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I'm a relativist and a libertarian. I'm 18 years old, and I attend the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs. I plan on majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in Conflict and Security--and Arabic. I plan on working for the military after college, then hopefully working at a government agency. PROFILE:

  • Do I have a chance to get in the Navy or Air Force OCS?

    I am currently a junior at the George Washington University and I major in International Affairs concentrating on Asia and minoring in foreign history and religion. I will probably graduate with a 3.2-3.3 GPA.

    Languages: English and Mandarin Chinese (advanced)

    Work Experience:

    1. Intern at the Eurasia Center

    2. Global Policy Intern at the Semiconductor Industry Association

    3. Student Assistant at the US National Archives

    4. Special Assistant at the Organization for International Cooperation

    5. Taught English at a high school in Hangzhou, China

    I'm studying abroad next semester in Shanghai to improve my Mandarin. I've taken numerous classes on East and Southeast Asia (history, politics, foreign affairs), as well as geography, micro and macro economics, statistics, religion, US Foreign Policies, military history, etc...

    I used to take Seroquel my freshman and sophomore year regularly, but my doctor is weaning me off of it this year and I should be completely off all medications by next year. They misdiagnosed me with Cyclothymia my freshmen year, which I'm afraid will defer my chances of getting in.

    Am I competitive enough for Navy OCS or Air Force OTS? I really want to work as an intelligence officer in either of these branches.

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  • Is 1000 yuan enough in wuhan, china?

    I'm volunteering in Wuhan, China over the summer for 6-8 weeks. My accommodations is paid for (housing and 2 meals a day), but I wanted to bring some extra money for when I go out to the city on the weekends. I was wondering if 1000 yuan (about 130$ or so US dollars) is enough to get me by for 2 months.

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  • I've been feeling tired and cold lately?

    I've been getting enough sleep (about 8-9 hours), but I'm still constantly tired and very cold. I'm not sure what it is exactly. It's even hard for me to get out of bed. I don't feel weak or anything, I can still do things around my room or even go out sometimes.

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  • Non-Dualism and Eastern Religions?

    I'm writing my philosophy paper on non-dualism and how it relates to religion such as Hinduism and Buddhism. However, I am still a bit confused about what non-dualism even means. I know it's that the mind and the body are the same thing, but how can I elaborate on that notion? Can somebody explain it to me better?

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  • I get a weird type of hangover.. help?

    So, whenever I get a hangover I constantly throw up the entire day. However, when I don't throw up while I have a hangover, I'll still be nauseous and my head will still hurt a couple days after (or until I throw up). Is there a way I can get over this hangover without forcing myself to throw up? I constantly drink water and eat bready things.

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  • Working in a government agency with a mental condition?

    I'm an International Affairs major and getting internships within the field. However, I just found out that you cannot be in the military with a mental issue such as cyclothymia (lowest level of bipolar). Will this also prevent me from getting any government job such as Department of State, CIA, DOJ, Homeland Security, etc..?

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  • Do I have to tell the military about mental problems?

    I am currently attending college at the George Washington University and majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Religious Studies (mainly Eastern). I am also learning Mandarin.. I hope to get into the Officer Candidacy School for the Air Force and work in Intelligence. However, I have cyclothymia (a low level of bipolar, but not exactly). I have to take Seroquel and Lamictal for this condition. Do I have to tell the military about this issue? I know this will effect my chances of getting into OCS.

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  • Student Loans, who should I go with?

    I'm taking out about 10k a year for private loans, but I'm not sure who to go with. So far my options are Wells Fargo, Discover, and Sallie Mae. Which is the best, and are there any other private loan carriers that I should probably look into?

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  • Funny feeling in uterus?

    Just to start, I just got off my period yesterday and I'm a virgin. But I have this funny/tickle feeling in my uterus and small cramps in my pelvic bone. Is this normal? Like I said, I'm a virgin and just finished my period.

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  • App on Iphone won't delete?

    I added an app on my iphone called Turtle Fly and 1. It never completely downloaded and 2. I can't delete it now. I tried manually deleting it from my computer, but it's still on there!I even tried deleting it from the app store. I can't download any other apps because now this one isn't loading... I don't know what to do. Is there any way to delete it??

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  • I need to take out a student loan, good idea?

    I'm going to a really expensive college next year. I got 30k in grants and 8k in scholarships a year. The school is giving me 8k a year in loans, and I still have 10k to pay but my parents won't pay for the rest. I was wondering if it is possible to take out a 10k loan, at least for 1 year to see if I can get a job when I move. And if so, is it a bad idea? I have a brief understanding of economics with APR, interest rates, and monthly fees. I just dont know if it's a bad idea for a student with no credit to take out 10k.

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  • I'm really worried about and I don't know what's wrong!?

