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  • What's this movie?

    I watched this movie years ago and would like to know the title of it, thanks. Here's what I remember:

    A girl is in the woods next to a river, where she sees a young man kill a woman.

    Time passes and the two meet and they act really weird as she hints at what she saw and he's tempted to kill her. They go to a hotel at one point, I think, but nothing happens.

    The movie ends with the two going on a boat ride in a lake and she starts acting wild, standing up and shaking the boat while the guy is freaked out. I'm pretty sure she's suicidal. She dies by drowning.

    The movie cuts to the boy crying saying he didn't do it and the police guy says he knows. I think the police guy knew the boy killed the first girl but not the second, but wants to use it to imprison him for the first one, which didn't have enough evidence to convict him or something.

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  • For Christians who don't believe in Hell: What will happen to the devil, beast and false prophet?

    A new popular opinion is that Hell isn't an eternal place of torment and punishment, because that would be too harsh for simply a lifetime of sin for man.

    But Hell was made for the devil and his angels, where they and the beast and false prophet would eventually end up in the Lake of Fire (Matthew 25:4; Revelations 19:20; 20:10).

    To say Hell was too harsh for man so it mustn't exist is to say it's also too harsh for these wicked persons.

    So what is their ultimate fate?

    The same as man, to live in a state of nothingness as per popular opinion?

    I personally think it's the other way around, man will have the same fate as the devil, whose sin doesn't extend to a lifetime but to an eternity, just as the remission of sins and forgivess through Jesus Christ results in eternal life and reward.

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  • What do you know about Aboriginal Day?

    Also, happy National Aboriginal Day!

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  • YouTube's Proud to be Christian? :P?

    The rainbow heart gave it all away.

    And of course I'm kidding.

    But here's the origin of the rainbow anyways!

    GENESIS 9:12-17

    And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”

    So God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth.”

  • Would the USA be unreasonable to reject a terrorist group's peace treaty?

    In a hypothetical situation.

    If the terrorists bombed, drove down and axed civilians, stabbed them, shot down a seniors home, children's schools, surrounded the country's border and constantly announced their extreme hatred and desire to wipe out all USarians and broke the first peace treaty with missiles all resulting in shortage of food and water and constant air raids.

    Would these terrorist's actions justify the USA defending herself and reject the peace treaty?

    Wouldn't that be that be unreasonable? I mean, sure, those were horrible but imagine the damage the USA will cause! Completely evil, completely absolutely and definitely...

    Oh, the hypothetical situation has the USA with no allies so nobody would help the them if they got attacked...

    And the news would completely ignore your suffering to focus on your forever negatively viewed actions, even if it's self defense.

    I guess self image might supercede safety...?

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  • Windows Update won't work- how to fix it?

    Windows Update doesn't download or install anything at all.

    When I check for updates myself, it states the WU needs to be updated itself. I click install and it fails.

    It says this:

    Windows Update could not search for new updates.

    Code: 800F0922

    This problem occured when I did a PC refresh.

    I need to update so I can get Windows 8.1 (then hopefully Live Essentials can be installed and I can get my Windows Movie Maker Live).

    Please and thanks.

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  • Attachment image

    Problems installing Windows Live Essentials after PC refresh?

    After refreshing my computer, it went from 8.1 to 8 (I think) with Movie Maker Live gone.

    I haven't upgraded yet.

    I downloaded and attempted to install Live Essenstials but it says it can't.

    Microsoft's website says I need to turn on Window's Firewall.

    The problem is I can't.

    I have Norton 360 Premier that has its own firewall and won't let me switch to Window's one.

    Turning the Smart Firewall off still doesn't allow me to turn on Windows Firewall.

    I also think the problem is the Live Essentials haven't been properly uninstalled and left some junk behind.

    Windows Live Essentials doesn't appear in the Control Panel Programs and Features, though.

    I also found something called CCleaner but don't know how to exactly use it.

    My questions are:

    Do I have to completely remove Norton to turn Windows Firewall on?

    Are there files and folders I can delete myself specifically for Movie Maker Live (and photo gallery since they're apparently a pair)?

    And how do I use CCleaner for Live Essentials leftovers? I fear I'll accidently permanently delete important stuff.

    Any other help would be appreciated. Please and thanks.

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  • Do I NEED a MediaFire Pro to do a single download for multiple files/folders?

    'Cause the button's there but all it does is open a message, telling me to upgrade to MediaFire Pro.

    It says it's for the bulk-download feature, which it says makes downloading easy by combining it into a single Zip file and saves you time.

    I can live without the clean packaging and speed. Is there a way to download multiple files/folders with a single download or do I have to individually download each one?

    If so, that button is a mockery.

    Please and thanks.

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  • Abortionists: Are pregnant/non-pregnant women equally or disproportionately valued in terms of life?

    For example: Two women are walking down the street when a man jumps out with a gun. You witness this and negotiate. The armed man is crazed but will allow one woman to live at the cost of the other dying.

