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    What are the x-coordinates where E=0?

    The figure shows a very large nonconducting sheet that has a uniform surface charge density - σ, where σ > 0 denotes the absolute value of the charge density; it also shows a particle of charge Q > 0, at distance d from the sheet. Both are fixed in place. (a) At what positive coordinate on the x axis (other than infinity) is the net electric field of the sheet and particle zero? In order for there to be a negative x coordinate where the field vanishes, the ratio Q/σ must have some minimal value. (b) What is that minimum value, and (c) what is the corresponding x coordinate?

    There are no numerical values given to the variables. All I was given are the variables themselves. It must be one of those mathematically conceptual problems. I was able to find the answers to parts A and B, but C seems to be beyond my grasp. Any help?

    Physics2 months ago
  • Better ways to study/note-take when reading?

    I'm in college taking a US History course this summer, and I have a tendency of rereading sentences and paragraphs, and my eyes and the front of my forehead tend to have a throbbing feeling whenever I read the material. On bad study days, after two or three hours, I would have only gotten through twenty to thirty pages, and that 's when all distractions are put away. Does anyone have any tips on how I can better study and remember material/take notes? Example being should I just skim through the material and highlight **** that seems more important than other **** instead of trying to thoroughly read every single sentence?

  • Can I get help with this physics problem?

    A space vehicle is traveling at 4610 km/h relative to Earth when the exhausted rocket motor is disengaged and sent backward. The relative speed between the motor and the command module is then 99 km/h. The mass of the motor is four times the mass of the module. What is the speed of the command module relative to Earth just after the separation?

    Physics8 months ago
  • Is this a good girl to start with or am I being used?

    Right now, I've never kissed a girl or ever gone further than that, but recently I started talking to someone who may potentially take my first kiss. Though for some odd reason, I just don't feel easy around her. We started talking about a week and a half ago when I accepted her chat request on Instagram. She goes to the same school. She seemed cheery and excited, and asks me if I had a girlfriend. I said no, and we started talking on Facebook Messenger. The next day, we talked all day, some of the topics being her relationship past and a mistake she made (she's a bit more experienced), and then we had a four hour video chat followed by a quick meet up. During the meet up, she expresses herself being fond of horror films with sexual content in it, and talks a little more about sexual themes (which I'm not quite comfortable with).

    The following Monday, I asked her to be my girlfriend, to which she said she wasn't sure and that she wanted to talk more. I felt rather saddened by the first part but slightly relieved by the second, since both parts were texted several hours apart. A few days later, she's a bit cutesy, and we're talking like what I think a typical young couple would. She sometimes calls me "daddy" (which I'm still unsure of), and she lets me call her "darling" and likes being called "poor thing." We met up at my graduation, to which she hugs me and gets a picture with me.

    (Continued in an update...)

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • A synchronous satellite above Mars' altitude?

    A synchronous satellite, which always remains above the same point on a planet's equator, is put in orbit around Mars so that scientists can study a surface feature. Mars rotates once every 24.6 h. Use the data of Table 13.2 to find the altitude of the satellite.


    - Mass of Mars is 6.42e23 kg.

    - Mean radius is 3.37e6 m.

    1 AnswerAstronomy & Space2 years ago
  • Physics Question regarding centripetal forces?

    A 0.50 kg ball that is tied to the end of a 1.5 m light cord is revolved in a horizontal plane with the cord making a 30° angle, with the vertical.

    (a) Determine the ball's speed in m/s.

    (b) If, instead, the ball is revolved so that its speed is 4.0 m/s, what angle does the cord make with the vertical?

    (c) If the cord can withstand a maximum tension of 9.1 N, what is the highest speed at which the ball can move?

    2 AnswersPhysics2 years ago
  • Why does it feel so hard to talk to people?

    I have heard that when I grow up and live out in the real world, it ll be very hard to meet people. They often say that it s so easy to make friends and to meet people in school and college, but I can t see their point because as a high school senior soon to graduate, it feels so hard to interact with anybody.

