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  • what would be a good four door short bed nice truck?

    I'm in the market for a new car, i'm mechanically capable and would rather get a older car than a newer one but at the same time i want something simple. Just looking for opinions i want a truck with great gas mileage, 4 door with roomy interior for clients, reliable and essay to maintain, short bed for the occasional call, no need to tow, and i don't like the new big trucks i want something low that drives almost like car.

    what would be my best option

    3 AnswersBuying & Selling7 years ago
  • help my cat has been missing for a week?

    my long hair outdoor cat has been missing for a week, he has his claws and is implanted with the microchip. he does not have his collar.

    last year he went missing for two weeks around this time, the difference this time is that i was told coyotes and foxes have moved into the area

    i put signs up, send out a email to the neighborhood, and keep calling him every night, what more can i do to try to get my cat home sooner?

    7 AnswersCats7 years ago
  • i want to build a REALLY good gaming computer?

    so ya i know nothing about computers but i play a lot of online games and i have a lot of work i do on them. basically i have about 1000 to spend and i want the absolute most for my money, can i get a crash course and what would you all buy if you were me?

    i have friends who have build them before who can help me put it together

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  • can you tell me all you can about this Bianchi Stelvio?

    a family friend who is moving gave me his old Bianchi Stelvio road bike, he told me it was about 30 years old and all original he said the bike has not moved in 5 years, this bike has absolutely beautiful metal work chrome rims and everything looks original, of-course one of the tires is bad but i have already ordered 2 new tires and 2 new inner rubes since it has been sitting for 5 years.

    can anyone tell me how to identify the exact year and just any general knowledge you might have, things to look for, value, ect

    i intent on using it as a training bike and a bike to let friends ride

    1 AnswerCycling8 years ago
  • changing the components to a smaller bike?

    i have a AL2 bike in a 60cm but it is a bit big on me i really should be on a 57 with my 32in legs so what frame should i get and what should i be worried about when moving the 105 and tektro brakes and other stuff over

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  • what trail/mountain bike should i get?

    i am looking to get into some rougher trail riding then i have currently been doing. i have a specialized cross trail but every time i go on some of these harder trails i get destroyed so i am thinking it is about time to 1 train harder and 2 upgrade lol.

    anyways what should i get that will both preform on thin rocky trails, gravel trails, streams, road, mountains, in woods, ect, and is light and shifts good, and will NOT cost a arm and a leg.

    basically what should i look for i really know nothing about mountain bikes, gears, full suspension or a 49er? i am open to suggestions thanks :-)

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  • how to franchise a mercedes-benz dealer?

    im doing a project for a class and i need to find out how to franchise a Mercedes dealer in Canada

    1 AnswerInvesting9 years ago
  • road bike kickstand HELP?

    ok so i got s Scattante FR-570 love it, but the bike has no kickstand or a place to put it, and yes i know about the weight thing and getting made fun of for having one IDC i want one there is no place on campus i can lean it without being knocked over without a kickstand, my campus has racks but only the type that have a slot for your front tire and thats it

    so i want to get a kickstand that will mount on a read bike with no kickstand mounting point without doing any damage to the frame and without weighing a ton ty for the help and ty in advance for not giving me a bunch of "only losers put kickstands on road bikes"

    my bike

    3 AnswersCycling9 years ago
  • what is the difference between road-bike, mountain bike, and hybrid bike components?

    like the gears, tires, chains

    i am planning on buying a performance bike over the specialized sirrus elite because i was told it has road components but whats the difference

    my previous question;_ylt=AtK9t...

    3 AnswersCycling9 years ago
  • what is the best BIKE LOCK to lock up my bicycle?

    i have been getting more and more into biking and am about my purchase my second nice bike my first one cost around 450 and this next one is going to be around 800 so naturally i want it to stay safe but i dont want a HUGE lock weighing me down, so what is the best way to go

    i found this one and i love the idea it seems really creative but looks to me that it would be really simple to break

    so ya whats your opinions i want something compact and light but UNBEATABLE and not going to cost me a arm and a leg

    6 AnswersCycling9 years ago
  • what city/street bike should i get?

    i am a college student in a rather hilly campus and i enjoy going on long bike rides, during the summer when im home i go on a lot of trails so a bought a specialized crosstrail now i love the bike and am going to keep it but i am looking into buying a lighter bike for those long street rides and getting around campus, i like the flat handlebars and the feel of the crosstrail but i would like it to be lighter and to have a better gear set up for street. i like the idea of a carbon fork also. these are the tree bikes im stuck on, i have test rode the sirrus and the quick and like both of them a lot the quick felt a bit lighter and is a bit cheaper to so i was just looking for opinions and if anyone has any ideas

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  • Pinocchio Boxers. WHERE CAN I GET?

    i have seen these all over the internet, but WHERE DO I BUY, or WHERE CAN I HAVE MADE i really want them

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories9 years ago
  • how contiguous is hhv6A herpes viruses?

    i dont know a lot about it, but i met this girl who has it and she does not seen worried. she gave it to a guy and claims that no one who has ever gotten it from her has had a outbreak more then once. she said as-long as she does not kiss a person when she is breaking out it will not effect them

    that scares me to death, how true is this and what information can you give me

    4 AnswersSTDs9 years ago
  • dementors kiss, what happens when you die?

    in harry potter they make a big deal about spiting your soul then when you die you are i guess pathetic, so what im getting at is if a dementor gives you the kiss are you like"he who must not be named" when you die, or are you like normal because you didnt deserve it

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  • what are differentiations of marines army navy?

    what do they offer, who do they look for, what are key differences in the recruiting strategys, why to you or anyone else choose what branch to join

    3 AnswersMilitary9 years ago
  • Road Bikes suggestions?

    i am looking for a street bike, i have a specialized Crosstrail but it is a bit heavy and i don't need the suspension for riding around campus at high speeds. i love the feel of the bike with flat handlebars but i want a extremally light frame road tires, quality shifters, good gear set, great breaks,

    i am thinking about getting a trek 7.3 FX but i dont care about brand and im kinda thinking about building a bike from parts or if anyone knows any good deals please share

    6 AnswersCycling9 years ago
  • How Can i get a GOOD GIRL?

    ok so i am 21 and in college, i am looking for a serous relationship, but to put it simply i do not know how to talk to the girls i want. i want a nice girl, ones that will be faithful and is intelligent, not a club going slut. problem is most of the girls like that seem to be shut off like they are not interested in any guys or do not know how to react when i try to talk to them.

    basically im looking for a real relationship, not a relationshit so HELP!

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  • i would like to know if vampires Spackle?

    i would like to know how to identify a vampire

    7 AnswersMythology & Folklore9 years ago