, okay? Be glad to be; the alternate sucks! Peace.

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