    2 AnswersFriends2 years ago
  • Need help on Physics?

    Two blocks A and B with mA = 2.5 kg and mB = 0.87 kg are connected by a string of negligible mass. They rest on a frictionless horizontal surface. You pull on block A with a horizontal force of 6.3 N.

    (a) Find the magnitude of the acceleration (in m/s2) of the blocks.

    (b) Determine the tension (in N) in the string connecting the two blocks.

    (c) How will the tension in the string be affected if mA is decreased?

    2 AnswersPhysics2 years ago
  • How much force (in Newtons) does the water exert on her?

    A high diver of mass 70.0 kg jumps off a board 10.0 m above the water. If her downward motion is stopped 2.30 s after she enters the water, what average force did the water exert on her?

    My answer was 426.1 N upwards, and the program that the assignment is on tells me that the upwards label was right, but for some odd reason, it's telling me that 426.1 N is wrong. This is due tomorrow. Help!

    2 AnswersPhysics2 years ago
  • Is a high school relationship worth it? Am I behind on the social curve?

    I'm a 17 year old male in my senior year, and as of yet, I've never kissed a girl or even been on a date. I don't really have any friends, and just feel as if I'm not a desirable person, even if I'm told I'm "smart" or "talented." I tend to fluctuate on whether I think I look good or not, but my parents tell me that I'm handsome. Of course, you can't quite take your parents word for everything, as their opinions of you may be a bit biased at times.

    I feel that I'm just not a likable person. I have interests very different from seemingly everybody around me; as they are very into sports and hip hop music, I'm a musician and have resorted to heavy metal and hard rock as my typical genre (though I am open to other genres, and I do have a long mane). I also have an Anxiety and Asperger's, and I feel that it's rather hard to approach anybody. I just wish that somebody, if anybody has their eye on me, would just tell me (of course, I have a looks standard, but I'm not so perverted as the other guys my age. To put it in simple words, even if it may sound crazy coming from a male: I don't want to have sex, or at least not with somebody casually. If I were to, I want it to be meaningful and not a shallow, carnal experience).

    I researched the topic, and it seems here in the States, the average age somebody experiences a first kiss is around 15, and the average age that someone loses virginity is 17. I hear that inexperience is also a turn-off. Am I just not fit for dating?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • How do I fix Firefox?

    A couple of days ago, I was browsing the internet as I usually do until my computer's hard drive just suddenly crashed. One second, all was normal; the next second, my computer was on, but the blinking light that indicated my hard drive was working wasn't, my monitor stopped responding, the computer's noise just crashed to a halt, and I had to hold the button to restart my computer. Ever since, Firefox won't even open, and I don't even wanna guess if other programs I use don't, either. My computer's been doing this weird **** for the past few days, and I'm getting tired of not being able to figure out the issue. Somebody help me?

    1 AnswerDesktops3 years ago
  • Could someone interpret what this dream means?

    I was reminded of what had happened in my mind last night at the sight of my alarm clock and wanted to ask what it meant. Basically, I wake up at night in a cryogenic chamber and try to run, but I was captured and find myself with my family, now much older. The year was 2050, and I was then a 49 year old in a 16 year old body. My brothers still lived their lives on the computer, but they were middle-aged men. My mother and father were elderly, and then there was me. I try to get a recollection of everything that happened as I look around the new world, and I felt so out of place and became overwhelmed fast. I look through my computer to see my YouTube history, and all of the videos were either 33 years or older, even reaching 45. I rewatch discs of a man teaching how to sing, and I realize that at that time period, he's dead. I find myself outside crying, hands wrapped around myself as my mother tries to calm me down, but the rest of my family didn't seem to care. I felt alone in a world I don't know, no idea what anything around me is or what's going on. I think about hair metal and realize that that was a very long time before. Apparently my family decided to knock me unconscious and have me placed in a cryogenic chamber without my word on it, reason unknown. Then I woke up facing my window like the last scene in my dream.

