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  • Good websites for teen bedding!?

    I am 16 and my family is moving this summer. I want to get a new comforter for my queen bed. I don't really like the typical teen bedding like zebra print and shapes but I also don't like old lady patterns with lots of floral. I have looked everywhere (trust me) but just can't seem to find anything. I was thinking maybe Indian inspired bedspreads. If anyone has any links to websites with this sort of bedding please share!

    Here's a link of a bedspread I like...

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  • Seventeen Magazine Collage Ideas?

    I have a ton of Seventeens and I want to make a collage for my school binder using pictures and things from the magazines. The only problem is I don't know where to start. Any ideas? Themes? Thanks for the help :)

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    I'm thinking about buying the new ipod touch but I was wondering, for the text free app is says 5.99 for a year. What happens after the year is up? Do you have to pay 5.99 for another year? Or do you have to start paying a monthly fee? And is there a way to delete it once you buy it? All answers would be greatly appreciated :)

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  • How do you allow people to access your myspace without having to know your email?

    For version 2.0 how do you make it so when people make a friend request they do not have to know your email address?

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