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  • Does anyone know the name of this anime?

    I'm trying to remember the name of an anime 've watched a long time ago. I can't remember much about it only some bits and pieces, and i'm not even sure if they are right.

    It was a sci-fi anime and there was this girl involved that was a weapon of mass destruction or something. She would transform into.. something(cant remember exactly)... and she would bring the extinction of mankind. One of the final episodes where this should happen is held on a ship, and then on a bridge or something. Not sure if she does end up bringing the end of the world or not, but either way there's also a guy involved, that tries to stop her. That's about it that i remember, 'im not sure about the girls nature (if shes human, or some hybrid, or initially human and then evolved, etc.)

    Hopefully somone has an idea of the anime.

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  • (Portugal) O que é preciso para entrar na Faculdade de Ciências?

    O que preciso para entrar na Faculdade de Ciências em lisboa? Para além do dinheiro, como é que se dá o processo de eliminação. È preciso ter umas notas especificas?

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  • Quanto é que ganha um ... em portugal?

    Eu estou muito indeciso quanto a minha futura profissão e gostaria que alguém me pudesse dizer qual destas seria melhor em termos de salário. Algumas das profissões que estava a pensar são:

    Engenheiro Informática


    (também se conhecerem mais alguma profissão que tenha a ver com as tecnologias, mas que envolva programação)



    Não preciso de valores exatos, podem apenas dizer qual é que teria mais probabilidades de se ganhar bem ou na qual possa ter um bom futuro. Já agora, eu tenho notas para qualquer uma destas profissões (5 a tudo excepto EF, que é um 3 -_-. O que posso dizer, sou péssimo em ginástica.)

    Eu adoro física, mas também gosto de programação.

    Estou mais virado para física e astronomia, mas tenho medo que não possa ter um bom futuro nestas áreas... especialmente aqui em portugal. Na verdade, não estou a planear ficar aqui, mas isso hei de ver depois se eu conseguir ganhar uma bolsa numa escola privada.

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  • Need help with a small math problem.?

    So i was doing a math problem (find out the area of the dark region in this square : ) and at a certain point you get this equation:

    Until here, it's all fine and dandy, since it's the area of a square (4*4), minus the area of the smaller half circle and the bigger one.

    What i'm having problem, is how do you get from this part:

    To this one:

    I feel so ashamed, but I'm probably missing something since i just can't figure it out...

    Also, those two equation are right, so don't bother looking for errors. I just want a explanation on how you get from one to another. I hope that's not too much to ask.

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  • Team Fortress 2 Console.?

    The console doesn't wan't to open. I already have it enabled in the options.

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  • PayPal Fees?! Need help...?

    Could someone explain me this:

    If the papal fees are 1,9% + 0,30 USD, then if i receive 0,40 USD ( I know it's kind of stupid, but let me finish), then it means i will only receive

    0.40- (0.40 * 0.019) - 0.30 = 0.40 - 0.076 - 0.30 = 0.324 - 0.30 = 0.024 USD

    Is that how it works?

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  • Change ip to an american one....?

    How can i change my ip to an american one? But not using proxys, because it's about a game, and i need to play it, but it's only available in america. I was planning to use smart hide, but it isn't free anymore.

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  • Installing Windows XP Pro on Linux Mandriva...?

    How can i install my Windows XP Pro, on a laptop that is already installed with Linux Caixa Mágica 12 Pro (it's the same as Mandriva). I'm not sure how to format the drive, and i can't seem to find how many drives i already have. I want to install xp, and leave only 20 gb for linux, and the rest system space for xp.

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  • GTA: San Andreas help...?

    I have the GTA CD, but one of my file was corrupted (The audio Cutscene file). I decided to download that file, and replace it, but the CD is protected and i can't simply replace it, so i need a way to do that.

    I was thinking of maybe copy the CD content onto my computer, and then replace it, and copy it to another CD, or transform it into a iso, and then use daemon or magiciso, or poweriso. But i'm not sure how to convert those files into a iso files on my computer and not in a CD, and i would like to using a free software.

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  • Zoo Simulation Games...?

    Does anyone knows any game where you control a zoo, or something like it. An example of this type of game is Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (YouTube: Trailer: Gameplay:

    And Zoo Tycoon 2 (YouTube: Trailer: Gameplay:

    There almost the same thing, but i think you get the idea. In those games you can make a park and must treat the animals(and in zoo tycoon, they can bread, and you can also make an self sustaining ecosystem). But if you don't remember non of a game like this one, i would also like some games that has animals or something (but not vet games, and they must be with more animals, not just one pet).


  • America's Army installation!?

    I was trying to install America's Army (v. 2.8.4), and when i used the deploy client, when he starts to download the files, he saves them in my C: Drive, but i don't have much space in taht one, and i would want to use D:, but i don't know how.

    Could someone help me?

    Or just make a guide here how to download it.

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  • Qual computador devia escolher? (

    Estou a ter dificuldades em escolher um computador, mas estou a pensar no "Portátil INSYS GameForce HD 8761SU" porque tem uma placa grafica muito boa.

    Ser+a que me podiam ajudar em escolher um dos seguintes:

    Também queria dizer que o operador não interessa muito, mas preferia que fosse da Tmn ou do Optimus.

    1 AnswerLaptops e Notebooks1 decade ago
  • MMORPG, with no skills.?

    Does anyone know a good MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game), that has no skills, like Roma Victor?

    Roma Victor-

    Also, IT MUST BE FREE!!!!!

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  • Adobe After Effects 6.5 Professional Free Trial.?

    Isn't there any Free Trial for Adobe After Effects 6.5 Professional?

    Software1 decade ago
  • I need a logo, please, i don't have any ideas!?

    I would like a logo. I'm not selling or making my own company, but i want it to be my mark. To put it in videos that i make, or other things like that.

    The kind of name that i like, is Google or SMP (Smart Minded People). Something like that. A simple, but smart name. Google is not a real word, but it's based on one (i don't remember it).

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  • I need to recover a folder!?

    Does someone know of a go software that let's me recover a folder. I other programs, the folders are named "Folder 1234". My file was in "D:\". Also, i wold like that the software could indicate me when it was deleted (if it's possible).

    And one more thing, IT MUST BE FREE!!!!!!!!!

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  • Does any one know some good configuration options for camstudio?

    I need some good configuration for camstudio. I'm recording fullscreen, and using Xvid, version 1.1.3.

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  • I need a software to split a video file.?

    I need a software that let's me split a video track in format .avi and also other formats. And i'm not planing to buy the software, so it must be free.

    And it can change the size of the video, because the size of my video is 1024 / 768 pixels.

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  • Ikariam...?

    I need a name for my alliance, but i haven´t got any idea, can someone give me some ideas.

    1 AnswerNewborn & Baby1 decade ago
  • I have some questions about Ikariam...?

    1-What's the max. number of people in a city?

    2-I heard that it's better to leave the trading port in level 1. Why?

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