    4 AnswersDream Interpretation3 years ago
  • Hey, about USB operating systems?

    I have a Windows 10 PC, which last night, I had a 32GB flash drive with Kali Linux installed on it. I m still trying to figure out how I would boot the OS on the flash drive to the computer, and if I wanted to use my Windows 10, would I just turn the computer off and unplug the drive? Or is the process more complicated than that? Can I get some professional help before I potentially destroy my computer?

    2 AnswersSoftware3 years ago
  • I don't want to sound like my dad.?

    My parents and peers always tell me that I am a miniature model of my dad, but I don't want to be. I already look similar to him, and that's practically unavoidable. But I don't want to share his dialect. My voice is able to be deep, like his, but mine is a little higher than his, and of brighter timbre. But what about word choice? My mom sometimes tells me that I tend to have the same word choice, but is there a way for me to change the words I often use? I just don't want to be associated with my father, as I already share enough traits with him.

    6 AnswersFamily3 years ago
  • Best single set humbucker pickup for metal guitar?

    The heavy, distorted, crunchy tone I'm looking for is influenced by bands like Dio, Judas Priest, Blind Guardian, Van Halen, and a little bit of Pantera. The clean, smooth tone I'm looking for shouldn't have much of a pingy, sharp sound like blues or reggae, but similar to a soothing, pleasant tone like smooth jazz or close to an acoustic guitar. But I only have one pickup hole (at the bridge), and I need to find a good pickup to replace the crappy stock pickup (which I've played with since I first got it in 2008: at my skill level, it sounds terrible). Any recommedations?

    4 AnswersRock and Pop3 years ago
  • This bump on my chin?

    It wasn't there yesterday, I swear. And I just noticed it in the mirror a few hours ago. It kinds of hurts when I touch it, it's hard and not soft and it's easily noticeable when you see it. What is it?

    3 AnswersSkin Conditions3 years ago
  • How do I find whether a character is in a variable's value in PHP?

    I need to check whether an email has both a "@" and a "." in it, using a form field <input type="text" />. The PHP I'm using is here:



    $emailerr = "*Required";




    if(strpos($_POST["email"], "@") == "true" AND strpos($_POST["email"], ".") == "true")


    $email = $_POST["email"];




    $emailerr = "*Problem processing. Please type again!";



    It doesn't save the email to the $email variable when I type it in correctly. Am I doing this right? Is there an easier way to get the result? Help, please.

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design4 years ago
  • New guitar or vocal discs?

    I sold my Ibanez Xiphos XP300 in hopes to replace it with a better guitar (Gibson Flying V, white, Floyd Rose bridge), but I now only have $355 dollars to get a new guitar, and the guitar I'd be looking for is probably at least $1300 new. Then I realized that I have enough money to purchase the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy discs, and I have been wanting to get better at my vocals, and I do have a guitar that I'm happy with.

    My question for you is this: should I continue to save up a little bit of money over time to get that guitar, or should I buy the KTVA discs and get the guitar later on?

    2 AnswersPerforming Arts4 years ago
  • Honda's name has a meaning.?

    I was in Japanese class, and I learned that the kanji 田 (which sounds like ta or da, and means "rice field") can be combined with other kanji to make names. With the kanji 本 (which sounds like hon, and means "book") can be combined with 田 to make 本田, which sounds just like honda. The car company's name is Honda, and Honda is a japanese car company (search up "where did Honda originate?"). So basically, if you own a Honda, you are pretty much driving a book of rice fields. Anybody think so?

    (By the way, this whole thing is a joke, so don't take this seriously because you're not driving a book of rice fields; it's just what the company name probably means.)

    4 AnswersTrivia4 years ago
  • How do I fix the language on my keyboard?

    I have both English and Japanese on my keyboard, and every time I go to type something in Japanese, it automatically puts in a hiragana symbol when I click one button. I'm trying to fix it so that I type in the hiragana that I want instead of the keyboard assigning random hiragana to certain keys, but I can't seem to do it. Help?

    1 AnswerLanguages4 years ago