    Theoretically, at this point, both women have a 50/50 chance of surviving.

    But one woman is pregnant. The other is not. And you have to make the decision or both will die. Who will you save?

    There are certain twists: Should you save the pregnant woman, she will later continue her walk to her scheduled abortion. She is poor and makes bad choices in life.

    Should you save the other, she changes the world. She is rich and successful.

    Factors to consider:

    Financial state

    Future Positive/Negative influence


    Which women is worth saving that you will save?

    Do the above factors take priority over the pregnancy or vice versa? As in, do you consider the actual women or the fact that one is pregnant making the other factors irrelevant?

    Remember, from the perspective of an abortionist, the fetus is a clump of cells, parasitic and might possibly grow up to be a detriment to society due to a poor family situation.

    If the life of the fetus doesn't matter, you're purely judging by the women.

    If you're simply judging by the women, pregnancy is irrelevant and both women are valued equally. The death of the pregnant woman is no worse than the death of the non-pregnant woman.

    Please and thanks for answers made to the best of your abilities.

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  • When I write a story set in the US, do I have to change my usual Canadian spelling?

    For example, from "flavour" to "flavor".

    I'm writing a story set in the United States but I live in Canada and prefer the "u" in my spelling.

    Is this okay? Or should I change it to American?

    I've been suggested to change it but I find it unnecessary.

    Please and thanks.

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  • Why aren't the rest of the letters in "LGBT" in the category title in Yahoo! Answers?

    The full version is LGBTQQIP2SAA.

    Three questions.

    1) Why be so specific?

    Can't "queer" describe most of these, or "gay" for both L, G and B?

    2) Why are there exclusions despite being SO specific?

    There's "allies". Why isn't there "straight/heterosexual"?

    And then they have "intersex". This is a medical condition. Not an orientation or preference or wondering if they're gay, etc. or not. Why is this on here?

    3) Do people actually accept "two spirit"(2)? Christian beliefs are nonsensical, but native mythology is acceptable?

  • Is Vicks VapoInhaler okay to use orally?

    Those sticks you were supposed to use for your nose. I had a friend who used it for a cough, inhaled it through his mouth.

    Is that bad? Does it even work for coughs?

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  • If two men identified themselves as female and liked each other romantically/sexually, are they lesbians?

    No operation, no hormonal treatment, no cross-dressing. Both are obviously physically male.

  • Anyone knows this cartoon?

    An old cartoon, probably around 1990s, about talking birds. The birds are like humans, living in a house and kids go to school, and the main character is young.

    I remember these episodes, one where the family plans a trip and gives the main character a list of things to pack. He doesn't read it and at the last moment puts a bunch of random junk in his bag. The family goes out flying and there's a scene where the family takes out water bottles and ask why he didn't bring one too. He's makes some excuse but is obviously thirsty too.

    And another episode where the protagonist is in class and starts imagining stuff. I think he had a crush on his teacher and imagined them being together or something. He got in trouble for disrupting the class.

    That's all I remember. Please and thanks.

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  • When will the new Sailor Moon anime air?

    It's January now. Has there been a specific release date yet?

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  • Doesn't not believing in Creationism mean rejecting the bible?

    Most of this is just technicalities for those nit-picky people and/or child(-like people) who stumbles upon this. Also not making a whole list of pro-Creation evidence and why Evolution is a lie. There wouldn't be enough room on here.

    The theory of Evolution directly contradicts with the bible, specifically the book of Genesis.

    The Young Earth Creation theory uses the book of Genesis as literal and actually has scientific bases without deforming the bible.

    Old Earth Creationism uses current science instead of the bible, thinks Genesis is not literal, and deforms the bible to go with current ideas.

    The bible says the world was created in six days. Evolution says it took billions of years.

    The bible says humans were created as humans. Evolution says we came from a piece of rock.

    I know it's not necessary to believe in the Young Earth Creationism theory. I know it doesn't affect your faith or love in Jesus. I know it sounds silly (to most) to choose God over man and favour modern science.

    Some people think this doesn't matter, or as one person put it "I don't worship at the alter of creationism."

    I would think this is important because it does means whether or not you believe in God or believe in people.

    Creationism takes from the bible. Evolution is taken from man.

    So what would it mean for a Christian to believe in Evolution?

    So what I'm asking is accepting Evolution as true and Young Earth Creationism as false, doesn't that mean taking the book of Genesis as false? Even if not taken literally? Some Christians do dismiss it entirely and even other parts of the bible. Can one even be a Christian and reject the bible?

    The bible is God's inspired word after all. What we know about Jesus' commandments comes from the bible. Tells us how to live, how to get saved, and even what's to come in the future.

    And just for you "Oh, it's not true just because the bible says it" people, there are many, many evidence FOR Creationism. Even scientists accept that. Don't believe that? It's probably due to all the hate in the scientific community and pressure to hide their opinions. Because that's what science is, right? Don't ask questions?

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