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Forza Ferrari! It doesn't sound right! We don't need froce we need grip!

  • Piquet Jr and Nakajima Why are they still here?

    I can understand a driver being slower than his teammate due to the car not suiting him, he is new in the team.....etc.

    These two are way slower than their teammates, plus they are crash freaks and front wings haters. Do you think they deserve to stay in their current teams?

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  • Doesn't Domenicali sound desperate?

    There is clearly no plan to improve in the next few races.

    Side note: Mclaren called to WMSC. That doesn't sound good

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  • Should the FIA boost the KERS a little bit?

    It seems that teams prefer Ballast over it! Kubica is faster than Heidfeld without it And If Ferrari, Mclaren and Renault were fast enough they would have left it. I don't think that's what the FIA had in mind when they made the rules. So do you think the FIA should increase the Hp or the duration of it so the system stays alive? Or maybe they should increase the minimal weight limit?

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  • Who will pit first tomorrow?

    Predict who will pit first in tomorrow's race?

    The first right answer gets the best.

    I say Vettel

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  • Some Bernie-Style new qualifying system suggestions?

    Go ahead and smoke some of what Berine smokes and come up with a "bright" idea for the qualifying system next year

    Worst idea gets ten points.

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  • This rule still exists......?

    I remember back in 2004 the FIA's rules indicated that 24 cars can take the start of an F1 race and a minimum of 20 cars must enter a race.

    Is this rule still active and if it is, what will happen next season if Honda wasn't bought by someone?

    Good old days when there was more teams than the grid can take and the FIA declined them.

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  • Who benefited more from the 2008 season?

    Massa Or Hamilton?

    Both gained more experience and matured throughout the season but who do you think developed more?

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  • Do you really believe the Bernie's vision will come true?

    If Bernie's medals system was applied in the 2008 season the constructors ranking will be like this:

    1- Ferrari 8 Golds

    2- McLaren 6 Golds

    3- Renault 2 Golds (??????????????)

    4- BMW Sauber 1 Gold 7 Silvers (???????????)

    5- Torro Rosso 1 Gold

    6- Toyota 1 Silver 1 Bronze

    6- Williams: 1 Silver 1 Bronze

    8- Honda 1 Bronze

    8- Red bull 1 Bronze

    10- Force India 0

    I mean how can Williams have the same ranking as Toyota???? and Honda the same as Red Bull? Or how is Renault above BMW??

    Also Rosberg will move up the ranking from 13th to 8th!!!! above Truli, Glock and Webber!!!!!!!!

    Personally I think it will never happen. And I don't think that "the teams" will be very happy!

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  • What is your favourite corner/curve in F1?

    Lets keep it to the 2008 races which includes Canada and France.

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  • Australia 2009........ ?

    How many drivers you think will finish the race?

    2008: They only removed traction control and we had 6 finishers only with a lot of going off track.

    This year we have less down-force, Slicks and Aero restrictions.

    So you think it will be harder or easier for the drivers?

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  • Monaco would be better or not?

    If they removed the Noveulle chicane after the tunnel making it a longer straight towards the next corner Tabac providing more overtaking opportunities. No screams about tradition the circuit was modified several times already!

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  • Points system modifications?

    Would you like to see this in 2010 season? (Not all of them necessarily):

    1- One point for pole position.

    2- One point for the fastest lap.

    3- Extra point for first place earning the winner 11 points instead of 10.

    4- 4 points for leading +75% of the race.

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  • If Kimi Raikkonen didn't take a nap from Valencia to Singapore...?

    and Ferrari had their both drivers going for the title, do you think that their chances would have been better or they would have lost it Mclaren style?

    No hate answers, no the FIA or Glock being cheaters. It is just a what if question!

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  • Anyone noticed that...?

    Alonso had some tears after the race yesterday? Also Kimi did look like a textbook Iceman.

    Another thing: Who do you think was the man of the race and strategy of the race?

    Mine are Vettel and Kimi's strategy.

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  • Any Idea why .............?

    1- Hamilton locks his brakes way too much? He locked his brakes in practice today like 8 times and in other races too.

    Heikki also does it but on a smaller scale while I rarely see the Ferraris locking theirs.

    2- Is their a map of the circuit inside each car (that little paper on the right)? A lot of fans know exactly the course of each circuit!

    Two questions in my mind for a long time

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  • While everybody is concerned about Hamilton Do you think Massa can mess it up?

    The guy made mistakes before and this is his first time competing for the title, so he is less experienced than Lewis when it comes to title deciders. So Will Massa win the race and wait for Hamilton to screw up or he will ensure the safety of Hamilton's nervous system?

    BTW nothing against Massa as I am rooting for him, it is just that all the spotlight is on Hamilton.

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  • Your Nightmare scenario for Brazil?

    What is the worst thing that could happen at Brazil?

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  • To some of the McLaren fans (Not all of them)?

    Why should it be this way? Your favourite driver Lewis won the race with dominance leaving the two Ferraris behind without any interference from the FIA.

    New spirit and no cracking under pressure which gives you better hope at winning the title.

    The question is why can't enjoy the moment rather than bashing Ferrari's two drivers? which from my point of view were no less than Hamilton this year and if it wasn't for Ferrari's reliability issues their hopes might have been better.

    FIA isn't Ferrari biased and you know it so stop acting like fools

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  • How interesting would it be if Alonso hit Hamilton in China or Brazil?

    After what he said about helping Massa?

    Not that I want it to happen..... Well yes I hope it happens but the point is how will Alonso be treated by the FIA and other drivers even if it was just an accident?

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  • Isn't it weird (Post race press conference)?

    I don't want any opinions about the incident just Alonso's comment.

    No Ferrari International blah blah. No Hamilton deserved it

    (Livio Oricchio – O Estado de Sao Paulo) To all drivers: The stewards decided to give Lewis Hamilton a drive-through penalty for what happened at the start. Do you consider that was fair? here was the response of the three drivers:

    FA: I agree.

    KR: I don’t know. I didn’t see the whole thing. I only saw him when he came up next to me. I’m not sure if he hit me or not but they make their decisions, so I have nothing against it.

    RK: I don’t know what happened in the first corner, so it’s difficult to judge

    Kimi Raikkonen who got hit said he didn't know while Alonso who benefited the most said yes. Note that Kubica was at the same position and saw exactly what Alonso saw.

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