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iLove... Life, Philanthropy, Cultural ∂nthropology, my Hubby, fudge, Yoga, Global Angels, Gratitude, Holistic Health, Mother Teresa, Raw Culinary Artistery, Dancing, Volunteering, & NonProfit Leadership; along with all the other worthwhile aspects of life. Greek words that describe what my life is Abundant with: πιστότητα (faithfulness), γενναιοδωρία (generosity) θετικότητα (positivity) , ἀγάπη (true love), χάρισμα (chárisma), ¶ρπαξε τη μέρα (carpe diem), γαλήνη (serenity), Θεραπεία (therapeutic) γέλιο (laughter), ουράνιος (heavenly), φιλανθρωπία (charity) & ομορφιά (beauty). All because I choose to see life as a miracle with infinite possibilities. My Book (in progress): 7 Soul Healers Business (in progress): Healing Soul Yoga

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