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  • How do you take out an earring?

    this might sound a bit weird, but i have had an earring ever since i was but a small child. now, years later, the thing begins to pressure my ear, and i have been adviced to take it off, problem is, whatever i tried, the thing doesn't seem to budge. anyone that has any tips for taking it out?

    1 AnswerInjuries6 years ago
  • can i enter the UK from Netherlands with an European ID-Card?

    in about a month, i'm having a school trip to London, so i'm wondering if my ID card permits me acces to the UK? or would i need to have a Passport made for it? the fact that they are not Schengen, is what confuses me in what i need to enter the country.

    2 AnswersOther - United Kingdom7 years ago
  • looking for B737-800 Livery(FSX)?

    i'm looking for a china eastern livery for the 737-800. i've tried alot of different textures, but the ones that SEEMED to work, were for fs2004, and the only ones for SFX i could find end up with the texture not being loaded. so does anyone know where i can get a repaint? i want the older paint. like here

    Youtube thumbnail

    and definitely not the new texture with the orange bub's.

    4 AnswersAircraft7 years ago
  • any buzz sequel for PC?

    it doesn't have to be an buzz title. any other sequel is good enough too. and i just like any game that does NOT REQUIRE SOUND as i''m not in an ideal position for it.

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games7 years ago
  • Has life become hopeless for me?

    as of late, i feel like i could kill myself without anyone bothering. my life has become pointless.

    im a 14 year old dutch. verified with both giftedness and autism. (although if autism is correctly diagnosed, is still but a question. i would even almost think they had some documents gone missing.)

    on the first two years of my study, (yes when i wass but a toddler) i spoke very badly, and was redirected to a secial education school cluster 2. cluster 2 is for comunication troubles. withtin years i spoke very well, and no one could even have a idea of why i even got on the school, it also was really easy and i never had to learn anything. i could fill everything inn whenever needed, and even did tests early on because waiting for it was wasting time. it were nice years, until around my 8th. i became somewhat depressive mostly during winters, and i still have no idea why. this was all not that hard. but until i moved on to high school..... they advised me to go Gymnasium level (highest education level in the country) but... they didn't take the test they were supposed to, but some custom-made one wich doesn't even go higher than the lowest sub-level of the middle education level. (see dutch school systems if you want more information..) and that way, no school was even going to take a try. also added to this comes that i came from a cluster 2 school (although the indication wasn't valid anymore) and that there are no cluster 2 schools that go higher than middle education level. while the regular schools are somewhat declining towards people with a cluster indication. no school wanted to took me so or only resort was to reobtain a cluster 2 indication under the name of autism. as i had symptons of it. i got the indication 2 days before vacation ended, and could still get to a school. wich had up to middle level education and only the first half. (later on we also found out the school is poor and almost closing down) after the first half of the year my grades were way too high, they contacted a school that gave gymnasium and they took me on. however they were SO critismfull.. even though i did best in class (D:) it wasn't normal for any school. anywhere. any level. i got really depressed from this, added to that after the second half of year they simply said. "we don't want our name blurred with an autistic student" and simply put me out. 2 days before vacation so nothing could be sorted out anymore. that year i also was home for months until a school was found. and i became really depressive. and when i tryed to pull myself trough it, the family also began tearing apart, my parents are at the point of going to separate, while money has to come from both and otherwise we wouldn't be able to buy food. that's how poor we became. all my clothes are even ragged and teared apart. if i complete this study there will be even no money to continue studying for a job. so i think my life becomes pointless.(this about 1/3 of the story) i thought of killing myself but the hope better times might come have hold me up. does anyone has some advise for what to do?

    2 AnswersMental Health7 years ago
  • why doesn't glue stick in the tube?

    okay, at first. this is a serious question, and not one of these funny joke ones. i've been wondering this myself for a long time now, so how do they achieve that the glue won't stick inside the tube but does once it comes outside? there's got to be something. and really. i don't want any of these sarcastic ones. gimme a serious one or don't give me one at all.

    2 AnswersHobbies & Crafts7 years ago
  • what's wrong with me?

    okay, as of lite i've started dreaming weird, in all of my dreams there's a black, flimsy, and even ghostly/fox like creature, wich suddenly turns to stare at me, then his eyes turn fell and deadly red, with an awful schreaching, just before i wake up, even one time while in the train overlooking the station, i thought i've seen it again, but when blinking back at it, there was nothing, but i still have the feeling it's watching me, just not breathing on my neck, like it's waiting for the right time to intervene.

    can anyone tell me whats going on?

    2 AnswersPsychology7 years ago
  • Amsterdam-Naples by train?

    i live in amsterdam and i want to visit family over in naples sometime soon, i'm not the owner of a car and currently i can't afford a Flight ticket either, so i decided to go by train. can anyone please help me plot out this trip or atleast direct me to where to look? i just have no idea how to do it.

    6 AnswersOther - Europe7 years ago
  • what does WIP mean on the internet?

    on forums i continuesly see WIP. and having no idea what it is i would like to know it by now ^^

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay7 years ago
  • how to remove these icons?

    i need to remove those blue and green circles from my maps and files, how can i do that?

    screenshot of one of my directories:

    2 AnswersSecurity7 years ago
  • Need serious help with game maker! D&D variables!?

    im making a super mario bros replica game. and now i want an system that unlock levels.

    for this i used a variable called global.lvls, wich each ''level button object'' would check.

    however now when i go back to the Level Selection screen the variable global.lvls resets to 1!

    does this have to do with the Create Event i use?

    and above all, how can i make sure my variable keeps the same when i move back to the Level Selection screen?

    (you know, like its 4, and if i go back it keeps at 4, not 1)

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design7 years ago
  • is there any ferry running between africa and madagascar?

    is there any ferry that runs between africra and madagascar? i couldnt find anything on the internet.

    5 AnswersMadagascar8 years ago