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  • Word Problems please show work!?

    Rob and Edward are selling cheesecake for a school fundraiser. Customers can buy a New York style cheesecake and apple cheesecakes. Rob sold 16 New York style cheesecake and 16 apple cheesecakes for a total of $496. Edward sold 10 New York styles cheesecake and 13 apple for a total of $367. What is the cost of each of the apple cheesecakes and the New York style cheesecakes?

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  • How to find x-intercept?

    The equation is y= -6x+280 what is the x-intercept? Would it be a fraction because that is what I got, but I want to verify my answer.


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  • 4 pictures 1 word level 216?

    There is a girl carrying a box ( she is blowing the hair out of her face) a car full of stuff, a hour glass, and a man with a gun and binoculars. Four letters, OUAECMGDYLHH.

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  • 4 pictures 1 word question?

    I'm on level 153 and I'm stuck. The pictures are: fishes near coral, a woman with her arm extended outward, a night sky with the moon and stars shining, and lastly water with bubbles. The letters are G,J,U,E,P,I,D,V,E,S,R,H

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