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  • I have a 40 inch aoc gaming monitor mainly used for PS4 with Bose speakers attached.?

    The sound is great but I need louder speakers or maybe a sound bar. Any recommendations?

    1 AnswerHome Theater1 year ago
  • Scene from an Addams Family movie?

    I don t know if this was actually in a movie or I had a dream about it for some reason but is there a Addams Family movie where Morticia died/fainted? I remember her and Gomez sitting on a bench in a cemetery then Gomez crying for her to not leave him. Yeah i remembered this "scene" a couple years ago and it s been on my mind ever since.

    1 AnswerMovies3 years ago
  • Samsung Smart Tv no audio?

    I bought this tv sometime in March/April and it was working fine until a couple days ago. Suddenly one night both the tv and cable box went out and I don't know if I hit a button when trying to fix it but now a certain channel will have no sound or a channel will have the music in the background but no one is talking. Right now I have the game on, I can hear the crowd cheering, the football players, and referee's whistels but no voice reporters. It's driving me crazy and I want to know if I just have to hit a button or get a new cable box? Video is working just fine

    1 AnswerTVs6 years ago
  • Hooking up my xbox to a Smart tv?

    It's been about 3 or 4 years since I've played my xbox 360 (I have the white one) and since then I bought a new Samsung Smart tv, I had an RCA before that. The other day I wanted to play it and tried everything to get it connected. Doing it like I used to, plug in the color cables, hooking up the adapter, switch the source on the tv but it wouldn't show up. I'm wondering if I have to buy a new adapter or some type of cable for the console to work with this tv?

    3 AnswersOther - Games & Recreation6 years ago
  • About Amazon Prime?

    I was curious about how Amazon Prime actually works. I have tried the 30 free trial last year for Christmas shopping but didn't use the other features on it. Today I was looking at it from my tv and was wondering if I have to pay $80 a year do I still have to pay for the movies and tv shows that I want to watch that cost between $15 to $20?

    2 AnswersOther - Computers6 years ago
  • Adding photos to computer without a memory card?

    So I recently came back from the beach and learned that I didn't have a memory card in my Samsung camera and smacked myself in the head for this. I was wondering if there was some way to still add those pictures I took onto my computer. Can I try it from my usb cable, somehow search for it through my Start Menu? Thanks in Advance

    4 AnswersCameras6 years ago
  • Help knowing if sending camera back or need a new charger?

    I just recently bought a Fujifilm Digital Camera and it's not charging. When I have it plugged in the wall it's not showing it's charging but the camera will turn on, when I use the usb to plug it in the computer the camera doesn't turn on at all nor indicating it's charging and the camera by itself not plugged into anything doesn't turn on but that could be because it needs charged. Does it sound like I need a new charger or should I take it back altogether?

    3 AnswersCameras7 years ago
  • Looking for a new digital camera?

    Currently I have a Samsung that is HD but I'm having problems with blurriness and want to get a new regular point and shoot camera but can't decide what a good one is under $500.

    3 AnswersCameras7 years ago
  • How to treat my hands after an allergic reaction?

    I have been working at my job for 3 years now and only recently have I been having an allergic reaction to the gloves we have to wear which I find completely weird! They're vinyl gloves and we have the option to wear powder or non powder. At first I thought I just had eczema but it has gotten worse and I ruled it out and believe it's the gloves that are causing it since the redness and itchiness get's worse after work but gets better when I have a couple days off. I switched to non powder but that didn't work at all. My hands are completely redder than a lobster, itchy, painful, and flaking. I do have a dermatologist appointment next week so I'll see what she says but before then is there anyway to relieve the pain/itchiness?

    1 AnswerAllergies7 years ago
  • What's the best over the counter medicine to take?

    for allergies? Specifically itching, because I have Eczema on my hands and have tried all these ointments that haven't done a darn thing and yesterday I tried Benadryl and it stopped my itching instantly. Main problem is drowsiness though and would like to try something that's non drowsy so I can use it before I go to work.

    1 AnswerMedicine7 years ago
  • What are good places to go in South Carolina?

    I'm going on vacation to Myrtle Beach (first time at the beach) and was wondering what places I should visit near there? Is there any memorial places, haunted sites, or parks or anything I should try? I'll be there for at least a week 16th to the 23rd.

    3 AnswersOther - United States8 years ago
  • Need more songs for a long road trip?

    I like anything 70's, 80's, 90's older or present. I have songs like Sammy Hagar's I can't Drive 55 and I've Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash. Fun songs like Barbie Girl by Aqua too. And most of Katy Perry, Pink, Lady Gaga and Avril Lavigne. I feel like there's more great songs out there that I need to groove to.

    6 AnswersOther - Music8 years ago
  • Looking for road trip songs?

    I'm going on a 12 hour car ride to the beach and I'm looking for good songs for my playlist. Any decade (70's,80's,90's,present) will do as long as it's upbeat.

    5 AnswersOther - Music8 years ago
  • Having issues with itunes?

    All the songs/albums I've bought recently this month have not been working properly. I thought since I updated itunes recently that everything worked fine but after buying 2 new albums and a song last night it hasn't. Every time I try to listen to it on itunes it skips it completely like it's not there but it does sync to my ipod and while on the ipod it will stay on the song but there is no sound or exactly one song on the album works and only halfway through. All other songs work perfect and I'm trying to figure out what's wrong.

    3 AnswersMusic & Music Players8 years ago
  • I need a small but sturdy desk?

    I have very small space left for a computer desk and the one I just purchased the other day is way to wobbly. I need a small but sturdy desk for my 15 inch computer (and it's not a flat screen)

    I had something like this a couple years ago that I absolutely loved but it might be too big

    Nothing to expensive either, up to $150 is my limit

    3 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)8 years ago
  • what is an awesome video game?

    for xbox 360 or ps2 that's like Bully: Scholarship Edition or Psychonauts and also for some reason I can't get into any games with guns in them so COD and Left for Dead, etc. is out. I also like racing games but more the lines of Need for Speed.

    7 AnswersVideo & Online Games9 years ago
  • what is my occupation for my taxes?

    I work at a fast food restaurant and am the main dining room person but I also prepare the food and give out the orders and sometimes do fries. So what should I write down as my occupation on my taxes?

    5 AnswersOther - Taxes9 years ago
  • 70's, 80's, and 90's bands/musicians?

    I'm really in a kick for new music specifically during these times and was wondering if it was too much for a list of all bands/musicians back then or your favorites.

    6 AnswersRock and Pop9 years ago
  • any books with post apocalyptic themes?

    kinda like Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry, where people deal with zombies after 15 years. It doesn't have to be just about zombies though anything paranormal vampires, werewolves, etc or nuclear war, etc.

    8 AnswersBooks & Authors9 years ago