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    Cage for Green cheek conure?

    I am looking to get a bigger cage for my 2 year old conure. Currently I’m in the market to buy one online that is advertised as a “solid metal cage” coated with “non-toxic hammertone paint” which included stainless steel dishes. I was just wondering if this would actually be a safe cage for a green cheek.

    Also not sure if it matters, but the seller is Yaheetech which seems to be located in Ontario California. Per a customer picture, the cage comes in a box marked as "Made in China." The reviews are mostly 5 stars with the lowest rating being 3. 

    1 AnswerBirds2 months ago
  • Would an AT&T SIM card work with a phone previously purchased with T-Mobile?

    So I recently upgraded my iPhone 7+ to an 11 with t-mobile. They weren’t able to take in my 7+ as it has a small scratch mark in the corner of the screen. So I got to take it home as they told me it’s fully paid off and that they couldn’t accept it as a trade-in. 

    That being said, I have a cousin whose looking for a temporary phone to put his SIM card into until he eventually can afford a new phone. I’m planning on just giving him mine, but I’m not sure if he can just pop his AT&T SIM card into my 7+ from T-Mobile. 

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans2 months ago
  • Can I move states with a probationary driver’s license?

    I am planning on finally starting the process of getting my (22F) license in NJ before I move to NC. 

    Can I move states while I have a probationary license? Or would I have to wait until I get my basic driver’s license?

    3 AnswersInsurance & Registration3 months ago
  • Stray cat scratch?

    So there is a stray cat that lingers on my porch from day to day that I’ve taken to feeding for about two weeks now. She’s cautious, but not aggressive. I’ve never tried to pet her as I don’t know her temperament, though just a couple of days ago I caught a delivery man petting her when he’d brought a package for me. 

    Now, today I have overstepped her boundary in offering a short cat meat stick. I know I should have just put it in her bowl and left it at that, but instead I held it out for her at arm’s length whilst crouched down. She was interested, came forward but then made a feint growl and quickly pawed towards my hand. I felt a little pin-prick of her nail hitting one of my fingers and dropped the stick (which she promptly grabbed and ate up). 

    I have the tiniest little (again pin prick) mark on my middle finger which gave just the tiniest bit of blood. I went inside, immediately washed my hands and put rubbing alcohol on it. I’m not sure if I was dramatic or if there’s a real danger in a such a small thing. I have no other marks or scratches. Should I be worried?

    2 AnswersCats3 months ago