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  • Prizes from Kure.. Shadow at the Water's Edge Nancy Drew?

    At the end of the game, there are the 12 awards. I was wondering what all of the prizes are in order to receive the "Souvenir Searcher: For getting all the prizes (at Kure, I presume)." I have the following: A pink fan, a glass owl box (like in Ransom of the Seven Ships), eyeball keychain (like from Legend of the Crystal Skull), pink cat pen, red/white chopsticks, pink flower keychain, grey recorder/flute, cowabubble gum (like from Trail of the Twister), bronzetti Etruscan figuringe (like from the Phantom of Venice), wooden abacus, chocolate box keychain, tea whisk, wooden Japanese sandals, oriental figurine, angry-faced oriental figurine.. which makes 15 items. If you see any that I may be missing, please let me know.

    Also, I have won the collar for Suki that Rentaro asked about, and the Yurei comic book. (:

    A couple of reasons I'm asking on here is that herinteractive banned my account for "invalid e-mail address.." and because none of the walkthroughs avaliable are this extensive.

    Thanks in advance! (:

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  • Boots in the mail, Guangzhou through ems..? Customs problem?

    I ordered a pair of UGG boots from They can be tracked using the EMS, China's version of Fed-Ex, USPS, etc. They have been in customs since October 21, and it is currently October 27. I beginning to get a little concerned about their location. I have seen other questions saying they were in and out of customs in one day. Can someone with experience using EMS tell me how long a package could possibly be in customs? Thank you.

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  • Christian Worship Song Title Help?!?

    Can anyone identify this song??

    Here are some scattered lyrics:

    Falling on my knees in worship

    Giving all I am to seek your face

    Lord all I am is yours

    I called

    You answered

    And you came to my rescue

    and I I wanna be where you are

    In my life be lifted high

    In my world be lifted high

    In our love be lifted high


    Thanks in advance :-P Ally.

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  • Would you name your kid this?






    Mariela (Pronounced: Mary Ella)




    Corrine (Pronounced: Core in)













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  • What is the best way to break in a new pair of (4×4) roller skates?

    I received a pair of R.O.C.K. Skates, approximately one month ago, they are GT-50s. I've searched high and low on the Web to find some helpful hints, but found nothing. Are there any really experienced skaters willing to give me some tips on how to make skating a little more comfortable, the proper way to tie laces, and how often to clean the wheels. Thank you so much in advance. :D Ally

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  • What is your opinion on 'Global Warming/Cooling'?

    I am 15, and this is my personal opinion about the Green Initiative: It has been blown out of proportion. The earth's climate is cyclical, and we even have proof. There were oceans in Africa, as we can see from finding fish and sea-life fossilized remains in the Sahara Desert. Plus, we know of at least four major-to-minor 'Ice Ages.' This has happened throughout history. I think the only reason why everyone is going green is because there are TONS of people invested in this misleading idea. And no one for sure knows wether we are going through a stage of global cooling or warming; we really have no recent precedent, because we have only monitored the world's weather system in detail for the past 200 years. I think those investors want to try to fool the public, by feeding them misleading information and distorted facts. The are distorted because there is NO precedent. I think the Green Initiative is a waste of money, specifically tax payers' money in America, and needs to be ended. Who cares if the 'big investors' loose everything? This is a big scam to gather the tax payers' money; they won't quit because they are in too deep, and will loose everything that they've put in. What do you believe?

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  • Who won the recent 1st season of True Beauty?

    I think the last three contestants were: Joel, Billy, and Emily...

    Who won?

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  • Homework Help... Spanish Preterit Tense of Stem-Changing & Irregular Verbs :D?

    I have a homework assignment that is worth very much of my Spanish II grade, and I am desperate for help on the preterit tense of stem-changing/irregular verbs. My notes are no help, and I cannot find any helpful Internet resources. Long story short... Could someone please conjugate the verb properly in the preterit tense? Muchos Gracias!!! (sp) :D *NOTE: What I have in parenthesis on the outside is what I think the answer. Please correct if wrong or acknowledge that it is right. Bless your soul && Muchos Gracias!!!!

    1. El-estar (estuvo)

    2. Yo-saber (supe)

    3. Ustedes-dormir (dumerion)

    4. Nosotros-ir (fuimos)

    5. Tu-venir (viniste)

    6. Ellos-poder (pudieron)

    7. Ella-vestirse(visto)

    8. Ellas-servir ((servieron)

    9. Ud.-traer (trejo)

    10. Ella-preferir (prefiere)

    11. Yo-venir (vine)

    12. Ello-ser (fue)

    13. Uds.-pedir (NO ANSWER)

    14. Tu-dar (diste)

    15. Ellos-querer (quisieron)

    16. Ud.-hacer (hizo)

    17. ella-morir (morio)

    18. Ellos-sentir (sentieron)

    19. Yo-ponerse NO ANSWER

    20. Ella-decir (dijo)

    21. Tu-ir (fuiste)

    22. Uds.-poder (pudieron)

    23. Ellos-servir (servieron)

    24. Nosotros-hacer (hicimos)

    25. ellos-decir (dijeron)

    26. Uds.-vestirse NO ANSWER

    27. Ella-ponerse NO ANSWER

    28. Uds.-traer (trajeron)

    29. Nosotros-divertirse NO ANSWER

    30. Yo-estar (estuve)

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