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  • the cheesy 1980s horror movie the hearse?

    ive invested an hour into this movie but somthing came up gotta run, seeing as though its on tv chances are i wont get a chance to finish this movie anytime soon becuase i dont plan on putting any money towards it. i cant seem to find anything about it on the internet and its gonna bother me if i dont know the ending, can anyone thats seen it give me a real quick answer i can check when i get home.

    1 AnswerMovies9 years ago
  • best smoke youve ever had?

    lemon g here or dumpster as we call it in cleveland

    i know names a names just curious take what fellow smokers take on the best they ever had

    1 AnswerBeer, Wine & Spirits9 years ago
  • when cooking pizza rolls?

    cooked properly and burn the **** outta your mouth or half cook and eat warm pizza roll icecream... when you cant wait

    4 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago