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  • Looking for a book I remember reading as a teen about some brothers ?

    All I can remember is that they were teens and one of the brothers was too smart for his own good and was always finding ways to get money from other teens thru bets or other schemes and in most cases the scheme/bet would end up getting them into trouble with there parents.

    I think there were 3 brothers and the smart one was nicknamed the brain if I remember correctly. I do remember that it took place at a time in history when people still had outhouses but inside plumbing had been invented but only people with money had it.

    I believe it was a series of books. I just cant remember anything else about the books.

    Thanks for any help .

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  • What are some child appropriate animes?

    Both myself and a good buddy love to watch anime and our children also seem to like it my son is 4 and his daughter is 3 or almost 3. We both find watch similar stuff like naruto, bleach etc. which are not children appropriate.

    What are some animes (please no pokemon) that I can watch with my child and tell my buddy about.


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  • TV show from the late 80s where the lead actor died ?

    All I can remember is that there was a guy and a girl, that had a modeling agency. They would go undercover and I cant remember if they solved crimes or they were spys.

    But what I do remember is that the lead actor (I remember he had blond hair blue eyes) died in real life. I cant remember if he commited suicide or they had an accident with a blank gun on set. I dont know why this came to mind but its killing me not to be able to figure out.

    Thanks to anyone that may remember it. I tried to google for it but there are too many variables to try to find it.

    Thanks for the help.

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  • Naruto Fans whats up with Rock Lee and Guy ?

    Well I was reading another anime and came across the term Okama. In looking up its meaning I found out that it means fag in Japanese.

    In reading the above page I found this.

    Military same-sex love

    From religious circles, same-sex love spread to the warrior class, where it was customary for a young samurai to apprentice to an older and more experienced man. The young samurai would be his lover for many years. The practice was known as shudo, the way of youth, and was held in high esteem by the warrior class.

    If I recall correctly both Rock Lee and Guy both used to scream and shout about the power of youth and the way of youth etc ...

    That being said does anyone else think that maybe there is more to there relationship ?

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  • Are all revolver speed loaders the same for a 5 shot .38?

    Basically a friend has a little snubnose 38 and I want to surprise him with a couple of speed loaders. I think its a taurus but dont know the exact model of his gun. Its a 5 shot so will any 5 shot .38 speed loader work ?

    I dont want to ask him as if I do I think he will figure out that something is up.

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  • What benefit does a surgical mask have over simply using a handkerchief or shirt to cover ones face ?

    Just curious since they keep showing people walking thru airports and out in public with surgical masks on.

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  • Im looking at some inexpensive speaker brands(pyramid,Boss,Legacy) which ones to get?

    I have been out or the car audio circles for years and remember several inexpensive names for speakers that were great values for there price. I am looking to get a set of 4x10s ... which of the following brands should I pickup as they all run within a few dollars in price of each other?




    Not looking to spend more then $30-$40 if you care to recommend another brand other then the above. I prefer to have speakers that wont get my windows knocked out by thieves because of an expensive brand as this car is simply my gas saver that I want some decent tunes in.

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  • What size capacitor is i that can be used in place of a bass blocker ? What size capacitor is it ?

    I used to do car audio and there was a capacitor that could be used in place of a bass blocker. I remember going to radio shack and buying them for $2 or $ 3 and them working just as well as the $20 bass blockers.

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  • AHHHH am I the only one who thinks that the Bleach episodes 213 &214 were a waste?

    I think I would rather have not had a bleach episode for the past 2 weeks. The arc would be so much farther along without these 2 episodes.

    I really wish if they were going to do filler arcs that they did arcs that they did like they did with the bount arc or the Bakkoto arc. Now the Bakkoto arc was great.

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  • I am Looking for free cd burner software and DVD player software?

    A friend picked up a cheap PC at an auction and had a CD burner and a DVD rom laying around that they installed. Now they need burner software and a player for DVDs. Needs to run under windows 2000(preferably) or XP.

    Looking for free software solutions. Also know of any Good free DVD burning options ?

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  • How should I build my first MTG deck for my first game to play my friend ?

    A buddy bought me a starter kit since another game we play called heroclix is kaput. I also picked up a tournament pack and 2 boosters. Should I build a deck around 1 single color for the first match for simplicity or should I simply look thru my cards and pick the cards that i want to play to jump right in and learn how they work ?

    My friend has played one match face to face when someone about 2 months ago was trying to get him interested in the game(with there deck) and he recently been playing online and recently bought some cards. He is very competitive and i would love to whoop up on him in our first match. Any recommendations.

    I am looking at setting up a deck with red, blue, green and multi-colored cards. If I go with a single color , my options are black(he has given me a bunch of black cards) and I seem to have pulled lots of red cards.

    At this point in time we more then likely will only be playing each other and I plan to go online and play also.

    Thanks for the ideas.

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  • Is it true that police officers only have to quality with there sidearms on a yearly basis ? ?

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that most law enforcement officers only have to qualify once a year and beyond that most officers dont shoot there firearms or practice on a regular basis. Most only practice there accuracy right before the yearly qualification. I just cant find the information to prove a point to a friend that the average civilian who consistently shoots 3-6 times a year can potentially shoot at or above the level of the average police officer.

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  • Looking for some names of house music artists/djs ?

    I have had kind of a love/hate of house music when I was younger. Had a girlfriend and that was all she used to listen to. While I did sort of like it listening to itbut all the time became monotonous.

    I think I would like pick up a couple of songs. Please recommend some artists that I might like . Some of what I do like is Stuff like

    "Follow me"


    There are more but these are the only ones I can think of at this time. Please recommend some other cuts that I might be interested in.


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  • Why do all the crazy killers in movies or TV seem to always drink Milk ?

    I am currently watching No Country for Old Men and wife walked by when Javier was sitting on the couch drinking milk and she made that comment and that the killers on tv and always seem to drink milk.

    I for the life of me cant think of any particular movies but do seem to remember that killers always seem to drink milk.

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  • The Sheild Fans .. did you like the way the final episode was written and how it ended?

    I am kinda torn I expected it to go out with more of a bang with Vic going out in a blaze of glory.

    I also would have liked to have seen them break that kid serial killer and not leave it up in the air.

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  • Hello The Shield Fans ... What disease is Claudette dying from?

    I seem to remember Dutch finding out what it was when he found out what type of medicine she was taking but I cant remember?

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  • What is the signifigance of the black cat in anime series?

    I am currently watching Code Geas and there is a black cat, there was one in trigun and I seem to remember one in another series but I cant the name of the series .

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  • Why do people on Yahoo answers keep there questions and answers private ?

    Best answer will be by vote so don't forget to come back in a few days and vote for the best answer.

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  • On the season finale of lost why did Keamy blow up the boat ?

    He didnt know the survivors were going there

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