    So, my teacher called me out of class telling me that i got a 64% originality on! And over 40% of it is from "other papers at my school". It's also ONLY on 2/4 research papers we had to do, the other 2 were only 5% and that's because of my quotes and stuff. I never gave anybody my research papers (it was 4 turned in at the same time), and I never cheat on anything! I'm a straight A student, and got accepted to the school I dreamed of going, I don't think I'd jeopardize that by cheating and knowing it was going through The teacher won't even tell me who's paper is similar to mine, and it's from another class. I have no idea what's going on, and I have to "prove my case" that I didn't cheat. Only thing I have is that 1. I have all my citations and how I got them 2. I have a certain writing style, and if I would of plagiarized, it would of been very obvious, and 3. I kind of messed up on my work cited a bit on my first 2 research papers I realized. I have no idea what's going on, and my teacher won't believe me that I didn't cheat because "she doesn't know me". I'm freaking out! If I get an F, then I get an F in the class which means I"ll get my acceptance revoked and get a referral, which means I won't get to walk for graduation!

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  • Which language should I learn?

    I'm going to GWU next year and I have to take a 2nd language for my degree (international affairs). I'm stuck between either learning Arabic or Russian. I know Arabic would be more practical for my degree, but I'm thinking that EVERYBODY is learning Arabic because of the issues in the Middle East.. I was thinking of learning Chinese, but I don't want to get into int'l business. Can anybody help? Thanks :)

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  • Which language should I take in college?

    I'm going to GWU next year and I have to take a 2nd language for my degree (international affairs). I'm stuck between either learning Arabic or Russian. I know Arabic would be more practical for my degree, but I'm thinking that EVERYBODY is learning Arabic because of the issues in the Middle East.. I was thinking of learning Chinese, but I don't want to get into int'l business. Can anybody help? Thanks :)

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  • After Muhammad died, do you think...?

    He should of left a successor to help him spread the word of Allah and Islam? I mean, before he died, Islam was actually a really good religion. Women were created equal, their theological ideas were good, it was an overall decent religion! Then, Muhammad died and he left his followers confused as to what to do next. If Muhammad left a successor or something to allow his followers to still continue on with the Islamic belief (instead of dividing into 2 sects: sunni and shi'a), would Islam be different today? Would there be less-to-no wars in the Middle East, and would women have equal rights like how they did before Sharia Law and the Hadith, and would we have conflicts with the Middle East? What are you opinions? (Please no ignorant comments).

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  • If religion is based off of astrology then...?

    Would the astrological zodiac chart change impact the idea of certain religions? I know that for approximately 3000 years, the astrological chart was set and many religions (pagans) used astrology in their religion. Christian derived from all types of religion: paganism is one them. Therefore, would the idea of religion change because of the astrological chart change?

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  • Took highschool asvab test, are these good scores?

    I got a 71 on the overall exam. (I think in math I got a 91 percentile, in paragraphs I got a 93, verbal I got a 83, etc...) Yet I got a 3 on the mechanics, will that impact what "career" I can get in the military? I plan on going to the navy after college-- obviously I won't be getting a career in mechanics.

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  • Good haircut for tall woman?

    I'm 5'8 and 130lbs so I'm slender and tall. Right now I have really long, straight hair and no bangs. I'm thinking of getting thick side bangs, but what would be a good hairstyle for my type of figure?

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  • Navy ROTC Chances? Please chance me.?

    I already got accepted to the George Washington University, so I heard that will increase my chances too. I'm going to the Elliot School of International Affairs and majoring in IA with a concentration in Conflict and Security.




    3.8 UW; 4.3 W GPA

    25 ACT score (my weakness)

    Great essays (my recruiter said they were good)

    Amazing recs

    Rigorous classwork:

    AP Lang, AP Lit, AP US History, AP Government, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Physics B, Honors Pre-Calculus, Honors World History, Honors English 2


    International Winter Guard, Co-Captain Color Guard, Cheer, Track, Secretary of NHS, and Dance.


    High Honor Roll, Principal List

    Community Service:

    150+ hours in tutoring, hostess for National Science Convention, food bank, Holiday community service projects, etc...


    Went to a National Security and Counter Intelligence Conference at Washington DC over a summer. I visited the Pentagon, CIA, etc... and met with DoD, Homeland Security, etc... I received college credit in Counter Intelligence too.

    I applied in early December and they counsel received everything by Dec 10th which means I"ll probably be in the January board? Since it's so late, I'm afraid it'll lessen my chances. Do I have a chance in getting this scholarship?

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  • Left Switch Leap Help?

    Okay so I almost have my left switch leap (right foot back into a left leap), but I can never get my left leg high enough. My right leg is perfectly back and I just need a little more height in my left leg, is there anyway to get the power to swing it up a little bit? I have a perfect left/right leap, so it has nothing to do with that.

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